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    [–] I made a free alternative to Photoshop, that is used by 1.5 millions of people. Ask me Anything! loftizle 1 points ago in IAmA

    You are amazing! No questions from me but I'm blown away with your efforts. I really hope your product continues to see success.

    [–] Blizzard is Shadily Deleting Dislikes & Comments on Diablo Immortal's YouTube Uploads loftizle 7 points ago in videos

    You don't need any special kind of account to do this, I can edit any of the videos I upload without causing any other changes.

    [–] What is an underrated website everyone should know about? loftizle 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My entire identity is available on hacking forums and the worst part is that whoever put it all together didn't get anything from me, I never fell for any scams or phishing and all of my real (important) accounts were never compromised. All they had to do was call up organizations and ask for details and they do it because these places try to help as much as they can, including helping people that are stealing your identity.

    [–] Thailand blazes ahead with push to legalise medical marijuana use loftizle 1 points ago in worldnews

    Clearly someone not partaking in the recreational marijuana, who could be bothered getting angry about that after smoking a jay.

    [–] JD HOSTING IPTV and PLEX loftizle 3 points ago in iptvresellers

    Pretty gnarly so far, cheers!

    [–] Suicide more prevalent than homicide in US, but most Americans don't know it. News reports, movies and TV shows may contribute to the perception of a high risk of firearm homicide, leaving a substantial gap between ideas and reality and potentially leading to further danger. loftizle 1 points ago in science

    Are you kidding? I'm so glad I had a daughter rather than a son, look at the shit the world is telling our kids. and are just some examples. The scary part about the last one is that Reddit seems to be the only source where I can actually find that now, there were numerous articles about it at the time.

    Those songs are for girls sure but this feels like the message that is being sent to young males. They'll get to grow up being sidelined from certain things because they aren't female (gotta have quotas for things right?). It opens up a lot of space for my kid to succeed but can you imagine what kind of damage that is going to have on our next generation of males?

    [–] I didn't know and it still gives me social anxiety loftizle 4 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Sometimes the friendship is worth more than the relationship.

    [–] I didn't know and it still gives me social anxiety loftizle 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Take it a bit further and learn the difference between Bukakke and Gokkun, she'll love you for that one haha.

    [–] A mac and cheese “quesadilla” that has no tortilla and will fall apart the second you pick it up loftizle 1 points ago in ShittyGifRecipes

    If you're eating that with your hands you're doing it wrong. Dump sauce on it and use cutlery, this is a dream stoner snack.

    [–] What is something many people find sexy, but you don’t? loftizle 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm a huge fan of the old facial and porn style cumshot and I'm also very glad that I was a bit shy and less confident when it came to sex in the early days because I had no idea that it wasn't a normal common thing that surely wouldn't have ended well with the girls I was with.

    [–] Reseller IPTV loftizle 1 points ago in iptvresellers

    You sir are a champion! The last IPTV service was Vaders (a while back) and didn't run as smoothly as what I've seen. I'll definitely be subscribing, what is the most recommended method of playback? I noticed there isn't data for many channels on the web player but that is quite common. Does it end up populating on the proper players?

    [–] Reseller IPTV loftizle 1 points ago in iptvresellers

    Will do thanks mate, much appreciated.