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    [–] What's your favorite movie/series to watch while blazed af landofgay 2 points ago in weed

    I saw someone recommend that 70s show before, finally checked it out, it's great while stoned (and sober tbh). and for movies, bill and Ted is great while stoned

    [–] Die-hard Android users, why will you never switch to Apple products? landofgay 2 points ago in AskReddit

    used to use iPhone since first getting a smartphone, switched to the Pixel 2 last year after I got sick of the iPhones I had starting to break after a year. the kicker was my last iPhone used to shut off and die at 60%, which it would reach after 1 hour of use. I would only be able to send like 3 texts and listen to music omw to school and it would basically daily shut off before I got home again.

    [–] Who used to smoke before high school? landofgay 2 points ago in saplings

    never before school, I'd do it on the weekends if I didn't have any other responsibilities.

    [–] Can I get a show of hands; How many of you smoke to treat some kind of mental illness? landofgay 1 points ago in weed

    it can help with my anxiety/sleep problems, as well as chill out my adhd sometimes. but the best is when im really low and wanna not think for awhile, i can just get crazy high and chill

    [–] In the country where you live, what would be the equivalent of losing Notre Dame? landofgay 1 points ago in AskReddit

    maybe not canada specific but if stanley park in vancouver ever burned down that would be fucking devastating.

    [–] AITA for refusing to pay rent to my parents? landofgay 3 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    average rent for a 1br in vancouver is $1700 a month, its gone up to $2100 recently

    [–] I'm absolutely gutted landofgay 3 points ago in KGATLW

    I'm gonna be the logical adult here and say DONT get a fake ID, it's not worth the trouble. the boys will be around in 3 years and there's always a chance they'll play an all ages show before then. I totally understand the struggle though! most bands I want to see are 19+

    [–] Former Target turned into a Walmart, they painted the Target orbs yellow instead of removing them landofgay 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    yeah I was disappointed with it! I was excited when it first opened but I've only been in once and couldn't even find what I needed and it took me 20 minutes to even find the section I wanted.