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    [–] Burn Ward littleporpoise 19 points ago in funny

    hah... that was a solid burn. should have left it without the edit. i mean, i would have hunted you down. but, still... solid burn.

    [–] Burn Ward littleporpoise 634 points ago in funny

    I'd prefer to keep the extra skin and leap from tree to tree like a flying squirrel.

    [–] Burn Ward littleporpoise 132 points ago in funny

    You'll take a silver and you'll like it, /u/Thanks-For_The-Gold

    [–] Burn Ward littleporpoise 1739 points ago in funny

    So much of it gets rejected.

    [–] Burn Ward littleporpoise 144 points ago in funny

    I think this might be my most wholesome comic.

    [–] Change Request littleporpoise 5 points ago in comics

    reddit has forsaken me of late and my comics aren't often making it out of 'new.' Instagram is the best place to find my stuff for those who don't think the comic is terrible. :D

    [–] Change Request littleporpoise 4 points ago in comics

    i know you got downvoted, but i appreciate the info. :D

    [–] Change Request littleporpoise 31 points ago in funny

    do you think giraffes can suck their own backs?

    [–] Chemistree littleporpoise 5 points ago in webcomics

    sorry for deleting this the first time around, but i realized i spelled BOTH 'chloroform' and 'chlorophyll' wrong and i knew reddit would never let me hear the god damned end of it if i didn't fix it. LOVE YOU ALL!

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