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    [–] When Epic CEO is way too busy boasting about "saving PC platform" Valve is actually doing it lordofbud 14 points ago in fuckepic

    Praise Lord Gaben for that.

    Seriously though, it's enabled me to remove spyware 10 from my life and completely switch to Linux. The majority of my Library works without a hiccup, I can just hit play, a few need some fiddling and only a handful won't play.

    [–] Using VALV's Proton for Windows applications..?? lordofbud 3 points ago in linuxquestions

    I had Cinebench working under proton once before, just for shits.

    I'm sure you could get other software to work as well.

    [–] A man vandalized a church, causing $100K in damage. Six months later, he was baptized in it. lordofbud 2 points ago in Christianity

    The issue of him being forced isn't secular vs. faith.

    It's "he was forced"

    Do thing or receive horrible punishment. This is the very definition of forcing someone.

    [–] What's the best kept secret on the Internet? lordofbud 2 points ago in AskReddit

    And very importantly, deleted Quizlets for tests.

    [–] UBlock Origin rejected from Chrome app store. lordofbud 24 points ago in privacy

    For us, sure; the majority is quite ignorant of the evil of google, they know the top level problems, most people I talk to are unaware of go or

    The problem is google gaining to much control over the internet via the average user, not the privacy aware users.

    [–] That's why I am 200% virus free lordofbud 1 points ago in linuxmasterrace

    Has anyone here not actually been able to setup their WiFi in the past few years?

    So far Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, openSUSE, Pop!_OS, and Solus all worked for me. My only hiccup was with Ubuntu and it was a quick fix from what I remember.

    [–] 'Americans sold us out,' Kurds guarding US base in Syria say lordofbud -24 points ago in news

    I wouldn't call that "overwhelmingly" though, 61% voted for Trump.

    When I was in the Air force, I knew people on both sides of the aisle, it felt there was a lean right, but not a "overwhelming" lean.

    Thanks for finding a poll though.

    [–] System76 Will Begin Shipping 2 Linux Laptops With Coreboot-Based Open Source Firmware lordofbud 10 points ago in linux

    I think you're looking at this from a rather narrow lens.

    "But I don't see how anyone would buy a laptop for Linux alone."

    Everyone has their own reasons, but escaping Spyware 10 is a big deal for many, privacy matters, software freedom maters. Having a laptop that just works with Linux is valuable. People interested in Coreboot are concerned with security and or privacy. Beyond that, these laptops are comparable to market prices.

    "But you can't argue that ideological buying is impractical."

    It's making an active choice to have a free and private experience impractical?

    [–] Thanks, I hate it. lordofbud 1 points ago in TIHI

    I wonder if it ever scratches its eyes coming in and out of there.

    [–] Supreme Court allows blind people to sue retailers if their websites are not accessible lordofbud 1 points ago in devopsish

    I'm going to get hate for this, but fuck this shit. I have absolutely no problem with people building their websites to accommodate the blind. I, however, find it entirely out of line to mandate websites to be rebuilt for the blind.

    It sucks that people have disabilities, I know mine suck, but turmoil suffered isn't individual business's problem to address. We as a society can and should do take action to help, but too force companies to accommodate 0.8% of the population is asinine.

    [–] I've reached the truth lordofbud 1 points ago in memes

    Dude, that's gay.

    [–] Considering a transition to Linux lordofbud 1 points ago in linux4noobs

    Is it really worth it to switch in my case?

    Some things you may not know about Windows, they are a spyware company now, to the point where they keylog your machine (How to disable that), Windows 10 can be turned into an okay OS if you want to spend the time and use third-party software to completely disable telemetry. Or you can fork out the big bucks for LTSC and still have to disable some telemetry.

    Personally, the above is why I switched to Linux, I started with Ubuntu, which is fine a place to start, it got most of what I needed done, but I wouldn't recommend it over Pop!_OS, Linux Mint Cinnamon(Many people choose this one for the Windows like desktop environment), or Manjaro. All three distros I mentioned have more nice to haves for a new user, though if you choose Manjaro, I would recommend regular backups with a package called Timeshift. You should backup regardless though.

    basic applications

    Some applications will not be possible to run natively on Linux, though we usually have an alternative.

    some gaming

    Gaming isn't perfect, but its come a long way, thanks to DXVK, Wine, Proton, Steamplay, and other contributors, the Linux gaming scene is great. Your kids will not be playing Fornite though. You can checkout ProtonDB and Lutris to see what games work, though if you get an older laptop without full Vulkan support, many more titles will not run.


    Not sure if you're talking streaming services, (which work just fine), or if your talking about media playback, which works well for me, I use VLC but there are plenty of other players.