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    [–] Where to go on a 2nd trip to Cambodia? limesareunderrated 2 points ago in cambodia

    I did some volunteering in Kep (Kep Gardens) for two weeks and I visited Kampot on the weekend. Kep is rural, I'd recommend visiting the butterfly park and maybe doing some bike tours (on your own, no need to do one of those overpiced things) because the view is nice. I stayed at Botanica guesthouse some nights (around 20$ per night) and they have a pool, bungalows and nice restaurant plus they will give you a bike if you ask them. Kampot is where most foreigners are so I'd recommend it for partying and meetups. Hostels are very cheap there as well. Nothing major worth visiting but a boat tour there includes beers and drinks and it's quite nice.

    [–] [Image] Finding Yourself limesareunderrated 1 points ago in GetMotivated

    There is so much to unlearn...