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    [–] Try catch ftw. lieutenant_lowercase 55 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in ProgrammerHumor

    I write my web scrapers like this as there are a million and one things that can break it

          Full code
          Write error to log file

    [–] Wiley's at it again on Twitter lieutenant_lowercase 22 points ago in grime

    Looking at the timing of his tweets seems like he has been on an all night bender

    [–] Halloween in London? What's it like? lieutenant_lowercase 8 points ago in london

    Other than organised Halloween themed parties, not that big tbh.

    [–] Eyez and Kamakaze grime cypher lieutenant_lowercase 3 points ago in grime

    Camera hung from the roof with a fish eye lens I imagine

    [–] Mark my Words, r/soccer 17-18 edition! lieutenant_lowercase 1 points ago in soccer

    We normally do very well leading up to a international competition but then completely fold under the pressure and do terribly

    [–] Why do so many people here complain about tube strikes? lieutenant_lowercase 34 points ago in london

    Because it makes my commute to work a nightmare. Simply as that really. If I'm honest I couldn't really care less about tube drivers wanting a 4day week - it inconveniences me and its annoying.

    [–] Where to buy nice posters for a flat in London? lieutenant_lowercase 3 points ago in london

    spitalfields market/brick lane has quite a lot of stalls selling art/posters