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    [–] GIFs of hockey history: "Mr. Blue" When the Blues joined the NHL in 1967, Bobby Plager, along with his brothers Barclay and Billy, helped the team reach the Cup Finals in each of its first three years. Bobby was the master of the hip check, which he delivered to Derek Sanderson in the 1970 SCF. lostcanuck 88 points ago in hockey

    Bobby details the hip check and his feud with Derek Sanderson in his book Bob Plager's Tales from the Blues Bench: A Collection of the Greatest St. Louis Blues Tales Ever Told


    My second season in St. Louis I got my knee operated on because of Derek Sanderson. We were playing the Bruins and it was near the end of the game. The whistle blew, the play was over and I relaxed. Derek stuck his knee out and he got me. And it was bad.

    It was a dirty hit and he got away with it. There was no penalty. I got up and skated back to the bench. There was pain but nothing on my face. I didn't want him to know he hurt me. When the game was over I got on the trainer's table and they said the ligaments were torn right off the kneecap. They wanted to operate that night but they waited till the next day, which was Thanksgiving. After the game I was on crutches and I was going out to my car. The bus with the Bruins drove by. Bad timing. A window opened and Sanderson yelled out "How's the knee Bob?"

    That's what hurt the most, that he knew he hurt me. I yelled back "Your time will come." I had put a lot of players out of the game with hits, and a lot had been operated on. But I never felt bad because they were clean hits. That was part of the game. This was different.

    I came back late in the season. The first time we played Boston, every time I skated past Sanderson I said "I owe you - I'm going to get you - I owe you." It was the first game so he expected to get hit. Everybody expected him to get hit. But when I got him, it was going to be at the right time and it was going to be a bad one.

    I knew he was watching me that night. It really affected his play. He was doing things like slowing down when he went into the corners with me. So I didn't do anything to him the first few times we played. I'd skate past him and say "It could be tonight, but it won't be pretty." I always thought I owned him because he'd be watching me. His mind was on me. I was in no hurry but I was going to get him.

    Then one day I hit Derek with a hip check. He went up and over me. He got his knee hurt and he got operated on. When he finally came back he was smiling. He said "I guess were even now." I said "Derek my hit was a clean one. Yours was dirty. I'm still going to get you. And you'll know it. And it won't be pretty."

    This went on for some years, even after he got traded to the Rangers. Then we were playing New York and he jumped Claude Larose and fought him. We collided by our bench and i grabbed Derek. I held him and I said "It could be now". He said "You've been saying that for years. I don't think you have the guts. I just said "Well" And I punched him in the face. I proceeded to pound him good. Nobody came to help him. Usually when a guy's getting beat up somebody's going to jump in. You don't want to see a teammate get beat like that. He took a lot of punches and he had enough left to skate off the ice and hold his hand up like he'd won.

    [–] My brother and I motorbiked around the remote and mountainous region of northern Vietnam. Along the way we photographed the people we met. lostcanuck 46 points ago in pics

    To those feeling inspired to visit northern Vietnam and motorbike throughout the Ha Giang province like we did, please feel free to AMA. We had an incredible time there and can't recommend it enough as an adventure off the beaten path. It was just plain awesome.

    If you're interested in a longer, more detailed album of our motorbike trip.

    Also, if you'd like to see a rough version of our itinerary.

    Hopefully that covers some questions already!

    [–] My brother and I motorbiked around the remote and mountainous region of northern Vietnam. Along the way we photographed the people we met. lostcanuck 7 points ago in pics

    Sort of. We wanted to do a motorbike trip somewhere in southeast Asia. We Googled for a bit and came across this loop in Ha Giang, Vietnam. Incredible scenery, crazy roads, friendly people, tasty food, and away from the main flock of tourists. Booked our tickets the next day.

    [–] My brother and I motorbiked around the remote and mountainous region of northern Vietnam. Along the way we photographed the people we met. lostcanuck 34 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in pics

    Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. All credit goes to my brother for the photos. I mostly just stood around talking to the locals. They really are some of the nicest, friendliest, and most outgoing people we've ever met.

    [–] My brother and I motorbiked around the remote and mountainous region of northern Vietnam. Along the way we photographed the people we met. lostcanuck 9 points ago in pics

    Reading that sent a shiver down my spine. Brrrr. I remember before we headed out on the first day from Ha Giang, a group of bikers came into the hostel -- one of them with a broken leg. Those windy roads aren't for the faint of heart.

    [–] My brother and I went on a road trip throughout one of the most remote parts of Vietnam, Ha Giang. lostcanuck 3 points ago in motorcycles

    Did it all ourselves. Spent a lot of time researching everything. Slowly built up a big Excel file with some tabs (tentative itinerary, costs, what to bring, things to see...).

    Here's the Excel.

    [–] My brother and I went on a road trip throughout one of the most remote parts of Vietnam, Ha Giang. lostcanuck 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in motorcycles

    When we were in the small ethnic villages, we used a lot of Google Translate. Made for some fun conversations. Other than that, we had memorized some go-to words in Vietnamese/Hmong (hello, coffee, banana, water...). For the most part /u/magkanoaeroplano nailed it! They always wanted to know where we came from (Canada), where we were driving from that morning, and our destination. Lots of itinerary conversation.

    [–] My brother and I went on a road trip throughout one of the most remote parts of Vietnam, Ha Giang. lostcanuck 1 points ago in motorcycles

    The only thing we booked ahead was our hostel in Hanoi for the day we arrived in Vietnam. Once we were in Ha Giang there was no need to book anything in advanced. Stayed in little two-star budget hotels that cost around 10 bucks/night.

    [–] My brother and I went on a road trip throughout one of the most remote parts of Vietnam, Ha Giang. lostcanuck 6 points ago in motorcycles

    Thanks! All in all it was 2 weeks. We spent eight days on motorbikes, a couple days in Hanoi, and a couple days on the coast in Lan Ha Bay.

    [–] My bro and I spent 8 days motorbiking throughout one of Vietnam's poorest provinces, Ha Giang. This mountainous region in the north is considered Vietnam's final frontier. We came across hill tribes, communist street decorations, mystical landscapes, yellow rice terraces, and so many hellos! lostcanuck 2 points ago in pics

    For the most part petrol stations were extremely easy to find. We usually filled up first thing in the morning and went the entire day on one tank. There were a couple sketchy moments when we were thankful to come across a tiny tiny village (think one small dirt road type of village) that had a hand-operated petrol pump. It costs almost nothing to fill up, so best advice is to do it as often as you see a petrol station!

    [–] GIFs of hockey history: In 1971 Dave and Ken Dryden became the NHL's first goalie brothers to play against one other. When the game ended, Ken went to leave the ice, but Dave understood that the game deserved something special. He decided to skate to centre ice and meet his younger brother. lostcanuck 416 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in hockey

    This story gets all kind of weird when you add Sabres coach Punch Imlach into the mix

    Six nights earlier, Ken had just played his first NHL game ever. He had been called up from the Montreal Canadiens’ farm team and backstopped the Habs to a 5-1 win against the Penguins in Pittsburgh. That same night in Minnesota, Dave went one better, kicking aside 48 shots and picking up a shutout as the Buffalo Sabres blasted the North Stars 5-0.

    The Sabres were coached at the time by Punch Imlach, a man who enjoyed grand gestures. Imlach was determined to see the two brothers square off in Montreal that Saturday night.

    “Punch was the kind of guy who always wanted to make history,” said Dave. “I remember him telling me, ‘Dave, you’re starting tomorrow and I’m going to challenge them to see who they’re going to start.’ ”

    But Montreal coach Al MacNeil had already decided that Rogie Vachon would start against Buffalo, with Ken on the bench.

    “I remember getting a call from our dad on the Thursday and Dad saying ‘I think I’m going to come down for the game,’ ” Ken said. “I said, ‘Well, that’s fine but you might be disappointed because I’ve been told I’m not playing.’ But he still decided he was going to come.

    “I was still just trying to fit in with the team,” he added. “Your focus is just on surviving.”

    As coach of the visiting team, Imlach was required to submit his starting lineup first, and he marked Dave down as his goaltender. But MacNeil stuck with his plan and put Vachon in net.

    “Punch then comes to me and says ‘Dave, you’re out there to start but I’m going to replace you right off the bat because Ken’s not playing,’ ” Dave recalled.

    “I’m sure I wasn’t there for much more than the national anthem,” Dave added. “I kidded him later and said ‘Punch, what was the problem? Wasn’t I standing straight enough?'”

    The game started and, at the first whistle, Dave Dryden skated off the ice and he was replaced by Joe Daley in the Buffalo net. Now the two Dryden brothers were watching the game from opposite benches. But, a couple of minutes into the second period, Vachon went down with an injury. MacNeil had no choice but to put Ken into the game.

    “As soon as Ken went in, Punch said ‘In you go, too,’ ” Dave said. “To him, the score would have meant nothing, it was just the fact that he had set out to have both of us play against each other.”

    “There’s such an unreality to it,” Ken noted. “I don’t suspect Dave felt comfortable for the rest of the game. I know I didn’t.”

    The final score was 5-2 for Montreal — not surprising, really, since the Canadiens were on their way to a Stanley Cup title while the Sabres were in their first year as an expansion franchise.

    When the game ended, the two brothers skated to centre ice and shook hands, a ritual normally reserved for playoff games.

    “We knew, I think, that no brothers had played against each other, but the crowd didn’t know at all,” said Dave.

    “It’s interesting, we have a picture of Ken and I at the end of the game shaking hands and you can see the crowd in the background, and obviously the crowd wasn’t watching. There isn’t anyone’s face looking at us.”

    “The best part was here was our Dad, who took a chance and came down, and he saw it,” added Ken.

    tl;dr Sabres coach Punch Imlach wants season 7 Game of Thrones level hype on the brother v brother game. He pencils in his goalie Dave Dryden. Montreal's coach plays mental warfare and says "nah bro" and starts Rogie Vachon instead. Imlach = pissed. He pulls Dave from the game after the very first whistle. But fate steps in and injures Rogie Vachon. Rogie is kill. Ken hops over the bench to replace him. Dave hops over too. Punch smiles like the muthafuckin Grinch who stole Christmas.

    [–] GIFs of hockey history: "The Soviet System" On NYE 1975 the Montreal Canadiens played to a 3-3 tie against the Soviet Red Army in a game that featured radically different styles of play. The Red Army fully showcased their style of 'puck-possession and passing' on a goal by the legendary Kharlamov. lostcanuck 79 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in hockey

    Some additional notes:

    • The Soviets were outshot 13-38 as they preferred to shoot only they had a clear and distinct scoring chance. They figured that shooting the puck from anywhere and hoping for a goal (as was the Canadiens mentality), was a waste of possession.

    • Tretiak stole this game by playing out of his goddamn mind.

    • Starting that season, the emerging-powerhouse Canadiens went on to win the Cup 4 years in a row. They are considered one of the greatest dynasties of all-time.

    • In their North American tour, the two Soviet teams went 5-2-1 against the NHL.

    • However, the Super Series is mostly remembered by two games: this classic game -- often called one of the finest games ever played -- and by contrasting goonfest in Philly against against the Broad Street Bullies. I detail that game in another of my GIFs of hockey history posts.

    • Kovalchuk and Malkin both honour Valeri Kharlamov, who wore #17, by wearing the numbers 17 and 71.