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    [–] It just gets better and better. lieutenant_lowercase 195 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    Your team-mate constantly telling you what to do would wind me up

    [–] Free Talk Friday lieutenant_lowercase 88 points ago in soccer

    Check this out - A new restaurant has opened in Bolton (of all places) called Steaks on a Plane. It's an actual jumbo jet haha. Pic here -

    [–] Revealed: the $2bn offshore trail that leads to Vladimir Putin lieutenant_lowercase 86 points ago in worldnews

    There are 107 media organisations in 78 countries that have been analysing the documents

    [–] **Warning** Plan your attack, optimize yourself. lieutenant_lowercase 68 points ago in CFA

    I'm getting drunk tonight and probably getting a KFC afterwards

    [–] Dortmund bomber arrested[german] lieutenant_lowercase 66 points ago in soccer

    That's not how options work. They provide leverage so he would have netted much more than 8k. 80k is the upfront premium. The underlying of 1 option is typically 100 shares. He bought 15,000 options, so had exposure on 1.5m shares.

    [–] A photo from Jme's wedding lieutenant_lowercase 66 points ago in grime

    These lot need to get their suit trousers tailored

    [–] 120gb csv - Is this something i can handle in python? lieutenant_lowercase 65 points ago in Python

    I used this tutorial recently to load an 80gb csv file into an SQLite database then used pandas to do very similar analysis to you. Very recommended!