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    [–] Check out this amazing offer I just got! Drinks are on me tonight lilawkwardcoconut 7 points ago in poshmark

    Someone offered me $5 for NWT Vineyard Vines item. $5. Sometimes I can’t with these buyers 😂

    [–] Can I cancel this sale? lilawkwardcoconut 2 points ago in poshmark

    Step 1: Go to your Newsfeed Step 2: Select Offers at the top of the screen Step 3: Select View all Active Offers Step 4: Select the Active Offer Step 5: Select the Help button to cancel the offer

    Is what I found, but I would call nonetheless so it doesn’t affect how you appear to other potential buyers

    [–] Can I cancel this sale? lilawkwardcoconut 3 points ago in poshmark

    Omg- please call Poshmark. You also have 7 days to ship so you have plenty of time to figure out how to cancel. I think you go to Order Problem/Inquiry. I know sellers have way more ability to cancel than buyers since no one can force you to ship something especially since you haven’t received payment. I’d cancel the order and report the buyer. There’s forums for that kind of stuff- Poshmark is not the place.

    [–] Wow lilawkwardcoconut 11 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Owen was even Lightning McQueen. I

    [–] Sales- making enough money or not? lilawkwardcoconut 3 points ago in poshmark

    Yep! I’m about to pop out a baby, plus in online school, so I’m trying to just have a little extra income so I can stay home and not pay for daycare!

    [–] I desperately tried to be accepting of trans women, but I no longer can. lilawkwardcoconut 14 points ago in GenderCritical

    This is so shitty. OP, I’m currently pregnant and I can’t imagine going through the hell that is pregnancy alone. Feel free to reach out via chat anytime :)

    [–] Taken in Kemp, TX. WTH? lilawkwardcoconut 2 points ago in Dallas

    Someone actually thought of this, paid for it, and had it executed. Oh the hate they must have in their heart.

    [–] [SELF PROMOTION] Link to your closet here! lilawkwardcoconut 1 points ago in poshmark

    You have such cute stuff! Following and sharing for when I’m not pregnant and poor!

    [–] My (15 yo) daughter's Gynecologist asked her if she had broken up with her boyfriend because her pubic hair wasn't waxed. lilawkwardcoconut 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I have always had my OBGYN AND another party (always female) in the room regardless of what gender the doctor was. I have never had an exam without an extra female nurse present. I assumed that was SOP. It may be in Texas as that’s always been my experience here.