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    [–] if you bite slow, they won’t see it coming lllFOXlll 114 points ago in aww

    He is literally sliding the cats entire body with his leg while it was sitting there sleeping peacefully. lmao.

    Just normal cat trolling / sassiness. If a house cat wants to, he can make you bleed easily with those teeth.

    Those bites in this video don't even hurt, it's basically the cat equivalent of a playful warning slap. "Hey! I said NO!"

    [–] The two standing gorillas posing for a selfie with another anti-poaching ranger. lllFOXlll 316 points ago in pics

    My grandpa gave me a VIDEO CALL from his Playstation 4 the other day, and when I answered he was flipping me off and laughing lmao.

    The weirdest part was that he's been dead for 3 years.