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    [–] I finally beat it for the first time!! lislejoyeuse 0 points ago in beatsaber

    Same but after a couple sweaty, swear laden hours I finally got it. Most of the song is easier imo except the very very end once you pass the beginning. You basically gotta memorize it cuz its so fast!

    [–] Skin design: Lunar new year Orphea lislejoyeuse 1 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Can we just get reaper in the game. Him Winston and rein would make cool additions to the game

    [–] Do you think there is a correlation between personality type and trauma? lislejoyeuse 1 points ago in infj

    I personally had a trauma free past, save a few very dramatic unrequited crushes that highschool hormonal me took wayyyy too hard. I guess that did make me more introspective and thoughtful though

    [–] using my insurance benefits with my girlfriend lislejoyeuse 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Hmm, this is for UC, so that helps. I'll look more into it. Thanks

    edit: found this Acceptable documentation includes any two of the following. • copy of any declaration, affidavit, or similar document filed with any other governmental entity • joint mortgage or joint tenancy on a residential lease • joint bank account • joint liabilities (e.g., a credit card, home equity loan or car loan) • joint ownership of significant property (e.g., a car) • durable property or health care power of attorney • wills, life insurance policies or retirement annuities naming each other as primary beneficiary • written agreement or contract showing mutual support obligations or joint ownership of assets acquired during the relationship • copy of any declaration, affidavit, or similar document filed with any other governmental entity • joint utility bill • joint property tax statement

    [–] So I broke my leg yesterday. The nurse comes in with this. RGB really is everywhere lislejoyeuse 2 points ago in pcmasterrace

    At the hospital I work in they built this ai computer for procedures. Rgb, 1080ti core i9. I salivate every time I see it

    [–] Daily Questions - January 18, 2019 lislejoyeuse 2 points ago in rawdenim

    Haven't been there yet but I'd be surprised if you needed an appointment just to get something hemmed it takes like two seconds to take measurements

    [–] Bust out the TPA lislejoyeuse 3 points ago in nursing

    Quality content

    [–] Oh my god, boys... lislejoyeuse 7 points ago in woooosh

    Real talk what do birds do during long rain storms

    [–] Baby piano with a view lislejoyeuse 22 points ago in piano

    Rachmaninoff could reach that entire keyboard with one hand

    [–] My (17F) boyfriend (22M) said he will end our relationship if I don’t go to the same uni as him lislejoyeuse 16 points ago in relationship_advice

    My friends were having sweethearts and went to far away unis. They were meant to be and they survived fine. It's so easy with texting and skype. If you can't trust each other enough to be separate that long then it's not meant to be.

    [–] Wait, this isn't my exit! lislejoyeuse 23 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Or pretend you can't hear them and move forward to hear better

    [–] What popular video game did you try to force yourself to like, but just couldn't? lislejoyeuse 1 points ago in AskReddit

    People gonna hate me but Witcher 3 wild hunt... I played several hours and just didn't enjoy the game play. Plot only half interested me

    [–] You all should try to play an organ at least once. lislejoyeuse 2 points ago in piano

    I played organ with a hs orchestra once. It was so fucking epic being able to match an entire orchestra in intensity, and the Earth shattering bass of the 16' or whatever pipes in that lowest C pedal. But having everything you play actually sound like an entire second later was a huge headache I couldn't get past