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    [–] How am I supposed to pursue my PTA degree if I already have a Bachelors? lochamonster -4 points ago in physicaltherapy

    Many people that I worked with when I worked as a tech went PTA then DPT. In fact, they made me realize that if I worked hard enough I can do both. I got accepted to the PTA program this year and many of the credits from my bachelors transferred (other than A&P, which I already retook this summer & aced). I only applied to PTA this year because I was taking time off from my bachelors so I could work to afford being alive & having a roof over my head.

    Yes, part of having a passion for something is "researching what it takes to get you where you want to be". This is why I'm going PTA for now. I want to do DPT, but the program near me is extremely competitive. Because I did my research, I know that taking time off between my bachelors and DPT means there's a good chance I will not get accepted. I have a great GPA, reference letters, and many many service hours. I took a chance by applying anyway. If I get accepted to the DPT program, yes, I will qualify for the PLUS loans & will know how to pay for my passion.

    My sincere apologies if I took your response the wrong way, but it comes off as if I'm not passionate about this career just because I don't have 10k in the bank to pay for a backup plan (which is only a fraction of what DPT costs). This post is me attempting to continue to do my research- asking the people in the field what they personally went through. I guess I should clarify. I'm looking for guidance on where to apply for loans for a degree of this type if my bank does not offer this, and what type of loans to apply for.

    [–] Well damn bitch. lochamonster 3 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Yep, I completely agree. Doctors just hand out the pill like candy because its cheaper and gets more patients in and out quick.

    [–] Well damn bitch. lochamonster 8 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Literally my gyno has said the same thing to me... its a common response to women wanting to get off of birth control.

    [–] Tolerance Quick Reset method lochamonster 2 points ago in adderall

    Sorry I know this is 4 months late but this is exactly my issue. Even down to the bad manufacturer at the beginning. I was prescribed when I was younger up until college and never had this issue. I got off for a few years, but ive been back on for about 6 months now and have noticed it has stopped working. I just get extremely tired now. Have things improved for you?

    [–] Extremely intense deja vu more frequent after taking up vaping. lochamonster 1 points ago in Vaping

    Yeah after more research, both nicotine and adderall apparently lower your "threshold" for seizures if you have TLE. I'll be lowering nicotine, and shelling out the cash to go talk to a doctor. It's worth it lol

    [–] Extremely intense deja vu more frequent after taking up vaping. lochamonster 1 points ago in Vaping

    I vape 25. The nausea and the sweating has always happend with these deja reve episodes, like ever since I was very young. I always thought thats just what regular deja vu was. The vaping has just made the episodes more frequent.

    [–] this happens every event why am i even surprised anymore 🤦🏾‍♀️ lochamonster 5 points ago in ACPocketCamp

    Yeah I liked when they'd put the campers in island rotation and you actually had to level them up and craft their furniture to invite them. It was gameplay. Now you just buy everything in this game :(

    [–] Team Rocket cosplay (Pokémon) lochamonster 22 points ago in gaming

    Yeah OPs account is like all cosplay pics lol

    [–] this happens every event why am i even surprised anymore 🤦🏾‍♀️ lochamonster 64 points ago in ACPocketCamp

    Starting to? I understand games as a service, and i understand that constantly updating a game costs money. I'd GLADLY pay a subscription fee to support the game as long as it meant I had a chance of getting all special items through gameplay instead of microtransactions.

    I've felt really bad about this game since they added maps and reissue materials, then nerfed the LT rewards. Everything you do in this game costs a form of currency. Now you even have to spend a form of currency to unlock the new animals! You dont even get the fun of crafting their new items so you can invite them to your campsite.

    Once you've crafted all base game items you essentially have to pay to keep playing the game. Like I said before, I'd love to pay a subscription fee to support this game in an honest way. Microtransactions are dirty and the entire gaming industry knows it. Why have a subscription fee when you can earn even MORE money from gambling? It makes me very sad to see Nintendo stoop to this level.

    [–] These trashy teens. lochamonster 85 points ago in trashy

    I read it like that also and was thinking damn chemical warfare isn't a safe alternative to hate

    [–] How do you decorate your hammock dome? lochamonster 1 points ago in festivals

    I did not know this shit exsisted. Thank you! Yeah, the tarp literally turns me into a rotisserie chicken at Bonnaroo.

    [–] Men of reddit, what is the most disgusting thing you do in private? lochamonster 4 points ago in AskMen

    I love my boyfriends dirty smell. I can't describe it, but it gets me GOIN

    [–] Electric Forest Festival 2019 lochamonster 16 points ago in pics

    The majority of these kinds of people actively support and encourage others to clean up after themselves, and are strong advocates of taking care of mother nature. Yeah there's always a bad bunch, but the overall culture at these "hippie festivals" is very enviornmentally aware.

    [–] So I got a pentakill with Lissandra passive lochamonster 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in leagueoflegends

    Same. I came to the comments to see if they reworked Lissandra.

    Edit: okay they did change her passive last year, I'm only half retarded

    [–] Along with hentai Haven lochamonster 13 points ago in dankmemes bby

    [–] BID is on the agenda again tonight at City Council. Don't do this to yourself Chattanooga! Show up and speak out against BID. lochamonster 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Chattanooga

    Also, members of the committee will be elected by the property owners of downtown. The votes for that, and all other issues that will be voted on if the BID is etablished, are unevenly distributed amoungst the members. This is where I DON'T support it. The bigger the business, the more money you bring, the more say-so you have. And yet, residential property owners will have their votes counted the same across the board?

    All issues should be voted on EVENLY by not only members of the BID, but also citizens.

    I support a plan for business owners to contribute to the downtown area. I support a city-mandated tax for the downtown area, and I understand that those things are harder to accomplish. What I don't support is a privitized, glorified homeowners association with an electoral college.

    And how is no one mentioning the "guides" they want to place around the city that "know how to handle panhandlers"?

    I moved here from Memphis, where we had one of the largest BID budgets in Tennessee. Memphis is also one of the most violent and segregated cities in America. It is still just as dangerous & dirty as its always been, if not worse. Over half of the buildings in the area are vacant because local stores can't afford to keep running, and few corporations want to move to Memphis. There is no growth. The mom & pop shops that are still open have been bought by a bar that owns half the city. I know this because my own mother had to sell her own business to that bar.

    I worked downtown there, and I work downtown here in Chattanooga. Violent crimes in low income areas are very much so alive in Chattanooga, no matter how many people want to believe it's their classy little river-city safehaven. This is a gentrification plan that will knowingly create racial tension. This is NOT something to be taken lightly.

    On the surface, it looks like a nice committee where members pay for upkeep. Unfortunately, money = power. It's even stated in the plans for the BID, plain as day. People with money only act ONLY in the interest of themselves. This is the exact problem with modern politics. I encourage people to do their research.

    [–] My Wife's Lunch (Rice, Walmart mozzarella sticks, taco meat, cheddar cheese) lochamonster 6 points ago in shittyfoodporn

    Yep, I do this exact shit. A montain of meat and cheese on a heap of either rice or mashed potatoes, plus a shit ton of hot sauce and sour cream. Paired with whatever oven snack my boyfriend is making. I'd hang out with your wife.

    [–] DeJa Vu lochamonster 2 points ago in ADHD

    Hey there! I'm late to the party but I just found this because Im currently researching after 4 episodes of deja reve today. I am diagnosed ADHD-PI. I've always had the same experiences you have. I assumed it was undiagnosed temporal lobe epilepsy, but I've never had a full seizure. I have tens of episodes of Deja Reve a week, though, and sometimes multiple a day. Before I read this post, I found an article on "Temporal Lobe ADHD." It seems to be a form of classic ADD symptoms, with temporal lobe issues as well. Really interesting read for anyone that got here by googling what tf is wrong with them, just like I did. Lol