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    [–] I Found The Problem Karen latenerd 8 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    For a second I read this as "certificate of deficiency." Which, come to think of it, might make sense.

    [–] Vaccination memes are getting old and overused. latenerd -3 points ago in conspiracy

    The mockery of anti-vaxers is increasing because the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases is rising around the world. Polio, whooping cough, measles, mumps, and more. People are passionate about this because people tend to be passionate about allowing children (and fetuses, and old or immune-compromised people) to become paralyzed or sterile or die preventable deaths.

    It's that simple.

    YES, 'they" are pushing vaccine propaganda through reddit and everywhere else. If you define "propaganda" as an attempt to change opinions. "They" are informed people who give a shit about public health.

    Y'all really need to work on your critical thinking skills.

    There may be valid criticisms of vaccination programs, but guess what? Thanks to anti-vax stupidity like this, any discussion of those criticisms is now POISON to anyone who works in healthcare. So even if you just want a reasoned discussion of pros and cons, you are not helping your case with this kind of nonsense.

    [–] My (21F) boyfriend's (25M) best friend (25M) is ruining our relationship latenerd 1 points ago in relationships

    1. Dump this loser.
    2. Block him on social media and don't answer his calls.
    3. Forget about fucking Brad; he's not your problem.
    4. Do something nice for yourself. Get a massage or a manicure. Spend some time with a loved one. Volunteer at an animal shelter and pet some puppies or kitties. Whatever. Keep yourself occupied doing happy things.
    5. DON'T talk to your asshole ex.
    6. Give yourself time to grieve. He's a piece of shit, but it still hurts to lose someone. That's OK. It will pass.
    7. DON'T talk to the asshole.
    8. Visualize something positive for your future. Imagine your career when you are done with college. Imagine a boyfriend who is kind, loving, and supportive coming into your life. Imagine what it would sound like, feel like, look like. Really visualize. Write down a list or make a vision board and look at it every day to remind yourself of what your life could be.
    9. DON'T talk to the asshole.
    10. Spend time with friends. When you're ready, flirt with a guy. Get to know some cute boys. Don't look for "the one", just enjoy the company of a bunch of other guys and see if something develops.
    11. Consider seeing a school counselor or some other therapist to work on your self esteem.
    12. By this time, you don't even need to be reminded not to talk to the asshole, because you've moved on and occupied yourself with other things. But if he tries to contact you... NOPE.
    13. Always remember your worth. You deserve respect, love, and happiness.

    [–] My (26 F) SIL has accessed My bank account and Has caused me moral and ethical dilemmas latenerd 1 points ago in relationships

    his brother was at his parents at the time, and made the comment that we shouldn’t struggle at all because I make a lot of money, more than him and his wife combined... then told my husband not to tell me...

    Uh... yeah, sorry but it doesn't sound like he is completely opposed to his wife's bullshit. Either your BIL is also somewhat toxic, or he is weak and going along with her. Husband needs to open his eyes; his brother is not totally innocent.

    [–] I (34F) have been used by a PTA (30s/40s F) I thought were friends, and don't know what to do latenerd 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 hours ago) in relationships

    What a toxic group of junior-high mean girls. Damn. I'm sorry that happened to you, OP. You would think grown women would know better. I'm even more sorry for their unfortunate kids.

    You owe these people NOTHING. If I were in your shoes, I'd wait until the last minute before Easter and then throw their words back in their faces. You may not want to be that confrontational. But you can easily make up some excuse and bow out, just like they did. Don't even give a second thought to burning bridges - how solid do you think those bridges are anyway?

    You didn't "let the school down." THEY did.

    [–] Exil step-mother dead now Dad (70M) wants to get back in contact with me (19F) latenerd 1 points ago in relationships

    No loving father could be manipulated by a terrible woman. If OP's father was willing to throw her under a bus because his wife said so, he never loved her.

    But yeah, it's kind of nice we also have the information that he tried to steal her money, just to be absolutely sure of his character.

    [–] Joe rogan is an idiot latenerd 24 points ago in enoughpetersonspam

    Because the outrage against the ad has nothing to do with outrage against late stage capitalist nonsense. It's the outrage (yet again) of rich white guys who genuinely think they are being victimized.

    I think plenty of people here agree that the ad is corporate BS, but no one wants to jump on the same bandwagon as all the conservative bro snowflakes crying victim.

    [–] TIL that the reason there are so many Thai restaurants in America, is that the Thai government has been training and exporting chefs, using a tactic known as "gastrodiplomacy" latenerd 10 points ago in todayilearned

    I don't know, I like having experiences that are actually different. I don't want the Americanized, bland, sweet/fatty/salty version of everything. I already know what American food tastes like. It's fine. But when I try another culture's cuisine, I want to actually try another culture's cuisine.

    [–] I work in digital marketing. Today, completely accidentally, I noticed that JBP uses a special website to buy Twitter followers. latenerd 21 points ago in enoughpetersonspam

    Because he doesn't present himself as a marketer or salesman. He presents himself as a philosopher and teacher. When he has a lot of followers, it's seen as a kind of endorsement of his views, or proof of how much he "helps" people. If his popularity is bought instead of earned, it's definitely kind of slimy.

    I mean, all marketing is kind of slimy, but that's even more true for someone who markets ideas to impressionable young people.

    [–] TIFU by calling my waiters and mom a prostitute for over a week latenerd 95 points ago in tifu

    As a non-Chinese-speaking Westerner, I can't even begin to imagine what gay 1970s Cantonese gangster slang would sound like, but it still sounds awesome.

    [–] I'm [M29] breaking up with my GF[F39] (4 years long story) and I fear I'm going to regret it forever. latenerd 53 points ago in relationships

    Fair enough, but you say these are the "most important points."

    And also based on your story you seem to be more excited by the chase than by the woman. These are some patterns you may want to think about before getting involved with someone else.

    [–] I'm [M29] breaking up with my GF[F39] (4 years long story) and I fear I'm going to regret it forever. latenerd 62 points ago in relationships

    All the important points were stated perfectly by u/airaqua.

    I will only add this: in your next relationship, if you really want a life partner, I hope that "everything you want" will go a little deeper than

    beautiful, petite, caring and a voice that is honey.

    I think you still have a lot of growing up to do.

    [–] Looking out for a bro latenerd 1 points ago in niceguys

    I'm not sure why the girls always try to explain themselves after the NiceGuy shows his crazy. It's kind of sad. Here's how this convo should have gone:

    • blah blah seems like slutty behavior you know

    • Hey, you don't seem to how human conversation works. Why don't you go fuck off and crawl back under your rock until you figure it out.

    [–] Looking out for a bro latenerd 1 points ago in niceguys

    Well for this guy sweatie is prob more accurate than sweetie.

    [–] My son is being operated on, and my nerves are shot. latenerd 5 points ago in FreeCompliments

    You're worried just like any good mom would be, but your little one is going to be fine.

    My niece had strabismus surgery around the same age and I got to feed her when she came out of the recovery room. It was so cute and funny - she sat there with her eyes covered and would say, "French fry" and open her mouth like a bird. Then, "soda", open mouth for the straw. "Burger", open mouth and take a bite. She was groggy for a while, but running around like her normal self in no time.

    Get the little guy some of his favorite treats and try to relax :)

    [–] The girl I like rejected me and now I'm feeling very insecure again latenerd 43 points ago in FreeCompliments

    So here are all the things I think are great about you...

    You dealt with your depression instead of ignoring it... good for you!

    You are getting out and enjoying yourself with friends, instead of sitting home feeling sorry for yourself - awesome!

    You took a risk and asked out a girl you liked - that's not easy, so good for you! Yeah, it didn't turn out the way you hoped, but every time you take a risk like that, it will get easier. And you'll never find the right girl if you don't try.

    Finally, even though she turned you down, you stayed classy. You don't have to go far on reddit to find examples of guys who mess that up, but you did the right thing.

    I think you have a lot to feel good about. You don't mention how old you are, but I get the feeling you are fairly young. And yet you have shown courage, dignity, and grace. You sound like a pretty likable person.

    I think you are way too hard on yourself, and that is probably the depression talking. Keep up with your treatment, and don't believe those negative thoughts, if that makes sense. Your worth isn't decided by one girl's opinion.

    [–] I (31/m) left my gf (32/f) the day after our 2 year anniversary, during one of her silent treatments latenerd 49 points ago in relationships

    Different poster here, but there's really no amount of time that the silent treatment is OK. It is disrespectful and abusive, because no one deserves to be treated like they do not exist or are not worth speaking to. Even one hour of silent treatment would be a red flag for me.

    If someone needs time to cool off, the right thing to do is tell their partner, "I can't talk about this right now. I'm too angry/ upset/confused/ whatever and I need some space. We'll talk later."

    I would make exceptions for extreme situations maybe, but if this is a routine reaction to a fight, even for a short time? Nah. That's a dealbreaker.

    [–] I (30f) am engaged to be wed this year but I am getting serious doubts about spending the rest of my life with my fiance (31f). latenerd 1 points ago in relationships

    You don't say anything about what attracted you to your fiancee in the first place. Is this an arranged marriage? Did you decide on marriage quickly? The easy answer is to say end it, but I wonder if you are getting cold feet. Communication is a must. Therapy would help.

    [–] My Mother's friends all shut her down when she told a story about my "badness" latenerd 21 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    There seem to be more Ns than average among both providers and patients (being sick is also a great source of N supply). Luckily there are more really caring providers in my experience. But if you're stuck with one of the Ns, yeesh. How awful.

    [–] Circle the Noun latenerd 29 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    Now the hard part: try to see that your mom really was doing the best she could. Respect her for trying when, truky, she was more lost than you. It will make a bigger person of you.

    Fucking bullshit. ALL of this. Abusing your child is absolutely NOT doing your best. She was doing the best she could to protect her own ego. Ignorance does not cause abuse.

    I don't know if OP gives a shit what you say, but in future I think you should refrain from spouting pseudo therapeutic nonsense to people who were raised by terrible parents. They have had more than enough people make them feel guilty for daring to defend themselves. This kind of garbage does far more emotional damage than you think.

    [–] seems legit latenerd 2 points ago in enoughpetersonspam

    Makes about as much sense as the average lobster comment, but is more entertaining.

    [–] At the White House last night... latenerd 4 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Well, he likes to say "my blacks." Is that better?