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    [–] The Witcher Netflix series just makes me want a Dragon Age series. [no spoilers] leafolia 6 points ago in dragonage

    There’s lots of other content in books and comic books involving the characters from the games. Also backstories and sooo much stuff that happens off-screen in between games. A lot could be done which would leave player characters out of the picture and leave the actual content of the game to the imagination.

    [–] Oh germany done fucked up leafolia 0 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Just because you do bad stuff to bad people doesn’t make you good. The Soviet Union was bad the entire time.

    [–] "I was born in the wrong generation" leafolia 0 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Because rock is the devil’s music!

    [–] Cinnamon is Tartar Sauce leafolia 26 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    All cinema in Russia is kino technically

    [–] criminal mastermind leafolia 45 points ago in youdontsurf

    Elon Musk posted this on Twitter

    [–] What music video you watched AFTER liking a song for a while ruined the song for you? leafolia 12 points ago in AskReddit

    Rammstein is great for learning basic German because their songs are mostly a bingo of various extremely basic lyrics like: “I love you” “you don’t love me”, “you have” 100 times, and the numbers 1-10. Then they pick the name of the song, usually something vaguely edgy, and use that as the main word they sing 100 times in the chorus.

    [–] Gay Rights ICONS leafolia 41 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    Disney are such a brave company when it comes to LGBT representation. With each new franchise they bring LGBT characters to, they are more and more well-rounded and loveable characters!

    • Beauty and the Beast: Gaston’s sidekick Le Fou dances with some dude at the ball (sissy villain trope much?)
    • Avengers Endgame: a guy talks about a recent date with another man in group therapy
    • Star Wars: two unnamed lesbians who we’ve never seen before on screen kiss & that’s literally it, stop writing headlines about this crap, people

    [–] Discussion Thread - The Rise of Skywalker - Opening Week Day 4, pt 2 leafolia 49 points ago in StarWars

    Yeah but there’s a big difference between unnamed characters being gay and a main character — one with an /actual name and storyline!/ — be gay. Only throwaway gay moments are allowed with Disney! That way they can get all the headlines of “first ever gay moment in x franchise” without any of the investment into actual well-rounded LGBT characters.

    [–] #Hard Truths leafolia 25 points ago in tumblr

    The literal point of the post is about how it should be obvious girls would look different if they have makeup on. The word “weird” isn’t said a single time.

    [–] If he starts singing an ominous yet strangely seductive song, run for your fucking life. leafolia 22 points ago in tumblr

    Also, the concept of having several passions and choosing to focus on the most lucrative one seems to be difficult for people. Yes, I like art, I like writing, but I like them as hobbies, not a full-time career.

    [–] Actual footage of Spider-Man during the Disney / Sony break-up period. leafolia 2 points ago in marvelstudios

    I think you can tell he’s lived in America for a while now. He used the word “mad” to mean angry rather than crazy, and not many Brits use “pissed” in that meaning of the word either.

    [–] "BEAT HITLER!” // Artist: Velery Barykin (Early 2000s Comic Book Cover) leafolia 8 points ago in PropagandaPosters

    Nah Ukrainians just pronounce their g’s like h’s. See Ukrainian-language) wiki article on the Holodomor, spelled Голодомор.

    [–] Is Danny Devito even real? leafolia 37 points ago in tumblr

    Not the biological father but I think he is Dennis and Dee’s legal father. But after s2 they switched to calling him Frank.

    Charlie, however...

    [–] What are the most popular board games in ex-USSR? leafolia 7 points ago in AskARussian

    Нарды is another game favored by old grumpy ex-Soviet men alongside chess. I think it’s basically backgammon but with slightly simplified rules.

    [–] I always doodle on my character sheet whenever I don’t do things in game. This is what it looks like after maybe seven sessions. [OC] [Art] leafolia 3 points ago in DnD

    Some people, especially if they have ADHD or autism, have a hard time staying focused on only one thing for several hours.

    I have doodled on all my notes throughout high school, college, and D&D sessions but it doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. I'm probably the most devoted player in my group but I just find it hard to only do one thing at a time, my brain makes me a compulsive multi-tasker. So when it's not my turn in D&D I focus my ears on what the other players are saying, but that leaves my eyes and hands free to focus on another task as well.