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    [–] Blowing into timber liarandathief 24 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I'm always amazed how cool and interesting glass blowing is and how ugly the finished product is.

    [–] Trump endorses guns for teachers to stop shootings liarandathief 0 points ago in worldnews

    This was his little contribution to the debate and you could tell that it had been spoon fed to him by the gun lobby or their minions in congress. The group wasn't having any of it, though.

    [–] Trump endorses guns for teachers to stop shootings liarandathief 4 points ago in worldnews

    He never mentioned CC.

    In the clip I heard, he did mention it in that word soup that he mumbled, when he talked about this.

    [–] Let’s lump a whole political group and say they did it. liarandathief 35 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    Remember when a conservative could have ended the war in Vietnam, saving thousands of lives?

    [–] In France, Bread is Pain. What other humorous translations/words have you found across languages? liarandathief 2 points ago in AskReddit

    In the uk fanny means vagina. In the us it means butt. I find it amusing watching shows from both countries with this information.

    [–] Teaching computer science without computers liarandathief 1 points ago in pics

    It looks good but the screen refresh is a little slow.