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    [–] Cirez D little_houses 8 points ago in Coachella

    Really hoping this points to a Prydz set in the DoLab

    [–] Coachella 2019 Hopeful: RL Grime NOVA Remixes Vol.2 Out Now! little_houses 5 points ago in Coachella

    It was the first time I heard Pressure live. Thought the tent was gonna burn down lol

    [–] Worst Sets You've Seen at Coachella little_houses 51 points ago in Coachella

    Migos. Hands down. No questions asked.

    From coming out 30min late, to their DJ playing the migos tracks we actually wanted to hear, to blown out speakers, to the ear screeching gunshot sound affects. Worst performance not only at Coachella, but worst performance I’ve ever seen.

    Don’t get peer pressured by your friends lol go watch someone line Miguel.

    [–] TIERRA WHACK!! little_houses 5 points ago in ElectricForest

    What's even better is the 15min video to go with this album. Really can't wait to see her in the forest

    [–] Was anyone able to keep up with Ducky's energy @ Heineken stage '18?? little_houses 1 points ago in Coachella

    It was magical. When she ended with that happy hardcore remix of Porter Robinson 😭😭😭

    [–] Go see Party Favor in Sahara today! little_houses 2 points ago in Coachella

    Also brought tyga & rich the kid...definitely a good way to start the day