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    [–] PSA: latte made with coffee milk is delicious! livelifedownhill 1 points ago in Coffee

    Now I'm wondering what the limit of caffeine/coffee that water could even absorb

    [–] PSA: latte made with coffee milk is delicious! livelifedownhill 124 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in Coffee

    I think the only course of action here is to use drip coffee instead of water to pull the espresso shots into your coffee milk. xxxtreme coffee latte!

    [–] new grow station!! hope the new light helps livelifedownhill 1 points ago in succulents

    link or name? looking for a reasonably cheap florescent

    [–] I know t's not great but does anyone else have problems with the Osaka pour over? livelifedownhill 1 points ago in Coffee

    I also have an Osaka and this method gets pretty close to new for me as well. As I've had it for a while now i have to soak it for longer, and it doesnt stay clean as long as id like, but it works.

    Do you have a link to what you buy on Amazon to clean it with?

    [–] The Great White T-Shirt Review - 18 Brands Ranked livelifedownhill 125 points ago in malefashionadvice

    Well sure, light grey is definitely the answer to wear as an undershirt for dress shirts. However this is comparing white tee's that are meant to be worn alone

    [–] What is something that you didn't think would change your life but did? livelifedownhill 23 points ago in AskMen

    To tag onto this, Yoga. Thought it would just be good exercise and help supplement my other activities. Turns out its improved almost every aspect of my life and has become something I look forward to doing often. Mindfulness being a big one, but general motivation, health, positive outlook, the list goes on.

    [–] Ouch livelifedownhill 9 points ago in climbing

    hahahaha this made me snort coffee everywhere! Great description!

    [–] What medical condition do you have that you thought was absolutely normal? livelifedownhill 1 points ago in AskReddit

    HOLY SHIT I didnt know this wasnt something everyone did! I do it sometimes at concerts when i forget earplugs and things get too loud.

    [–] How many of you use or have used sex as a method of human connection when you seemingly can't find connection elsewhere? livelifedownhill 3 points ago in AskMen

    Wow, thank you for succinctly writing out what I've been ruminating on recently after my last app relationship ended. Substituting a lack of emotional connection with sexual. I've started to realize how rare that true emotional connection really is. It makes me concerned about future relationships, but its helpful to hone in on what was lacking.

    [–] The money pitch of Humanality at Tonsai, Thailand. A must do! livelifedownhill 3 points ago in climbing

    Every time I see this climb, I'm reminded how much I want to do it sometime! Great shot, your description is fantastic!!

    [–] Gfycat not working after update livelifedownhill 1 points ago in baconreader

    Still currently having this same issue with almost the same setup, Galaxy S8, same android and samsung version. No gfycats ever load, just blank screen. But as soon as I open in chrome, works immediately. Tried clearing the cache already.

    [–] Code drunk refactor sober livelifedownhill 1 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Every (other) Friday is no work Friday if you're a gov contractor

    [–] Husband (35m) has been skateboarding/snowboarding since he was about 10. I (35f) am concerned with how much time he spends with literal teenagers (M/F) at the skatepark. I worry about the implications sometimes and one incident specifically. livelifedownhill 4 points ago in relationships

    As a fellow adult skater, skating at places outside of a skatepark is just about as fundamental to skateboarding as it gets. Its not about being edgy or rebelling as you keep implying, its about trying something new and having fun outside of the same skatepark you go to everyday. Its the same reason snowboarders get heli-dropped on top of untouched mountains, or rock climbers try to climb unclimbed faces instead of just climbing in a gym all day. Its the thrill of testing all those skatepark fundamentals in a new place.

    Obviously I'm biased, but maybe ease up off railing him for skating outside a skatepark. Thats just not something that goes away, and until hes breaking the law or trespassing somewhere, its perfectly reasonable for him to skate other places.

    [–] 7am Sunrise at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta livelifedownhill 2 points ago in gopro

    Thanks for making my day! Grew up in ABQ and desperately need to make it back soon for the balloon fiesta. Great shot!!

    [–] A Paste blind-tasting tournament of 16 Mexican, Caribbean and Central American lagers livelifedownhill 9 points ago in beer

    I definitely agree. Im much more interested to see what the best cheap shit is. Like you said, I know i can step up and spend $25 to get some solid, sometimes i just want cheap as shit though. My suggestion for bourbon is Rebel Yell. Its $10-15 and surprised me at that price.

    [–] Milo Announces That “Milo Is Officially Finished” livelifedownhill 3 points ago in indieheads

    Milo is absolutely one of my favorite artists, this is a major bummer! Holding out hope he will continue to make music under a different name at some point. Please.....

    [–] Friend is going to Cozumel in a few weeks and is going to bring me some tequila back. What should he get? livelifedownhill 2 points ago in tequila

    I asked a similar question here recently before my trip!

    I was also on the hunt for tequila, and looked into doing a distillery tour in Cozumel, but based on what I heard online, many of the distilleries are just ripoffs, and many have been caught cutting their tequila with rubbing alcohol! So instead of getting any tequila on Cozumel (we stayed in Cancun, daytripped to Cozumel), we scheduled an at home tequila tasting from these guys that was amazing, and I highly recommend it!! They were very flexible about what kind of tequila's and mezcals we wanted, and even had a fresh bottle from a local producer we got to keep!

    Unfortunately i didnt end up making it to any other stores around the area, but La Europa is definitely the place to go if your in Playa del Carmen at all. Hope this helps some!!

    [–] The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?? [Indie Rock] livelifedownhill 3 points ago in Music

    Same. Teleport mind directly to ex, do not pass go, do not collect $200.