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    [–] Dave x AJ Tracey - Thiago Silva lieutenant_lowercase 3 points ago in grime

    Expected more tbh. Didn't really like the beat. Still hard tho

    [–] Bolton Wanderers: Club avoid immediate winding-up order lieutenant_lowercase -2 points ago in soccer

    Was in a black cab this weekend with a guy who claimed to be the nephew of Dean Holdsworth who is leading a group trying to buy the club. Apparently they are very close to doing a deal. Take from this what you will...

    [–] so where is the trump balloon? lieutenant_lowercase -4 points ago in london

    Ridiculing him will achieve what exactly?

    [–] Since JME and Corbyn is making waves lieutenant_lowercase 0 points ago in grime

    Fair enough. Can't visit /r/UnitedKingdom anymore because it's overloaded with politics now the top 3 posts in this sub are about Corbyn

    [–] A lack in respect for Rule 1 lieutenant_lowercase 1 points ago in RocketLeague

    I never do it. I'd rather play the game than sit still