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    [–] Fake Donald Trump Time Magazine Cover Hangs At Mar-A-Lago lingben 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 hours ago) in PoliticalVideo

    yes, this is small potatoes compared to the corruption/emoluments, sleazy character (sexual predator) and treasonous Russian collusion but it does point to how petty Trump is and how incessantly he lies in an attempt to aggrandize himself.

    let's not forget that at this point in his presidency the biggest Obama "scandal" was that he used "fancy" dijon mustard on his burger resulting in Republicans needing to get out their smelling salts

    [–] TIL: Toby Stephens' mother is Dame Maggie Smith lingben 2 points ago in BlackSails

    neat, so apparently he changed his surname to distance himself from his parents?

    [–] CNN Producer admits on hidden camera Russia - Trump story is bullshit and only for ratings. lingben 4 points ago in PoliticalVideo

    so you admit that your statement is false and then go on to endorse and support further investigations... but when it comes to a matter of even greater importance... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE deep state


    ps LoL it is Trumpsters that peddle in "alternative facts", just ask Conway who coined the phrase in her Orwellian attempt to fool the public into believing an incessant liar

    [–] CNN Producer admits on hidden camera Russia - Trump story is bullshit and only for ratings. lingben 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in PoliticalVideo

    Russia is hardly a "superpower" having the same economic scale as Italy. And there are many countries with nuclear weapons and it seems every decade or so the list grows larger unfortunately (btw Trump is on record supporting further nuclear proliferation which is absolutely insane by any measure)

    So again, the question any intelligent person would ask is why out of all the possible economically powerful countries on this planet, out of all the nuclear powers, why is it that again and again and again and again people from Trump's team are linked to Russia and link themselves to Russia (for example Kushner's treasonous attempt to use Russia's embassy as a means to create a secret communication channel)?

    Why? is it just all a big coincidence? would any Republican be so nonchalant about it were it Clinton who was so cozy with Russians and had Russian connections out the wazoo?

    if you don't have the intellectual and ethical honesty to answer that question truthfully, there is no reason to continue a discussion as it would be devoid of good faith

    edit: and let's not forget the provenance of this video, O'Keefe has been shown both in public court of opinion and in a court of law to be a swindler, liar, huckster and fraud producing falsely edited videos for propaganda purposes. and even if this were not the case, I wouldn't take the opinion of a CNN health producer over a non-partisan head of the FBI with not only credentials but also inside knowledge and credibility due to his many years of service to both sides of the political spectrum.

    [–] CNN Producer admits on hidden camera Russia - Trump story is bullshit and only for ratings. lingben 2 points ago in PoliticalVideo

    you must be really popular at your local garden center, considering that you are so generous and willing to share bullshit:

    after spending more than $7.8 million over 28 months (Watergate spent only 16 months) they found no such culpability for Clinton:

    but hey, reality is just whatever you want it to be right? let's just make up alternative facts and re-write history so we can feel good regardless of what actually happened

    [–] CNN Producer admits on hidden camera Russia - Trump story is bullshit and only for ratings. lingben 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in PoliticalVideo

    There is nothing untoward in any of this, these are all normal connections. Do you know how many thousands of people all these figures know?

    LoL it is just mere coincidence that all these "connections" keep connecting back to Russia, not any of the other 193 countries in the world

    just coincidence that dozens of people on Trump's team just happen to again and again and again have connections to Russia (and every single week we add people to the list)

    from Manafort to Flynn to Page to Kushner to .... yeah, that's just coincidence

    why aren't all these people connected to say, Canada? or France? or England? or Germany? or Japan?

    why do all the roads lead to Russia when it comes to Trump?

    every single Trumpster fails to have the intellectual and ethical honesty to acknowledge that if we were talking about a Democratic president instead of the orange duche they would be apoplectic, screaming bloody murder, treason, corruption, etc.

    just look at the wasted time and resources they spent on Bill's juice on Monica's dress or Benghazi, remember Benghazi? Fox News sure does. They blasted that fucking nothing burger for months and months.

    but now? fucking hell, the hypocrisy is so shameless it is physically revolting

    edit: as for your claim that there is no "proof", that is why you have an investigation. whether there is proof or not can only be stated at the end of a properly conducted, fully funded and resourced investigation

    [–] CNN Producer admits on hidden camera Russia - Trump story is bullshit and only for ratings. lingben 41 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in PoliticalVideo

    is it bullshit? that is exactly why you have investigations. to find out.

    could it be bullshit? maybe

    could it be the biggest geo-political scandal, betrayal, treason combo in the history of the US? maybe

    could it be something between those two extremes? maybe

    let's give the investigation the resources, respect and time it needs to find out and report back to the people

    how much resources, time, blood sweat and tears did the Republicans waste on Bill Clinton's sauce on a dress? how much did they waste on the bullshit Benghazi hearings? why are they so hypocritical to now try to stonewall an investigation, run attack ads on witnesses, impugn reputation of investigation head, etc. into something so potentially earth-shatteringly significant?

    that is what a fucking democracy does, it allows the mechanisms of checks and balances to work instead of "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE deep state"

    edit: a werd