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    [–] “Unpopular” Opinion: you shouldn’t invite just anyone to Roo. lochamonster 2 points ago in bonnaroo

    Money for showers. Showers are a game changer. Seriously. Make yourself make time in the day to walk over to a shower when it’s not crowded, and you will be so happy you did. You’ll feel fucking AMAZING and ready to take on another day!!!

    [–] What have been your symptoms when quitting juul? lochamonster 1 points ago in QuittingJUUL

    Simple partial seizures are my major symptom right now, and the main reason I can’t quit :( when it came out that Juuls were giving people seizures and everyone was like “Ahhh that’s horse shit,” I was one of the ones actually getting seizures.

    [–] PSA: It’s Fake lochamonster 3 points ago in bonnaroo

    It comes from the phrase, “don’t bring sand to the beach” in reference to bringing (risking being caught bringing) your own goodies to festivals.

    [–] Girls in the guys bathroom? You’re kidding me... lochamonster 12 points ago in bassnectar

    Lol, right?

    Girls at every event in the history of ever have always stood in the guys line. It’s literally just a line full of people waiting to take their turn to use the restroom.

    Like, when you go to the grocery store you choose the smallest/quickest line.

    It just so happens that the dudes bathroom is usually the smallest/quickest line. Some people want to just piss and get back to their lives lol.

    [–] Soaking the potates but undecided on what I should do with them. Fridge is sparse but I’ll put other ingredients in the comments! lochamonster 4 points ago in WhatShouldICook

    Yo this is a really great idea for an easy dinner that’s different than what I usually make. I never know what to do with pork. Saved for later. Thanks so much! :)

    [–] Is anyone else not moving up in line? lochamonster 1 points ago in ElectricForest

    Both me and a buddy are currently experiencing the same :(

    [–] GA loyalty giveaway lochamonster 1 points ago in ElectricForest

    Maynard James Keenan from Tool

    Something about his voice, like, hhhmmmmffffff yessssss put me in a dark trance

    [–] Context? Who needs that? Let's just make a nonsensical meme instead! Found on Facebook. lochamonster 3 points ago in TheRightCantMeme

    Oh neat. I haven’t heard of “Anglican”. TIL! Then again, I’m coming from small town Mississippi so just about everyone is either southern baptist or Pentecostal

    [–] Context? Who needs that? Let's just make a nonsensical meme instead! Found on Facebook. lochamonster 6 points ago in TheRightCantMeme

    I grew up Episcopalian here in America, which is like Catholicism’s cool step brother. Yes, Catholics have a reputation of being intolerant, but Episcopalians are dope. Although I’m not a believer anymore, I just want to take this opportunity to give them a shout out.

    The episcopal church is openly LGBQT-friendly, and has even had a woman pope :) There aren’t many Episcopalians in the southern US, though. Is that a denomination that has any presence over in Europe?

    [–] GA Loyalty Code Giveaway lochamonster 1 points ago in ElectricForest

    Favorite artist of all time is Tool! Mannnnyyy reasons why :)

    My boyfriend took me to my first fest all the way in Wisconsin (from TN) a couple years ago to see them, so now I’m camping EF’s GA sales to hopefully take him to his dream fest to celebrate finishing PT school! Yeehaw.

    [–] IG vs. real life lochamonster 43 points ago in Instagramreality

    There’s many apps that will do it for you in seconds

    [–] Are there reasons to microdose with LSD vs shrooms vs something else? Are the pros/cons of each (for microdosing)? lochamonster 2 points ago in microdosing

    Understandable! Psychs affect everyone differently, and I just to relate to that analogy in a sense that my anxiety makes me feel unstable- which is what keeps me from being productive. I sit in my head and worry, worry, worry. Mushrooms clear that brain-fog for me and makes me feel grounded. Where as, LSD just elevates whatever current state of mind I’m in.

    [–] Are there reasons to microdose with LSD vs shrooms vs something else? Are the pros/cons of each (for microdosing)? lochamonster 30 points ago in microdosing

    This is a perfect analogy!!! I see LSD used a lot for productivity, but I actually prefer mushrooms for that. Reason being, I needed stronger roots to keep me grounded when anxiety & depression were ripping me out.

    [–] (UPDATE) 100+ Hours into Quitting Heroin lochamonster 15 points ago in Drugs

    Idk, I have to say that this helped me. Everyone is different, and it does truly come down to willpower. Granted, I didn’t have a heroin addiction, I was on roxies.

    I don’t generally have an addictive personality and it was the only addiction I’ve struggled with. So I struggled HARD. The physical addiction hurt the most, and I had no desire to be addicted.

    There was a disconnect between my brain and body. My brain hated the roxies, but my body craved them. When my body craved them enough to make me pick up the phone and text my dealer, THATS when I’d take half a xan. It would sedate my body long enough for me to get over the physical craving.

    The key was being mentally strong enough to always withhold until that “trigger moment” of “I cannot physically do this any longer.” I did not take a Xanax for fun, and it didn’t feel like a roxie. It was treatment in my brain. After two weeks of laying in bed, crying & sleeping, I started associating the feeling of taking a Xanax with the feeling of withdrawal and misery. The cravings subsided, and I gradually was able to readjust to a normal life once again.

    Sorry for the rant! This is just an opinion that I see often, and it really affected me when starting my recovery journey. I was an addict looking for a solution that worked for ME & my body, and it hurts when people tell a recovering addict that they’re wrong for attempting to recover :/

    Everybody’s journey is different. OP, do what works for you, just take all of these replies into account. Keep that brain STRONG, YO. :)

    [–] Threatening to take kids away from their families over school lunch debt lochamonster 1 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    I graduated in 2013 also, and it was $2.75 in Mississippi for the “base lunch”. You could upgrade to whatever the alternative choice was for an extra $1-2

    [–] Me [33/F] surprised that my family thinks I’m immature for wanting to spend Thanksgiving together lochamonster 10 points ago in relationships

    Chiming in on this! Do both!!

    My family has never been close, but a couple of us are, and we find beauty in that. Our little bunch is scattered across the country right now and can afford to get together about once a year.

    We’ve all developed our own little “thing” we do on Holidays apart, and mine is Thanksgiving at Waffle House!! :)

    I’ve done it a few times now, and it’s always a blast. You & the servers are on all the same page of, “lol wtf we’re at Waffle House on thanksgiving.” Lots of laughs, kindness, playing around- it’s heartwarming and humanizing. Everything a holiday should be!

    I brought cookies the year before last, and they hooked me THE FUCK UP on my food. I can’t imagine how happy you’d make someone if you brought them fresh baked ziti :)

    [–] Everyday I have SO MUCH HOPE lochamonster 13 points ago in ACPocketCamp

    You can leave them there and they refresh daily anyway! I stopped buying them when I found that out lol

    [–] Me after this last update. See you all in New Horizons! lochamonster 19 points ago in ACPocketCamp

    I do understand where you're coming from. To add to that, "games-as-a-service" isn't free. It takes constant updates & matainence, but I would gladly pay for a subscription to support this game if it means I have the opportunity to obtain all items via gameplay.

    Microtransactions and lootboxes are scummy, and they always have been.

    [–] Me after this last update. See you all in New Horizons! lochamonster 76 points ago in ACPocketCamp

    Punishing new players is a HUGE point.

    I was thinking earlier how I'm "lucky" that I have all this shit built up over the years & will have items to spare, but new players are fucked.

    I feel like they think pocket camp will die when New Horizons comes out, and they're squeezing as much out of the dedicated players as they can. It seems as if there's no regard for the new player experience at all with any of these last few updates.