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    [–] Absolute legend tonight in the background at the UFC event librlman 6 points ago in funny

    I was thinking maybe H. Jon Benjamin. If he lost 15 pounds.

    [–] Delete the Baby librlman 3 points ago in Bandnames

    Remember, swish and flick! And if that doesn't work, go get a potion from Madame Pomfrey.

    [–] The Pope dies and arrives in Heaven librlman 25 points ago in Jokes

    "Roman" is a typo. It should have been the"Roamin' Catholic Church" because everyone was walking around way back then.

    Anyone wanna do this one?

    [–] The pistol whips librlman 2 points ago in Bandnames

    The Pistol Hwips

    [–] A normal sunday in Russia librlman 7 points ago in funny

    The Vatican has dispatched a missionary.

    [–] People forget how to drive along I-70 today during snow storm. librlman 2 points ago in WTF

    ...the DMV is represented by two equally important groups...the people who die a bit more every minute they wait in line, and the sloths that service them.

    [–] PSA: Dry rotted tires are dangerous. librlman 13 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    His love handles have started to dry rot because he has neglected to regularly moisturize his spare tire.

    [–] classic table talk. librlman -1 points ago in funny


    Her: I've got spade-coverage.

    Him: I've got problem trump cards, probably only end up bidding 3 reliably.

    Her: I can cover a nil.

    Him: I've got too many high diamonds/hearts, bitch!

    [–] This pattern looks like disturbed Elmo librlman 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Blood-soaked Cookie Monster after he finally commits murder for cookies.

    [–] Phallic Dalek librlman 6 points ago in Bandnames

    ...with Gallic Garlic.

    [–] back to back hack librlman 1 points ago in ATBGE

    I was thinking something more like this.

    [–] This chicken-made teddy bear librlman 1 points ago in ATBGE

    Ted in the burn ward.

    Or else the Snuggle bear after the dryer catches fire.

    [–] this totem tree my neighbors have librlman 3 points ago in ATBGE

    That cat's tail looks like it's trying to reach out and fist someone.

    [–] AstroTurf camper trailer librlman 1 points ago in ATBGE