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    [–] Credit Card Approval Time lol_uoft 1 points ago in churningcanada

    Perfect, I'm going to try that. Thanks!

    [–] Credit Card Approval Time lol_uoft 0 points ago in churningcanada

    OK will do, thanks!

    [–] Credit Card Approval Time lol_uoft 0 points ago in churningcanada

    excellent, this was the answer I needed - thank you!

    [–] Daily Question Thread - June 25, 2018 lol_uoft 0 points ago in churning

    Question: applied for two credit cards on Friday (06/22) and need them for a trip by July 3. Is that a likely turnaround? They're from Scotiabank. Do any of you know if there are rush options for credit cards?

    [–] $AMAT 4x Upside, DD Inside lol_uoft 5 points ago in wallstreetbets

    lmao is this erin mills

    [–] $CLPS up 150% in 5 days, told you. You're welcome. lol_uoft 3 points ago in wallstreetbets

    wtf why wasn't this on my radar? this is huge, buying tomorrow

    [–] New Chinese Tech IPO DD lol_uoft 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    if my portfolio wasn't red i'd give you gold for this one

    [–] Changement légal de nom vers un nom moins Français lol_uoft 1 points ago in france

    "le problème est que ma partenaire est Polonaise et a également un nom compliqué."

    Hahahaahaha, je suis très desolé! Pouvez-vous changer votre partenaire? C'est un solution simple.

    [–] When your music sounds like 🚔🚔🚔. lol_uoft 11 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    "real friends, how many of us?" ZERO ahahahah

    [–] If you had to put all your money into just one stock that you couldn't sell for 10 years. What stock would it be, and why? lol_uoft 1 points ago in stocks

    You really think that MU is a good ten-year stock? I'm very bullish on it for the next year or two - but the threat of "cyclicality" is still somewhat real.

    [–] Trade Korean ETFs after summit? lol_uoft 12 points ago in stocks

    unification isn't happening lol, especially not in this decade

    [–] Anyone grew up poor? lol_uoft 3 points ago in ABCDesis

    As a Canadian Desi, I can feel the difference between US and Canadian Desis economically. I think it has to do with the visa selection of top-performers in the US. On the other hand, we've got a lot of unskilled labourers leaving Punjab (like my grandparents and parents) to Canada.

    [–] Given past results are not equal to future performance, how do you go forward with back-tested strategies... lol_uoft 5 points ago in algotrading

    surely forward-testing helps a bit to indicate it's a working strategy? what you're dealing with here is the philosophical problem of induction. unfortunately, you can't know whether or not your strategy will work in the future simply based on past data. there's also the risk of the 2008-event/black swan, which you may or may not be accounting for in your back-test.

    sorry - not a pro or anything. tough question, good luck!

    [–] Places you thought you’d never find a desi lol_uoft 1 points ago in ABCDesis

    I used to think like this, but then I realized there's nearly a billion desis... Your odds should be roughly 1 in 7 (excluding the fact most are concentrated are in South Asia, ik ik)

    [–] Grad school scholarships lol_uoft 1 points ago in scholarships

    RemindMe! 7 days

    [–] Easy $2000 scholarship lol_uoft 10 points ago in scholarships

    OP is posting a referral link - part of the contest