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    [–] He cheated on me and now I have no where to live. latenerd 1 points ago in MomForAMinute

    Honey, how awful. I'm so sorry you are going through this. You have nothing to be ashamed of -- he has everything to be ashamed of. If his sister and parents have any character at all, they will be horrified at what he has done. You weren't dumb. You were a loving partner! Who expects their partner to be a sociopath? You are a generous and caring person, and you should always be proud of that.

    Hang in there. Tell your dad and brother -- these are the rough spots that family is there for. The people who actually care for you will rally around you, and you will get through this. I know it hurts right now, but in the next few months and years you will look back on this and be amazed how far you have come.

    I'm proud of you for being strong enough to leave. I know you will be OK. Know that you are loved.

    [–] Be careful guys it's spring again latenerd 1 points ago * (lasted edited 19 minutes ago) in funny

    Honey bees are your classic "bee" - yellow, kind of thin, a little fuzzy, usually not aggressive, very organized hives made of beeswax and producing lots of honey as well as some pollen and other stuff. Most of the time they will calmly walk around on you and let you approach their hive without a problem. These are the kind that beekeepers usually keep.

    Bumble bees are a bit bigger and rounder, they sound louder when they fly, more black than yellow and very fuzzy. They are slightly bolder than honeybees but still usually not too aggressive. (Although I have seen them called "fat bumble bastards" for being more likely to sting, especially if you get near their nest.) They produce tiny amounts of honey, but they are important pollinators, so we leave them alone.

    Yellow jackets are wasps, not fuzzy, not cute, and straight from hell. Burn at will.

    (Source: I watch way too much YouTube.)

    [–] JBP and his fanbois triggered yet again by any writer who dares criticize lobster daddy latenerd 2 points ago in enoughpetersonspam

    Didn't know he gave one! I didn't realize they had debated together, either. Something to check out for later.

    Well, you have to love Fry and his gentle, urbane wit. It's a nicer response than I would have given:

    [–] My (20m) boyfriend slapped me after I (19f) grabbed his butt as an ongoing joke. latenerd 1 points ago in relationships

    Then I would say it was an overreaction. Slapping is for someone who steps out of bounds; how was your friend supposed to know that was out of bounds for you?

    [–] My (17F) dad (51M) shuts me down and calls me a “liberal” every time I try to express myself or tell him about my feelings towards his actions latenerd 1 points ago in relationships

    Smh. The guy is literally emotionally abusing his child and calling her a "liberal snowflake" yet heaven forbid anyone call him a conservative.

    You conservatives never cease to amaze me. If only you would use that powerful sense of loyalty to support, you know, all human beings, not just the ones on your side of the political spectrum.

    [–] My (17F) dad (51M) shuts me down and calls me a “liberal” every time I try to express myself or tell him about my feelings towards his actions latenerd 1 points ago in relationships

    Given the way your dad talks to you and about women in general, it's not surprising that you have low self esteem. I'm sorry he is like this. You deserve a more loving and supportive father.

    It sounds like your relationship is all about serving his needs, never yours. Is that right? You can share his interests, but he won't share yours. You can laugh at what he finds funny. You can talk as long as you don't contradict his opinions. Only, that isn't really a loving relationship. It's an emotionally abusive relationship.

    You don't have to stop talking to your dad but please start talking to other people who validate your ideas and your feelings, and speak to you with respect. You are worth much more than what he is showing you right now. Unfortunately, if you keep on waiting for him to make you feel respected, you'll be waiting forever.

    [–] My (20m) boyfriend slapped me after I (19f) grabbed his butt as an ongoing joke. latenerd 1 points ago in relationships

    Not the same situation at all. It wasn't your boyfriend who has jokingly played grab-ass with you before.

    [–] [Update]my gf (f24) wants to get engaged soon but I (29m) dont latenerd 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in relationships

    That is a bit of a stretch. They are obviously looking for different things right now and you can leave it at that. She has the right to say she no longer wants sex with someone who has no intention of committing to her.

    Edit: Yeah, nevermind I take that back... I just went and read the original post. She's crazy all right. Don't go back, OP.

    [–] Positive for Chlamydia, boyfriend yells whenever I express insecurity, and semen-like wet spots on the bed when I got home last night. Am I being crazy? latenerd 1 points ago in relationships

    When my brakes were going out, my boyfriend wouldn’t replace them. I asked for months. Her brakes went out and he went over there next day.

    This alone is reason to break it off with him. It is a big deal. You should be the #1 woman in his life, since I am sure you made him the #1 man in yours. Inexcusable. Even if he isn't also fucking her, which, frankly, all signs indicate that he is.

    [–] I [26F] accidentally went on a date with someone I had worked with [30sM] and now everyone's annoyed at me, including my boyfriend [29M] latenerd 1 points ago in relationships

    he asked my boss in the message if he could take me as his plus one

    At first I was like, of course, no one asks your boss if they want to take you out on a date....

    And then I thought -- wait -- does this guy feel like he had to ask your boss's permission to date you? Like, he felt like he had to check in with an authority figure because there's no way you could consent for yourself? Bleah.

    [–] Jordan Peterson: We're going to use machine learning to round up every postmodernist and kick them out of academia forever, then shut down their departments / Also Jordan Peterson: me not getting a fellowship at Cambridge is an affront to academic freedom latenerd 29 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in enoughpetersonspam

    JP, in a video announcing his invitation to Cambridge:

    The opportunity to spend some time in Cambridge…would be really exciting...It’s an absolutely beautiful university, and it’s quite a thrill for someone who is academically minded to be there period, but also to be invited there to sit in and participate for a couple of months.

    Also JP, on his blog after being disinvited:
    ...the authorities at the Divinity school in Cambridge decided that kowtowing to an ill-informed, ignorant and ideologically-addled mob trumped participating in an extensive online experiment ….
    I think the Faculty of Divinity made a serious error of judgement in rescinding their offer to me... I think they handled publicizing the rescindment in a manner that could hardly have been more narcissistic, self-congratulatory and devious. I believe that the parties in question don’t give a damn about the perilous decline of Christianity, and I presume in any case that they regard that faith, in their propaganda-addled souls, as the ultimate manifestation of the oppressive Western patriarchy, despite their hypothetical allegiance to their own discipline.
    I think that it is no bloody wonder that the faith is declining ...with cowards and mountebanks of the sort who manifested themselves today at the helm.
    I wish them the continued decline in relevance over the next few decades that they deeply and profoundly and diligently work toward and deserve.

    (Sorry for the length, but, ya know... these are direct quotes from the lobster himself. He's hard to edit down.)

    [–] Jordan Peterson’s Book Pulled from New Zealand Shelves Following Mosque Shootings latenerd 6 points ago in books

    My point was that no one can claim Peterson is neutral towards Islam. As you would know if you bothered to read.

    [–] Jordan Peterson’s Book Pulled from New Zealand Shelves Following Mosque Shootings latenerd -3 points ago in books

    The misogyny inherent in the assumption that feminists either desire brutal male domination or are drawn to ideologies that oppress women is too obvious to require explanation. To the extent that feminists defend Islam, it is, as you say, consistent with the idea of defending a despised underdog. But that's really not what my comment was about, so thanks but no thanks for the detour into alt-right-land.

    My point was that no one can claim that Peterson is neutral towards Islam.

    [–] Jordan Peterson’s Book Pulled from New Zealand Shelves Following Mosque Shootings latenerd 24 points ago in books

    I don't think you have looked carefully enough into the criticisms against him. He lectures well and the problematic nature of his ideas is not immediately obvious. It sounds like you had only a shallow affinity to the liberal label in the first place if that's what made you back away. Try r/enoughpetersonspam if you want to understand why people dislike him so much.

    [–] Jordan Peterson’s Book Pulled from New Zealand Shelves Following Mosque Shootings latenerd 99 points ago in books

    He says feminists are drawn to Islam because of their desire for "brutal male domination." Does that sound to you like someone who has nothing negative to say about Muslims?

    [–] When in doubt, play it dumb latenerd 98 points ago in preyingmantis

    "What is sex?" Why have I never thought of this response before?

    [–] My ndad just beat the crap out of me because I refused to lie on my college applications. latenerd 2 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    Please make sure you get that checkup. Head injuries are no joke. If you notice headaches, brain fog, changes in vision, hearing or balance, make sure you see a concussion specialist. Sometimes general doctors don't do as thorough an evaluation.

    I'm so, so sorry you are going through this OP. I really think your dad deserves to be reported to the police and go to jail. However, you need to do what is best for your mental health. Stay safe.

    [–] Am I (24M) wrong for wanting some sort of attention from my GF (32F)? latenerd 7 points ago in relationships

    She is manipulative and selfish. She may have some kind of undiagnosed personality disorder, because this isn't normal behavior.

    giving me crap about being a "nice guy" and that I shouldn't just drop her because I'm "not getting what I want".

    Ew, disgusting. This is one of the shadiest things she has done IMO. Accusing you of being hostile/entitled just because you won't dance to her whims. Absolutely vile. She needs to be dumped.

    A relationship is supposed to work for both people. It shouldn't be all about her. You deserve so much better than this. It will hurt to break up in the beginning, but once you are over this nutjob you will be wondering what you ever saw in her.

    [–] My BF (28/M) is sabotaging our puppy potty training because he wants it to be another way but will not help in implementing his way; he tells me shut up and gets filled with rage if I (29/M) tell him otherwise latenerd 3 points ago in relationships

    it makes my anxiety flare up and I start hyperventilating

    This is your body telling you that you are in danger. PLEASE LISTEN.

    Your bf is abusive. You need to get out, now, before it gets worse. Where will you draw the line? When he starts hitting you? When he starts hurting the puppy? When he puts you in the hospital?

    He is a controlling, disrespectful, immature POS and you are gaining nothing by staying with him. Please get out for your safety and mental health.

    [–] My [33M] traditional Chinese parents dislike my girlfriend's [27F] scars and don't want me to be with her. latenerd 29 points ago in relationships

    no culture is better than the other

    This is an absurd and false statement that ignores the terrible pain that is inflicted by people's cultures sometimes. It's only designed to make people feel virtuous when they say it.

    I'm all for acceptance and understanding of different cultures. And every culture is a blend of good and bad practices. So assuming one's own culture is perfect would be a mistake. But some cultures have very, very shitty ideas and that is a fact.

    Female genital mutilation? Slavery? Child labor? Abuse of daughters in law? Dehumanizing people of lower castes? All of these are cultural practices. Does that make them OK?

    Not to mention the parents chose to live in U.S. culture and that particular viewpoint is abhorrent here. So maybe they should adapt first.