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    [–] Can we please, stop saying that Christianity is not a religion? kvrdave 2 points ago in Christianity

    I'd assume that people are talking about all the phony holy/hypocrisy stuff Christians are often associated with. I don't think we fix the world by looking at the problems of others instead of our own. It isn't Jesus people want to disassociate with when they talk about the religious aspects of Christianity, so what is it? I'd argue it's the stuff preached on Sunday that doesn't show up in the bible. Modern pharisees wanting to be seen by others are no less prevalent today.

    At least that would be my take. :)

    [–] How can I do nice things without expecting anything in return? kvrdave 1 points ago in Christianity

    It takes practice. At least it did with me. I just made the decision to say "yes" to everyone that I could and serve them. After awhile, that became a better reward than something for myself. But it takes practice. Just keep doing those things and you'll find the joy in them.

    [–] Response to 'No the Church didn't create the Bible' kvrdave 1 points ago in Christianity

    We were talking about facts like the ending of Mark being inauthentic, but you didn't like that either. You're rational for the idea that it is authentic is because the guys who benefit the most from that say so and experts be damned. Suddenly we were taling about you conception of authority. Place your faith in those men who tell you it's really placed in the church. No skin off my nose.

    [–] Response to 'No the Church didn't create the Bible' kvrdave 1 points ago in Christianity

    You think Jesus was trying to establish the wealthiest church on earth because of how tied to money he was? Is it because he seemed so keep on religious leaders and all the great things he does?

    If you wanted power and weren't born into nobility, there was always the church. Their authority based on them saying they have it doesn't sway me.

    [–] Response to 'No the Church didn't create the Bible' kvrdave 1 points ago in Christianity

    That it only appears in later manuscripts does not mean it's inauthentic.

    So it doesn't show up for hundreds of years and the reasonable thought it that it's authentic and they just left it out for a long time because of how holy and important scripture is? I don't buy it.

    The church has every motivation to accept it given that they derive their authority from convincing people their authority comes from the same scriptures, and the cracks start to show when they can't even keep the bible intact.

    [–] Solar power brings in the big (lease) money for Washington State - state increases land lease rate from $2/acre/year for cattle grazing to $300/acre/year in a 25+ year agreement for a solar power farm. kvrdave 1 points ago in Washington

    Looks like that is out towards Bickleton. It used to be pretty undesirable land (relatively speaking) because of the wind. Then the windmills came in and the community passed their first school bond ever and built a new school with the windmills paying for most of it. 300+ days of sunshine might be the draw this time.

    [–] Breaching Snake River dams could save salmon and orcas, but destroy livelihoods kvrdave 28 points ago in Washington

    In reality the loss of the salmon industry and economic value of the orcas would be far more than the short term loss of jobs, which are obviously easier to replace than salmon and orcas.

    [–] So I've started reading the Bible. What now? kvrdave 1 points ago in Christianity

    I found that using an audio bible made it a lot easier. Set the speed to 1.25x speed and it's around 50 hours. That's less than a few of the Game of Thrones audio books. The big thing was I found I could do it far more often as well. I'll do it when I mow, when I'm doing chores, commuting, etc.

    [–] The Western World is slowly growing intolerant towards Christianity kvrdave 5 points ago in Christianity

    Now I’m not going to go out and tell them they are going to hell and I’m not going to harass them with scripture but I will be kind to them and I may bring up Christianity to them.

    You're going to make a terrible evangelical. ;)

    I'm saying we should treat them like we'd want to be treated. If I wouldn't want someone to come to my house and tell me about their religion, I wouldn't do it to them. I suppose it may depend a bit on whether we believe the great commission is more important than the 2nd greatest commandment. And too many Christians make their friendship conditional on conversion. It isn't evangelism it's bartering, at least in my mind.

    [–] How exactly can Christians accept Evolution? kvrdave 2 points ago in Christianity

    Genesis 2 1-4: Thus the heavens and the earth were completed, and all their hosts. 2 By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. 3 Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made. 4 This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made earth and heaven.

    If it has to be literal, does verse 4 mean I must believe a week is equal to a day?

    [–] What does Christianity say about Darwin's theory and evolution? kvrdave 10 points ago in Christianity

    I tell my children about the sacrifice that Spock made for the Enterprise and I think they understand Spock doesn't really exist. Maybe the point of the story wasn't history at all.

    [–] The Western World is slowly growing intolerant towards Christianity kvrdave 13 points ago in Christianity

    Lots of people use the words of Christ to justify terrible behavior. I believe in his teachings as well. When we treat others in ways we wouldn't want to be treated by them, we are not following his teachings, no matter what verses we use to justify them.

    If you think we're doing God's work on the border, so be it.

    [–] How do you describe a northwest accent? kvrdave 24 points ago in Washington

    I had a friend from Texas tell me this and I responded, "Then why do I sound like the people on TV and you don't?" :)

    [–] Can Christians criticize God? kvrdave 1 points ago in Christianity

    A Christian must accept the fact that God ordered murder.

    I don't think that's true at all. I think it's more likely that OT scribes wrote things in ways that made sense to their hyper-religious culture.

    [–] The Western World is slowly growing intolerant towards Christianity kvrdave 10 points ago in Christianity

    We likely have a lot of this coming because of our own intolerance. We don't try to live at peace with our neighbor, we try to make our neighbor live like we think they should. If we were better neighbors, this wouldn't be an issue. We don't preach tolerance with our actions, we preach intolerance. And we're reaping what we have sown.

    [–] The Western World is slowly growing intolerant towards Christianity kvrdave 13 points ago in Christianity

    So people are finally get fed up with our intolerance and it's their fault?

    [–] I am punished for not sinning kvrdave 6 points ago in Christianity

    Seek professional help.

    [–] How to end feelings of despair? kvrdave 2 points ago in Christianity

    Start with those to learn more. For me it's really nothing more than sitting and focusing on my breath. When thoughts arise, I don't entertain them, I let them go. When I started I was simply counting to 10 until I could do so without thoughts. That took a long time. So when thoughts arise, let them go and concentrate on nothing.

    15 minutes of that gives me more peace than anything else and it's no more difficult than that. It takes a lot of practice, but you'll see benefits pretty quickly.

    [–] How to end feelings of despair? kvrdave 2 points ago in Christianity

    I would look into meditation. It helps you to learn to control your thoughts better and to let go of the ones that aren't doing you any good.

    [–] How can you forgive somebody? kvrdave 3 points ago in Christianity

    I lived at home at the time. They forced me to stop seeing her. Now she went and married someone else and I am alone in an empty house each day with no one.

    I don't understand who you are mad at. If this happened to me, I'd be mad at myself for letting my parents come between me and the woman I was going to marry. Learn from it and grow, that's how you forgive them. You become a better person than they are and recognize that forgiving them also brings you peace.

    And I'm very sorry because I know this is difficult, but I think this is all on you.

    [–] What does discipleship ACTUALLY look like? kvrdave 2 points ago in Christianity

    My old evangelical church saw discipleship like it was Preaching 101. It generally meant making an evangelist. I now think a disciple looks far more like a servant.