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    [–] How much burn in is warrantied? livelifedownhill 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 hours ago) in GalaxyS8

    Can you give me more details on this? I have some pretty bad burn in, but also cracked the screen, and was hoping to get them both replaced at once if they could. I bought my phone on launch too, where did you find the specifics that the warranty is good through today? I just called my nearby Ubreakifix and they said as soon as the screen is cracked the warranty is gone. Did you need to call samsung yourself to get the burn in fix okay'ed or did they do that for you?

    edit: nevermind, called samsung north america and my warranty ended July 9th. Bummer! Wish this thread happened a couple weeks ago!

    [–] Blind-tasting and ranking 324 American IPAs livelifedownhill 4 points ago in beer

    Fantastic to read through as always! Your perseverance is much appreciated haha. Was wild to see San Tan come in at number 28!! As an AZ native (now in SD), San Tan has always had solid, but generally un-spectacular beer (but amazing food), so its awesome to see them show up at that level. Major props, and I'll definitely have to try that one next time!

    [–] San Diego Taco Shop Appreciation livelifedownhill 4 points ago in sandiego

    My Modern Times lifesaver right here

    [–] S8 burn in issue, how is this not a more broadly lit problem? livelifedownhill 1 points ago in GalaxyS8

    wait really? How long is the warranty period for to cover it? Spotify's bright white play/pause/skip buttons on the grey background are burned hard into my screen

    [–] Day 56: No one has suspected a thing at work....except for my mad gains. livelifedownhill 3 points ago in climbing

    Glad this isnt just me! Definitely found some creaky door frames though.... havent broken one, yet.

    [–] Training Tuesday - Yoga livelifedownhill 8 points ago in Fitness

    Its definitely possible to build muscle doing yoga. The physical class practice itself is definitely a workout, being basically a long bodyweight fitness workout. Pushups, squats, lunges, handstands, core work, etc. are all incorporated in poses during a normal class.

    [–] Training Tuesday - Yoga livelifedownhill 42 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Fitness

    Yoga has been the single most beneficial activity/hobby I have done to improve my overall health. I only have been practicing yoga (seriously) for about 7 months, and the positive changes in my body have been incredible. Here is a short list of the benefits I've noticed:

    • VASTLY improved mood. I always thought this was bs, but its seriously amazing the effect a single yoga class has on my general mental health. I can go from a bad to a great mood in a single class, and even just one helps me feel less stressed, more focused, and more motivated throughout the week.

    • No more neck and back pain. Im a software dev sitting on my ass all day with shit posture and my neck and lower back pain is basically gone.

    • MUCH improved flexibility. Kind of a given. I used to just think I wasnt a flexible person, but I can touch my toes for the first time in my life now and its fucking crazy.

    • Improved digestion. I'm still a piece of shit and eat and drink like (relative) shit on the weekends, rolling into Monday yoga feeling bloated, and it just helps things move along and I feel/look much skinnier the next day(s).

    • Faster recovery time. Supplementing my off days with yoga helps my muscles recover much faster than they would otherwise. A combo of stretching and the heat generated really helps work out muscle kinks and weird tendon tinges.

    • Improved focus and less stress. Part of my mood I suppose, but feels it needs its own point. Something about the mental focus aspect of inward reflection to notice everything about how your body feels in a pose has helped me be more focused on tasks in general. Some of the breathing techniques I've learned can help me calm down and de-stress in a just a minute or two.

    These are just a few of the larger impacts I've noticed in my life. My training routine is probably a bit different than most on here, I only rock climb 2 days a week, yoga 2 days a week, usually climbing as well on the weekends, and supplement random bodyweight exercises when I feel. Yoga has significantly improved my rock climbing flexibility, specifically in my hip flexion and wrist mobility. This training style obviously isnt ideal for many in this sub, but I'm still positive yoga would positively impact someone with a typical lifting regime as well.

    Before I started seriously practicing yoga I had only tried a couple of classes at a brewery before, which were fun and a great intro I'd recommend to anyone! However going to a real studio with a teacher willing to give some hands on tips and adjustments really does help a lot.

    NOBODY cares that you arent flexible and cant do that cool pose that seems simple, in class I'm 100% focused inside my mind on myself. Plus I was just in your same position a few months ago, I get it dude, just keep at it and you will surprise yourself, nobody is judging you. I literally just left a full body sweat impression on my mat and started coughing because sweat dripped into my nose in down dog, dont take it so seriously.

    Yoga motivation clicked for me in a way that weightlifting never did. It legit feels like I'm leveling up my body. The feeling of accomplishment each class when I can do a pose I couldnt before, or gained noticeable flexibility somewhere, is seriously amazing. Much more for me than pushing a higher weight, but this obviously varies. When I began I couldnt even get close on most of the poses, and was a solid 6 inches from touching my toes sitting straight leg. As of today I'm working on holding a free-standing handstand, can hold crow pose for a solid minute, and can wrap the tips of my fingers over to the ball of my feet sitting to touch my toes. IN 7 MONTHS.

    Yoga checks my strength, cardio (I know its not really but fuk cardio), stretching, meditation, flexibility, and recovery boxes, all in one class. I dont have to convince myself to do yoga, I WANT to go to class and walk out floating on a cloud of gratitude and relaxation. The introspection and breathing practices also cannot be understated. The awareness you gain about your body is unparalleled, and translates positively to many other aspects.

    TL;DR: Yoga is the fucking shit, do it.

    [–] Some Santee bouldering livelifedownhill 3 points ago in climbing

    Wait why fuck mission gorge....? I havent even been there yet, usually just climb at Woodson, something I should know about MG before I go?

    [–] Headed to Mexico, Playa de Carmen specifically, what should I come back with? livelifedownhill 2 points ago in tequila

    ¿Por que no los dos? Haha scorpion also feels much more fitting having lived in AZ most of my life. Thanks!!

    [–] Headed to Mexico, Playa de Carmen specifically, what should I come back with? livelifedownhill 1 points ago in tequila

    Oh definitely, I can't wait to try them. If I don't eat at least one mezcal worm I'll be disappointed

    [–] Headed to Mexico, Playa de Carmen specifically, what should I come back with? livelifedownhill 2 points ago in tequila

    Wow!! Thank you so much for all the information!! Cenotes are definitely on the list, we'll be leaving our airbnb house fairly often for activities, Alux sounds fantastic! I will likely be pm-ing you some more questions on all this!

    [–] Used to work at a supermarket. We had to push carts outside in 110-120° heat. A coworker at the time did this. livelifedownhill 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    That's some impressive commitment! I worked several summers as full time cart attendant at target in Phoenix and it was brutal. I thought about such things all the time, but they let us wear shorts and get free water, so not nearly as bad. Fighting the good fight! 🤜

    [–] Me: “Why can’t you just let me relax?” Brain: “Because” livelifedownhill 11 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    Yall know this is cause you dont give yourself any quiet time throughout the whole day right? Just take 15min of no phone, no music, no netflix, and just sit and let you brain think for a sec, works wonders.

    [–] What do you splurge on at the grocery store? livelifedownhill 5 points ago in EatCheapAndHealthy

    Uhhh, not sure where you are, but have 3 of them close to me in SoCal. Chula Vista, San Diego, and Escondido.

    [–] [Sell] Schott NYC Cafe Racer 141, sz 38 livelifedownhill 1 points ago in MaleFashionMarket

    ahhh so close! Looking for the brown one is that size. Jacket looks great, and thats a great price. Good luck!!

    [–] Loving my new mug for mother's day livelifedownhill 1 points ago in succulents

    This is great!! Where did you get this?

    [–] Enjoying a house warming present on my birthday. livelifedownhill 2 points ago in CraftBeer

    MMmmmmm, nice one!! I absolutely love this beer, thought it turned out great. Drinks so smooth and delicious. Feel like folks kinda slept on it though, which has been great for me!