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    [–] Morgan Creek Capital Q3 2017 Letter lingben 2 points ago in SecurityAnalysis

    if GRRM wrote at the rate of Morgan Creek Capital quarterly letters he'd be done with /r/asoiaf

    [–] GOP Surrenders Cherished IRS Scandal at Last lingben 9 points ago in Foodforthought

    LoL everything you've said is categorically false, if you care about joining the rest of the world in reality-land please exit your Fox news bubble

    you may not want to classify those batshit insane "scandals" as GOP establishment operations now because they are all embarrassments to the GOP but you can't deny that they were not wholeheartedly sanctioned, promoted and recycled ad naseum on GOP media (Fox News, Sinclair, etc) and by GOP supporters, surrogates and by key GOP representatives including Trump

    as for Clinton stepping down, that was her decision to prepare for her candidacy for the 2016 election, unlike Trump who didn't have a transition team in place and kept shitting the bed making everyone panic, she wanted to prepare and create an organization and map out her policies, etc.

    [–] Tis the season! Melania Trump hosted the White House Christmas tree lingben 1 points ago in PoliticalVideo

    finally, thanks to MAGA we can say Merry Christmas without getting flogged like during the past 8 years


    [–] GOP Surrenders Cherished IRS Scandal at Last lingben 8 points ago in Foodforthought

    rather clear, what he is saying is that it was meant for internal consumption of the party and in that regard it served the purpose well but that it resulted in nothing (legislatively or via the investigation) because there was no substance to it so it was impotent

    much like birtherism, Benghazi, pizzagate, and dozens of other "outrage" scandals which have only served to stoke partisan fires within GOP but have resulted in nothing but embarrassment for them when measured beyond the internal reactions

    [–] Morgan Creek Capital Q3 2017 Letter lingben 1 points ago in SecurityAnalysis

    if you read through that, all 70 pages, then you are a better man than I am Gunga Din!

    TL;DR pls

    [–] Leanne tweeden Grabbing Ass On-Stage Same USO Tour lingben 54 points ago in videos

    made an inappropriate picture of himself touching a woman's breasts

    not to get all technical but where is the picture of Franken touching her breasts? in the pic widely circulated he's doing the 'hover hand' (you can see a shadow beneath his hands)

    [–] Anti-vaxx dad who treated dying son with maple syrup instead of medicine lashes out at justice system lingben 15 points ago in canada

    wait... so the dad got just 4 months in jail (which he's bitching about) and the mom got scot-free for killing a child?!?!? WTF!

    seriously WTF is going on? sometimes it feels like I'm taking crazy pills