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    [–] Halo 5 Lead Multiplayer Designer Lawrence Metten Leaves 343 Industries landofschaff 4 points ago in xbox

    Ya me too. H5 is the only one where I feel like I can move like a super soldier should at the same time keeping the core of halo multiplayer the same. Ranking system in h5 is great, maps are great, smooth servers

    [–] NEW ¡MAYDAY! ALBUM landofschaff 1 points ago in techn9ne

    Oh you’re in for a good time with those albums. Future Vintage was their biggest and best album imo search party and this last album are on par for 2nd. But all their stuff is really great

    [–] Eminem just recorded MGK diss part 2 landofschaff 3 points ago in techn9ne

    Yea uploaded by hyperdeepanal69fuck. The real em


    [–] Let me love you landofschaff 5 points ago in gifs

    My heart just explodes when my cat does this

    [–] I wanna see this film landofschaff 426 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Can you just be cool?... just once...for me, just be cool, just once...

    [–] Shadow of the Tomb Raider landofschaff 25 points ago in xboxone

    Looks like Robyn Sherbotsky

    [–] Coke eyeing cannabis-infused drink market landofschaff 1 points ago in worldnews

    I’m dangerously if not, irresponsibly interested

    [–] LIL UZI VERT SAYS HES DROPPING NEW MUSIC IN 3 DAYS! landofschaff -1 points ago in hiphopheads

    That rapper could be the star of a show called “rappers I don’t care about”

    [–] Bath time landofschaff 1 points ago in simps

    Jesus Mary and joseph

    [–] Lighting Hitting A Building landofschaff 1 points ago in gifs

    I’m assuming the top of that building is meant to be a lightning rod. And therefore was engineered as such. So that means that yes. There’s a ridiculously high gauge cable that goes directly from that rod and into the ground. Very well insulated and very expensive. The only way there would be leakage, is if there were breaks in the insulation that made connection to the rest of the base building structure. Otherwise completely and utterly isolated

    [–] LIL YACHTY DROPPING NEW ALBUM OCTOBER 19! “NUTHIN’ 2 PROVE” landofschaff -2 points ago in hiphopheads

    That album could be the star of a show called “albums I don’t care about”