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    [–] There’s a plot hole in Elements, that I’m surprised no one has talked about. l337Ninja 14 points ago in adventuretime

    Simplest answer to this is LSP's lump power specifically reversed elemental magic, but the Ice King's crown was wish magic (See episode: Evergreen). This is especially noted in the episodes preceeding Elements, with the reveal of Patience, the elemental of ice. So while LSP could undo Patience's magic and its effects, her Lumps have no effect against the Crown's wish magic.

    [–] There’s a plot hole in Elements, that I’m surprised no one has talked about. l337Ninja 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in adventuretime

    My guess personally is that it's due to the fact Jake was completely slimeified (dissolved into slime). I think this had the same effect that LSP's power had on the Gumbald family, in that when it reverted an elemental conversion, it did so to the entirety of Jake's being. Jake was completely dissolved into slime, so when he was un-slimed, it wasn't so much taking off a slime covering as it was remaking his entire being. At least, that's my headcanon explanation for it ¯\(ツ)

    Another theory based off of Abstract is just that it was more a mental thing than physical. Jake could have simply been in a different state of mind after the events of Elements. Not sure who he was and all that.

    [–] Trump revokes former CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance l337Ninja 1 points ago in politics

    They had security clearance (ability to be shown things) since that stays for several years after the job, but their need to know (what would be shown to them) was zero due to being non-active members of the Intelligence Community.

    [–] Nintendo's ridiculous war on ROMs threatens gaming history l337Ninja 2 points ago in Games

    First article on the subject that came up:

    Marat Fayzullin's code used in his iNES emulator ROM appears to have been utilized in Nintendo's re-release of Super Mario Bros on the Wii.

    [–] Downtown l337Ninja 1 points ago in SanJose

    Spotted it on a walk a week or two back, beautiful mural!

    [–] FWD: REPUBLICANS OPPRESSED l337Ninja 2 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    You literally just did...

    I see alt-right twitters calling for the death of non-whites, does that mean their views represent the right?

    kind of? Do you see who 42% of the American people are proud to call their president? Even if it's not outright calling for the death of non-whites it's pretty close

    [–] Friday Fun Thread! l337Ninja 1 points ago in politics

    Nah, from what I've read, he really needed to step back from the show for his own health.

    Noah says when he found out his boss was leaving, he confronted him to find out why, saying he'd fight for him if he was being forced out. But Stewart confessed he was "tired"—and more. "He said, 'I'm angry all the time,'" Noah says. "'I don't find any of this funny. I do not know how to make it funny right now, and I don't think the host of the show ... deserves a host who does not feel that it is funny.'" Stewart also told Noah to "relish the fact that you can make jokes about these things ... because there will come a day when you are too angry to laugh. But don't rush to get there. You're young and you're fresh."

    [–] Cheat/mod to disable dropping inventory on death? l337Ninja 1 points ago in subnautica

    If you make a spare O2 tank and keep it in your inventory, you can equip it to give you another tank's worth of oxygen. You'll have to reequip the empty tank once you surface though, they only refill if you have them equipped.

    [–] Subnautica has ruined me for all other games l337Ninja 1 points ago in subnautica

    It was a grammar correction, not a counterpoint to OP's argument.

    [–] Supreme Court Decisions 6/4/18 Discussion Thread l337Ninja 1 points ago in politics

    A lot of people just read headlines, and if you did, the Fox News article headline makes no mention that it was a narrow ruling (the article does mention this, yes, but the point here was about people who only read headlines/the first paragraph, which you seem to be a building a little bit of a strawman around).

    [–] Jimmy Kimmel on Santa Fe School Shooting l337Ninja 13 points ago in television

    who lives in a gated community with guards who have guns

    Nice strawman you set up there. I'd hardly call it a gated community though, and I don't seem to see any armed guards patrolling his street... Is it possible he might be concerned because he has several kids entered in and soon to be entering school?

    [–] Trump pulls US out of Iran deal l337Ninja 1 points ago in worldnews

    If a better deal comes along, he'll join in.

    That's... not how treaties or deals are made. The argument for keeping JCPOA was how much work it took to reach it and how little we had to gain by abandoning it without a replacement ready. Treaties with hostile governments like this take dramatic reapproachment efforts like what we saw with South Korea reaching out to North Korea.

    [–] The God Is The One Who Wears The Mask l337Ninja 3 points ago in worldbuilding

    Sounds like a more advanced version of the Chaos Gods/the Warp from Warhammer 40K:

    When an emotion or belief grows strong enough, it becomes embodied as one of the sentient denizens of the Warp. The most powerful and most malevolent of these have become the Gods of Chaos. Although they are god-like beings, the Dark Gods are by their nature monomaniacal and completely single-minded since they are formed entirely of a single emotion or concept.

    [–] FWD: TRUMP IS SO HUMBLE!!!! l337Ninja 5 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    It was on the front page of /r/T_D yesterday, unironically.

    [–] Curious about Africa l337Ninja 7 points ago in IWantOut

    I don't know about the rest of Africa, but Morocco was absolutely beautiful when I studied there. Cheap food, transportation (tram and taxi) and amazing weather (outside of Marrakesh).

    Fairly nice no-commentary walk of Rabat, the city I stayed in:

    [–] White House walks back Haley announcement on Russian sanctions for chemical attack l337Ninja 1 points ago in worldnews

    How can sex between a CEO and an intern be more muddled than sex between a President and an intern?

    You're shifting the goalposts there. That's not what his line was claiming, you're ignoring the rest of his paragraph completely...

    If it was just sex, like it was with Monica and Bill, then nah. It's the payoff that's the issue, but I think that's just a path to investigating the big money laundering.

    [–] The arrest l337Ninja 0 points ago in whitepeoplegifs

    "The Senate will decide your fate."

    "I AM the Senate."

    [–] Revisiting "A Comprehensive Analysis of Remaining Plot Points" a year later. l337Ninja 1 points ago in adventuretime

    Mo's Memory Backup Drive

    I knew the rest of the ones listed but I'm not familiar with this one. Anyone care to elaborate?

    [–] Do the people of Willow Glen live in a bubble? l337Ninja 10 points ago in SanJose

    The discussion on immigration there was... interesting to say the least. Definitely makes me more appreciative of this subreddit/the discord. Moved out of the Central Valley primarily to get away from that stuff.

    [–] 28 million apply for 90,000 jobs with India's railway company l337Ninja 1 points ago in worldnews

    Whatever program it wants to pass the test, yes. Again, the video highlights this clearly. If you want to have a bot that can tell bees from threes, you can't tell the bot to look for that. No human programmer could. Instead, we give the bot 100,000 pictures of bees, and 100,000 pictures of threes, and the tester-bot teaches bots to do whatever it wants that happens to line up with this.

    The bot could wind up building a bot that looks for black and yellow instead of a bee, but scores 99.9% right as a result. What it produces is almost never actually what we tell it to make, just something that happens to do our particular test well.

    [–] 28 million apply for 90,000 jobs with India's railway company l337Ninja 2 points ago in worldnews

    Someone would have to tell it what to make.

    Not neccesarily. We can tell it how to test, but most deep-learning algorithms are not designed by humans but rather by programs that find their own ways to "test" correctly. CGP Grey has a good episode on it here

    "We're used to the idea that the tools we use, even if we don't understand them, someone does, but with our machines that learn we are increasingly in a position where we use tools, or are used by tools, that no one, not even their creators, understand."