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    [–] Possible identity theft? legittheshitmemelord 1 points ago in legaladvice

    My car is a 1998 P-O-S hand-me-down so warranty is probably long gone lol. That's how I deduced they are scams

    [–] How to extract 2 numbers from 1 output number? legittheshitmemelord 1 points ago in learnprogramming

    He might have a better answer but the modulo function returns the remainder of the two values divided. So 5%5=0 and 10%3=1. What's important to note is that unless you cast the value as a float or double the remainder will be an integer. So 5%2=1. But 5.5%2.0=0.5. So based off that logic is how he got to your answer.

    [–] Does right stick for meele kill or subdue? legittheshitmemelord 1 points ago in metro

    I haven't played Exodus yet so I don't know there but if it's 2033 or last light if the animation is you hitting them on the top of the head or punching them it's knocking them out. If I'm correct, I think if you get close enough it has icons pop up that say which button to use.

    [–] Why is there a correlation between attempts at communism and mass murder? legittheshitmemelord 0 points ago in CapitalismVSocialism

    Because that's what happens? Part of the problem is that the numbers are estimates...meaning not only does the government not care about its people to send them to death camps or have them starving to death eating grass off the streets, they don't care enough to have an accurate death count. I bet a lot of the estimates are from third parties and not the government themselves because the government in question probably has no idea how many have died.

    [–] Is apex actually good? legittheshitmemelord 4 points ago in gaming

    If you didn't like fortnite and play more first person shooters Apex is definitely a great game. If you like 3rd person stuff and fortnite is your jam I can see how it would be a huge adjustment/ hindrance to your performance.

    [–] Internet in dorms legittheshitmemelord 2 points ago in nmu

    Most dorms no matter the college have fucking nuts internet. Mine had 300 Mbps when I used Ethernet and my friend who went to Rochester had 250 wireless

    [–] Nested loops question legittheshitmemelord 1 points ago in learnprogramming

    You had your variables switched up a bit.

    So instead of trying to decide how many rows are printed in the second loop, you want to decide that in the outer loop.

    In your case your loops were printing 10 stars 10 times, but you wanted it to start from 1 and then increase to 10 in 10 rows.

    Keep in mind that your inner loop is gonna run its course each time your outer loop runs, so take how many times you want the inner loop to run and take it to the power of the outer loop, in this case 1010.

    So you want to put instead

    for (int column = 0; column < 10; column++){

      for(int star = 0; star < column; star++){


    You were right with having the outer loop deciding to go to the next line, and the inner loop deciding when to print, but with your stop cases it was just printing how many stars you wanted at the end 10 times. Hope this helps!

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex legittheshitmemelord 581 points ago in legaladvice

    Agree. The social worker has the funds and connections to get this squashed before it even becomes a thing.

    [–] Nomad, Lion and Finka legittheshitmemelord 3 points ago in SiegeAcademy

    Nomad can be a fantastic attacker if you are familiar with defensive rotations her airjabs will cause a lot of havoc amongst the enemy team. Her guns are solid and the acog pistol is surprisingly useful. Plus claymores so yeah.

    Lion is interesting because of his .308 vector. It's an awesome primary if you can control the recoil but I see myself using the French DMR from time to time as well. One important thing about his ability; it's not a tracking tool, it's a crowd control device. Although some success can be had from using it during a breach to see where enemies are to kill as you move into the objective, because it only outlines enemies while moving it's amazing to stop defensive retakes when you've planted the diffuser or want to stop them from following you after securing the hostage.

    Finkas spear.308 is awesome too with acog but takes time to understand. Her nanobots make her the attacking doc and can be really tactical if you can plan objective pushes or rushes with your team while it is active.

    I think any of them are a good choice but if you have to pick one I would choose finka. Nomad takes time and/or research to really fine tune her ability towards the way she was meant to be played, but if you find your own way it's just as rewarding. Lion is difficult to master because it's hard to know when to use his ability because of the above. Finka is pretty straightforward if you've played doc before and can understand how to change the tactic towards attacking. Finka in my opinion is underrated and can be a very potent attacker if used in the way she was meant to be: supportive pushes/rushes. However if you soloqueue casual you can be a one man army with it too.

    [–] Weekly Bouldering Advice Thread for February 04, 2019 legittheshitmemelord 11 points ago in bouldering

    I was in the same boat recently. I was stuck in a constant loop of flashing/second try-ing every V4 in the gym, then maybe scrambling up a V5 or two if I was lucky for months. I decided that I had had enough and scoured through Reddit and elsewhere looking for tips. I literally found nothing besides what I was already doing or things that were not possible for me. I decided to try and make my own success story. First, I made a workout journal where I would log climbs and write notes to myself about how I felt that day, what was going well, what wasn't, and maybe what I should change. Second, I decided to give the "just climb more" thing a real go and hunkered down and made sure I didn't leave the gym without doing 14-20 different routes of grades at or below what I could do instead of projecting for the most part, and then I also made a habit of repeating routes that were hard for me, or were my anti-style every time I came to the gym until they felt easy. Lastly, I started doing push-ups and sit-ups and crunches every morning, even when I was sore and broken from climbing. The result? After almost a month of pain and gain, I feel like I can truly say that I broke through. I'm not climbing every V5 in the gym, but certainly more than I was. If I ever feel like I'm slumping back into the low spot I will look at my journal and see that I really am getting better, and if nothing else I'm getting stronger on what I am already climbing. My true advice for you is to just dig your heels in and don't give up, try something new like me, or structure your climbing like I did. But seriously don't give up. Climbing is mental game too, and thinking you're not gonna get better is a serious pit of suck to get out of. Also, sometimes your body needs rest. When I feel like I'm at the end of my strength, and routes I found easy 2 weeks ago are a battle now, I take a week. I'll do light exercises at home and eat super well and give my body a rehab and then I'll come back feeling better than ever. Always listen to your body and sometimes just take a few days or a week to let yourself heal and come back truly fresh! Good luck to you TLDR; tenacity, workout journal, at-home exercise, don't give up, rest is important

    [–] Weekly Simple Questions and Injuries Thread for January 27, 2019 legittheshitmemelord 2 points ago in climbharder

    I literally have the same thing on my ring finger. I have noticed that full crimping agitates it so I avoid it like the plague. I have also found that it is slowly getting better by resting it in ice water after climbing, then relaxing it in warm-hot microwave water. Massaging the joint also helps me but just in general if it hurts I stop. I bought a set of those metolius finger exercise balls and a finger massager (yes they exist) and I'm gonna see if I get any more progress when they get here. The best advice I can give is to just keep it easy and work on getting body strong while your finger (and mine too) is holding you back.