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    [–] Filmmakers Hunting lnpxt 1 points ago in Filmmakers

    "The camera becomes a gun, and the cinema must become a guerilla cinema"

    [–] Before and after: Graffiti commissioned by local government in Pachuca, Mexico. lnpxt 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in interestingasfuck

    This is empty pandering to a bourgeois standard of beauty. Keep in mind that the people who live on the hill don't have access to this view. This is a work of art entirely divorced from the context of living of those it is painted on. The people who live there are objectified and dehumanized to the point that they become a literal piece of artwork.

    [–] CS 4410 vs CS 4670 lnpxt 1 points ago in Cornell

    Damn did they nerf os like the did 3110?

    [–] CS 4410 vs CS 4670 lnpxt 1 points ago in Cornell

    Wtf is an os reading assignment?

    [–] Oceanography not counting as a liberal studies class anymore lnpxt 3 points ago in Cornell

    Taking oceanography if you're only interested in the easy A is such a copout bro. You're at one of the world's leading liberal arts institutions. Take a risk on an English, comp lit or pma class and maybe you won't get an easy A but you just might learn something

    [–] why does almost every cornell sun article end 10 paragraphs early? lnpxt 14 points ago in Cornell

    Are you reading these in print? Because sometimes they can't publish the whole thing in print because of lack of space

    [–] Having a super common name sucks lnpxt 3 points ago in namenerds

    But at least you don't have to deal with people constantly mispronouncing it. And when you order a sandwich you only have to give it once and never spell it out.

    [–] Is anyone trying to hang out this weekend? lnpxt 1 points ago in Cornell

    They're showing Shoplifters at cinemapolis

    [–] Ideas for offbeat boy names? lnpxt 44 points ago in namenerds

    Regulus? Do you want your son to run around making horcruxes?

    [–] Chefs of Reddit, what's the one thing on the menu that you HATE making? lnpxt 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Do you think Indian cuisine consists solely of rice? Man, living in the Midwest (or some other cultural desert) must suck

    [–] So let's talk about 4700... lnpxt 13 points ago in Cornell

    The problem is that the real AI researchers are all in industry making $400,000 a year and the few in academia are at better schools or laser focused on their research. That's why we get clowns like Selman and Hirsch teaching this class.

    [–] AMA Request: Chick taking pictures of 2213 exam 20 minutes before it starts 🔥🔥🔥 lnpxt -2 points ago in Cornell

    Let's not try and conduct detective work via reddit and leave it to the authorities. We all know how reddit policework usually turns out