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    [–] Sunday Service little_houses 1 points ago in Coachella

    Same. Had our friends at three different locations, kicking people out until 5am lineup

    [–] Heineken House Line W1? little_houses 6 points ago in Coachella

    A lot of people don’t realize this, but there is a separate line to the left of the id check next to the long Heineken line. This gets you into the outside area behind the actual Heineken house where you can just enter through the back with no line.

    [–] Help Me Decide Who To See little_houses 1 points ago in Coachella

    After attending an underwhelming tour show for YG I was definitely hesitant to see him this weekend...but I think with the passing of Nipsey and a lot of tribute dedicated to his passing, YG had an incredible energy the whole performance. The crowd energy was amazing in there.

    And 10/10 would recommend walking right past Zedd to witness the greatest set of the entire weekend with Gesa. He came out 20min left so we didn’t miss any of his set after watching YG’s whole performance

    [–] If you are debating between seeing Gesaffelstein or another artist... little_houses 17 points ago in Coachella

    From the production, to the sound quality, to the crowd vibes...this was everything I wanted/needed from a festival set. 15 minutes in I started to feel bad for everyone that wasn’t there for this performance.

    [–] Reaching Kaytranada set after Cirez D, is it possible? little_houses 1 points ago in Coachella

    Very much so. Back of Mojave still had plenty room and made it in time to see Anderson Paak

    [–] Did anyone go see Yung Bae? little_houses 2 points ago in Coachella

    Easily most fun set of the day. Had the water cannons out during the hottest part of the day too

    [–] TechnoChella little_houses 1 points ago in Coachella

    Cirez D is a 10/10 must see.

    [–] New setup handcheck little_houses 3 points ago in VapePorn

    Absolutely delicious. My favorite besides Churrios from the milkman line

    [–] Hump Day Handcheck little_houses 3 points ago in VapePorn

    I’m loving it. I use traditional with the .25 pod and salt with the .50 pod

    [–] Do LaB Wednesdays 🌴 (3/6/19) little_houses 1 points ago in Coachella

    With Fisher being on the main bill this year...would love to see a Cut Snake reunion at the DoLab.

    Also, wishful thinking, but a Pryda DoLab set would also make my year

    [–] Who's a good match for Lucy? little_houses 1 points ago in Coachella

    Blood Orange 10/10 would recommend.

    Hung out with her during their set at ACL and had the time of my life.