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    [–] I don't understand Taylor's moral system. lingben 3 points ago in Billions

    we all explain away little hypocrisies like that, in her case if you recall in the group meeting she started to blab about 'anti-fragility' (quoting Taleb to sound intelligent) and how if the town didn't want to get fucked in the ass by Axe Capital, they should have not fallen into such a financial hole to begin with...

    [–] WTF happened to Mary-Louise Parker's face? lingben -2 points ago in Billions

    let's try to be a bit more kind please, we're talking about another human being here, maybe she had a small stroke? or some other medical issue that is none of our business

    [–] The Hedge Fund Manager Who’s Shorting America’s Malls lingben 2 points ago in SecurityAnalysis

    CMBX 6 index

    The index Mr. Yip is betting against has a higher concentration of shopping centers than similar financial instruments, but still only around 40 of the roughly 1,500 loans underpinning the index’s performance are mall debt. Debt of weaker malls makes up less than 15% of the index, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

    Many of the mall-based loans would have to default, and their properties be liquidated, before investors with bearish bets could collect a windfall. Skeptics say mall owners have tools at their disposal to improve their properties before they spiral into default.

    “The CMBX is a very blunt tool” for betting against malls, said Alan Todd, head of commercial mortgage research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. While retailers are downsizing at a faster clip, not every mall will be similarly affected, and the time between store closures and ultimate mall failures can vary significantly, he added.

    Investment giants AllianceBernstein LP and Pacific Investment Management Co., or Pimco, have taken the opposite side of the mall-debt trade, with bullish positions on the CMBX 6, according to people familiar with their positions.

    “We think the negative view is overstated,” said Brian Phillips, who oversees commercial real estate investments at AllianceBernstein.

    [–] Klaxon Auto lingben 2 points ago in Billions

    you forget that he has a fund to run and points to rack up for his investors, otherwise they will leave for greener pastures

    remember how much he freaked out when he was about to have a down quarter?

    [–] [SPOILER] I just finished 13 Reasons Why, and it absolutely destroyed me. lingben 3 points ago in television

    do you have some evidence for that claim?

    I've looked online and found this which shows that younger than 20 suicides has been very stable (also it is the lowest rate from age categories)

    [–] Can someone explain how Pape Pope... lingben 9 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in Scandal

    total complete bullshit, as if Papa Pope was top dog only because of dark money. puh-lease! the man was built up for us when the plot required it and now the plot requires that he be a weak limp wristed beta

    remember when he was resourceful? single-minded? when he always had a backup plan? when he would put in motion wheels within wheels? yeah, fun times

    a show worth its salt would acknowledge that taking away a few billion from a guy like that would be a speed bump at most

    whatever... nothing makes any sense but then again, let's remember that we are watching a glorified soap opera with a thinnest of gruel as a substitute for plot