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    [–] Non-S**** Pre Paid SIM-Card l337Ninja 3 points ago in hamburg

    I'm currently on Ay Yildiz's pre-paid SIM, which uses E-Plus & O2. They apparently just upped the amount of data with their plans, so I'm getting 12GB for €20 (they also have 6GB for €15). Haven't had any coverage issues with most of Hamburg proper!

    [–] "Are you Thor, the God of Hammers?" "Weeell..." l337Ninja 3 points ago in whowouldwin

    Might've been meant to people in the thread posting Endgame spoilers. Seen a few already.

    [–] Finding an apartment as a foreign student l337Ninja 2 points ago in hamburg

    Quick question: You mentioned applying through the Studierenwerk. Is this something that can/is done independently of the university's student services? I ask because my uni (KLU) sent out an email stating they are offering accomadations at two of the dorms listed on Studierenwerk's website (Kiwittsmoor and Rahlstadt), so I wasn't sure if this is something done through the uni or independently.

    [–] Highlight - Beto O'Rourke Enters the 2020 Race & Andrew Yang's Campaign for Universal Basic Income - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Video Clip) l337Ninja 12 points ago in YangForPresidentHQ

    I get the show is comedy (long time watcher), but their cutoff at the end right where all Yang got to say was "half of a european VAT" without even getting to say what a VAT is was just cruel, especially with the time given to Mr. Greenstein's critique. Usually these segments will at least allow an attempt at a retort or some sort of back and forth, but this seemed dismissive. Think he would do well if given the oppurtunity for an actual interview though.

    [–] Donald Trump contemplating new demand to have allies pay full cost for US troops on their soil, plus 50 percent more l337Ninja 3 points ago in worldnews

    This Popular Mechanics article mentions it (as well as another incident with a cell phone).

    In December 1986, two U.S. Army Cobra attack helicopters landed on the West German autobahn next to a McDonald’s to pick up hamburgers.

    [–] Tourists! Visitors! International students! People with quick questions! This is your thread; post your questions here. l337Ninja 1 points ago in germany

    Just got accepted at my first choice of Uni in Hamburg, now I'm trying to actually follow the checklist I had worked up while waiting to hear back, and I'm running into some questions. The first one being: How early can I apply for student housing? The Studentenwerk FAQ says I can apply three months prior to desired move in date, but the actual application lists semesters. Ideally, I was hoping to head out in mid-to-late May to sight-see a little, get paperwork sorted out and attend a seperate German language course, but I can't find a clear answer on how early before the start of the semester (Sept. 1) I can actually apply. Any help here?

    [–] ERAU Alumni: What are you up to now? l337Ninja 2 points ago in erau

    GSIS graduate, GIS Analyst for Apple, but looking to move to something a bit more political/gov in nature.

    [–] Does a discord server exist l337Ninja 1 points ago in erau

    Closest thing to that for Prescott is probably the Talonz discord (the DnD/video game group on campus).

    [–] Dorm Space l337Ninja 4 points ago in erau

    Same question as OP then, which campus are you coming into? There's two campuses under the ERAU name.

    [–] Dorm Space l337Ninja 5 points ago in erau

    Which campus is this? Prescott or Daytona?

    [–] How accepting is the Prescott campus with Trans Women? l337Ninja 2 points ago in erau

    At least from what I saw there, any adversity I saw seemed largely aimed at the main LGBT-focused college department (Women's and Diversity Center), but I never saw anything directed towards the students themselves. Most of the comments tended to be more along the lines of making fun of the mentioned department's use of "safe space"/"lgbtqiapk"-type language.

    [–] Don't upvote. Question about the subreddit banner. l337Ninja 1 points ago in adventuretime

    The 4 panels are all AT title cards stitched together with the titles edited out. The episodes (in order from left to right) are: Five Short Graybles, It Came From the Nightosphere, Son of Mars, and Still. Hope that helps!

    [–] What’s the general consensus for the best way for a beginner to start learning Arabic? l337Ninja 2 points ago in learn_arabic

    There's a few good resources online and on the subreddit for where to find learning material, but here's my YouTube playlist I made in my first year of classes to help myself. It's not that big of one, but I found it useful for learning the basics.

    [–] What’s the general consensus for the best way for a beginner to start learning Arabic? l337Ninja 9 points ago in learn_arabic

    Not really a regular here, so if there's some resource I'm missing, please add on with that, but first thing you're going to want to do is decide where/how you want to use the Arabic you're learning. Once you have that nailed down, what dialect to learn comes fairly easily.

    If you're just looking to get your foot in the door though, I would recommend Modern Standard Arabic, as its more or less understandable in every dialect, albeit with some slow repetition of words needed occasionally.

    As far as where to start learning though, I'll try my best to sum up how my coursework for the language went:

    1: The letters. Not only are they different than the Latin alphabet, some letters make sounds not found in the English language (you may have a bit of luck with these sounds if you know some German or Spanish though). Learn the names, learn their forms (Arabic is like cursive, in that some letters connect, some don't, and connecting changes how the letter looks) and learn how they sound.

    Once you got the letters down and can sing your أ ب ت's by heart, you can start on:

    2: Pronouns. I, we, you (m/f), and they (m/f) should be enough work starting out, but there's a lot more of these in Arabic than in English. Not only are these useful for making your first sentences, you also get good practice in identifying letters in the middle of words.

    After this, I would start with simple verb conjugation, with the same pronouns mentioned earlier. Mix this in with some simple vocab (school supplies, jobs, weather and time) and you've got the basics down. After that, I feel like most of the learning takes the form of just expanding your vocabulary, learning where diacritic marks fall in words, learning grammar rules and how to write in the various tenses.

    There's a fairly noticeable learning curve at the beginning due to the new alphabet, new sounds and new pronouns/grammar differences, but I personally felt that once I got past the basics of these, the rest came relatively simple, requiring largely just practice rather than active study.

    I wish you the best of luck!

    [–] FWD: THE BEAR IS RIGHT, SWEATY! l337Ninja 47 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    Well, at least your username is self-aware.

    [–] Triggered Libtards... Oh wait l337Ninja 1 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    If you mean the pledge, it depends on the place, but my school did the pledge every morning through 12th grade. The national anthem is sung at the start of every sports game though.

    [–] There’s a plot hole in Elements, that I’m surprised no one has talked about. l337Ninja 10 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago) in adventuretime

    My guess personally is that it's due to the fact Jake was completely slimeified (dissolved into slime). I think this had the same effect that LSP's power had on the Gumbald family, in that when it reverted an elemental conversion, it did so to the entirety of Jake's being. Jake was completely dissolved into slime, so when he was un-slimed, it wasn't so much taking off a slime covering as it was remaking his entire being. At least, that's my headcanon explanation for it ¯\(ツ)

    Another theory based off of Abstract is just that it was more a mental thing than physical. Jake could have simply been in a different state of mind after the events of Elements. Not sure who he was and all that.

    [–] Trump revokes former CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance l337Ninja 1 points ago in politics

    They had security clearance (ability to be shown things) since that stays for several years after the job, but their need to know (what would be shown to them) was zero due to being non-active members of the Intelligence Community.

    [–] There’s a plot hole in Elements, that I’m surprised no one has talked about. l337Ninja 33 points ago in adventuretime

    Simplest answer to this is LSP's lump power specifically reversed elemental magic, but the Ice King's crown was wish magic (See episode: Evergreen). This is especially noted in the episodes preceeding Elements, with the reveal of Patience, the elemental of ice. So while LSP could undo Patience's magic and its effects, her Lumps have no effect against the Crown's wish magic.

    [–] Nintendo's ridiculous war on ROMs threatens gaming history l337Ninja 2 points ago in Games

    First article on the subject that came up:

    Marat Fayzullin's code used in his iNES emulator ROM appears to have been utilized in Nintendo's re-release of Super Mario Bros on the Wii.

    [–] Downtown l337Ninja 1 points ago in SanJose

    Spotted it on a walk a week or two back, beautiful mural!

    [–] FWD: REPUBLICANS OPPRESSED l337Ninja 2 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    You literally just did...

    I see alt-right twitters calling for the death of non-whites, does that mean their views represent the right?

    kind of? Do you see who 42% of the American people are proud to call their president? Even if it's not outright calling for the death of non-whites it's pretty close