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    [–] Yes, cars were more dangerous than guns. But then we did something about it. lingben 2 points ago in guncontrol

    dunno why but I find it hilarious that we all agree that you need to regularly check your eyesight and prove that you can actually see in order to drive... but when it comes to shooting a bullet out of a gun? (which travels around 35 times faster than a car on a highway)

    hell, no! no way no gubmint is gonna tell me that I need to actually see before I can shoot muh guns!

    [–] IMPORTANT 2016 article: "Trump keeps asking foreign leaders for money." lingben 90 points ago in RussiaLago

    in case you can't see the article

    and in case you're wondering, yes, soliciting funds from foreign leaders is illegal

    [–] I'm translating The End of Faith by Sam Harris to Farsi • r/iran lingben 2 points ago in samharris

    since there is "literally pro-MEK propaganda on /r/Iran all the time" can you please show it to me? I'd appreciate a link or two or three to such "pro-MEK propaganda" for this week, month, etc. as much as you can reasonably put together.

    and of course, I'm sure you'll agree that it must be pro-MEK and not simply anti islamic regime to qualify for such classification

    [–] I'm translating The End of Faith by Sam Harris to Farsi • r/iran lingben 1 points ago in samharris

    LoL, ok, whatever you say. btw isn't it hilarious how any time anyone dares criticize the brutal islamic regime its defenders trot out the old and tired tactic of smearing them by claiming that they are automatically "pro-MEK"?

    may I make a humble friendly suggestion? do be yourself but please, try not to be so predictable. mix it up a bit, maybe use HASBARA? or Soros? or some other big baddie. let's keep things interesting when peddling conspiratard theories and trying to defend the indefensible islamic regime

    [–] The more strict a State's gun laws, the fewer gun deaths in that State (and the less strict its gun laws, the more gun deaths) lingben 4 points ago in guncontrol

    no, there are some limited data, see bottom of chart for sources

    my point is that there is a lack of rigorous, detailed data because of the Dickey Amendment but we still have some data and the picture that it shows is unmistakeable

    [–] Gun control, mass shootings and community defense lingben 1 points ago in guncontrol

    Suffice it to say, attempts to regulate gun violence through gun control measures seems to have had a negligible effect on the over all violence that permeates our society.

    Wrong. There is overwhelming evidence that attempts to regulate guns, even slightly, will yield significant dividends of lower gun deaths and less gun violence