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    [–] They should be embarrassed at how bad this game is running right now. legwkio2 9 points ago in apexlegends

    Try Splitgate. While not a BR, it's a fun Halo-Portal hybrid where I'm currently bunkering in right now.

    [–] [#UMISEA 01] Girls vs. ??? [Subbed] legwkio2 1 points ago in Hololive

    There's a chance they got the channel to make a video.

    [–] [DISC] Kanojo mo Kanojo Ch. 73 legwkio2 112 points ago in manga

    This manga exists so that Saki gets NTRed.

    Not mad though, shit's hilarious.

    [–] The old jump pad grenade squad wipe legwkio2 2 points ago in apexlegends

    I can't believe they did not jump off the building with all those grenades on the roof. There was an easy slide to the second floor that they could've taken... Holy crap, even the wraith could've Q'd out.

    [–] [DISC] We Shall Now Begin Ethics - Chapter 27 legwkio2 2 points ago in manga

    This is a manga defining arc. If the author nails this, then this shit's a masterpiece.

    [–] should i buy Tales Of Arise? legwkio2 1 points ago in JRPG

    Wait for a sale. Tales games are a bit of an acquired taste.

    [–] How many of you would like this feature in Apex Legends too? legwkio2 3 points ago in apexlegends

    Hell nah. Cheaters would flood the game just to fuck with the lobby.

    [–] pov: you just told cali you're 5ft2 legwkio2 8 points ago in Hololive

    Probably was, I can't imagine streaming with a hangover as nasty as what she's about to get.

    [–] Is Shaq the most genetically gifted player? legwkio2 3 points ago in nba

    Nope. It's Wilt over Shaq, mostly because of his off court escapades

    [–] Happy 3rd Anniversary Ojou! legwkio2 2 points ago in Hololive

    Those panties placement trips me out. Weird perspective thing that my brain can't rectify. Kinda like ojou's lower torso being a bit too long.