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    [–] So true leagueofgreen 188 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    I remember our janitor was peeing in a urinal once and I didnt see him as I was leaving somehow so I turned the lights off while he was pissing and as I closed the door I heard a "yo what the fuck dude!?" Anxiety set in so I literally ran away. Good times.

    [–] Wade to Lebron off the backboard one last time leagueofgreen 2 points ago in nba

    I think steph is on the level with the all time great ball handlers, and kyrie is on a whole new level above that

    [–] I want bannerlord too, but this is stupid guys leagueofgreen 12 points ago in mountandblade

    Nah man think of the developer. If you put 3 years of your life into a passion project then get this on your page. I'd be pissed

    [–] I want bannerlord too, but this is stupid guys leagueofgreen 33 points ago in mountandblade

    Put your self in the shoes of the developer. It could be an indie team of 3 guys who want to quit their jobs to make games full time.

    [–] I want bannerlord too, but this is stupid guys leagueofgreen 11 points ago in mountandblade

    As an aspiring game developer, this would piss me off if that was my game

    [–] Me_irl leagueofgreen 1 points ago in me_irl

    I do. I just like seeing people celebrating the lives of the people they loved. Yeah it's really fucking sad, but it captures why life is awesome too.

    [–] That reaction time leagueofgreen 21 points ago in WTF

    This is a good comment and all. But that can't be how it actually works right?

    [–] Found airpods while hiking today in western Washington leagueofgreen 3 points ago in Washington

    But he's saying wouldn't you rather get them back for free? If all it took amwas typing a PM? I mean the amount if comments you have written took more effort than it would to get $160 bucks back?

    If I was $50,000 in debt and typing 4 comments earned me 160 bucks I'd pounce on that shit.

    [–] I guess this is why I’m still single leagueofgreen 0 points ago in Tinder

    I mean, its definitely not the characteristic of a boring person.

    [–] Tony Romo calls every clutch play before they happen at the end of the AFC Championship leagueofgreen 1 points ago in sports

    Yea that's how it is in the NBA with Curry on the Warriors. Him and Klay are two of the most likeable characters in the league. But they're also on the most hated team.

    [–] I made a Pixelart of a broken Guardian leagueofgreen 1 points ago in zelda

    Hey man Ive referenced your comment a few times now and just realized I never said thank you! I hope you read this! You're awesome