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    [–] Ex-Trump adviser tells black Fox News guest he's 'out of his cotton-picking mind' longshot 1 points ago in politics

    I just think there was no meaning in it. The dude was just pulling a tool out of his toolbag.

    In this case he was looking for something to intensify his statement and he picked this dumbass ancient and racist terminology. It is disappointing he hasn't thought about this long enough to have removed it from his "tool bag". I don't think it was malicious.

    It is very easy to be lazy and then appear like you have malicious intent, but actually you're just incompetent. That's actually how most things occur, but it is easier to assume malice. This is some derivative thing from Occam's Razor btw.

    [–] Poncho the police dog "saving the life" of an agent longshot 93 points ago in aww

    It's supposed to make your final moments completely adorable.

    [–] Cultural reasons for bases to grow left to write? longshot 2 points ago in factorio

    I think I've done up, down left and right facing buses now. Depends on how the early stuff works out. Damn trees.

    [–] Jogger accidentally crosses U.S. border from B.C., gets detained for 2 weeks by authorities longshot 1 points ago in nottheonion

    I wonder what the process is for selling a car in someone else's name who is not allowed into the country.

    I bet it is a royal fucking pain unless you just scrap that shit.

    [–] Me Best longshot 0 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Well that's a shame

    [–] PSA: Factorio is getting a 0% discount for the steam summer sale. longshot 2 points ago in factorio

    It's pretty damn cheap anyway. It's up there with Minecraft and KSP as far as playtime for me. Incredible bang for buck.

    [–] Had an interview for internship today longshot 2 points ago in PHP

    If I were ever in charge of hiring I'd forgive consistent errors like that.

    Maybe just because I spelled develop "develope" about 19 times on the written portion of the SAT.

    [–] Most popular girl name by state from 1960-2012 longshot 2 points ago in MapPorn

    The Ashley-Jessica wars followed the sudden collapse of the massive Jennifer Empire.

    [–] Avenatti says he's representing whistleblowers within ICE longshot 2 points ago in politics

    I like how you can do this sort of stuff and don't really have to fear for your life much more than anyone else in this country.

    [–] Line boring with a plunge router longshot 1 points ago in woodworking

    Lol, half an hour and some scrap wood.

    Do you not build any of your own jigs? This one is especially rudimentary in a wonderful way.