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    [–] Nickelodeon Girls lovelyland1300 3 points ago in redditsings

    I got scared cause my dad’s name is Gary lol

    [–] Getting those Not like other girls vibes lovelyland1300 32 points ago in notliketheothergirls

    Drake, Post and X are some of the first rappers that come to people’s minds nowadays. So like..? What is her point here? lol

    [–] Coping with obsession? lovelyland1300 2 points ago in kpophelp

    Since you say you have no problem physically staying away from Kpop content, DO IT! Stay away from anything Kpop related for at least a week! It will do you wonders. And with the shipping, I don’t know what to say, I’ve personally never gone through something like that so idk what to really say! But again just stay away from that content for a while, listen to different music, watch different shows, and stay off of stan twitter or whatever social media you use for Kpop related things!

    [–] [Coming Out] Just posted this on my insta story 😅 lovelyland1300 6 points ago in LGBTeens

    That’s such a rad way to come out, all the luck to you man!

    [–] You shouldn’t litter lovelyland1300 5 points ago in instantkarma

    Yeah it looks kind of staged

    [–] What "black market" did kids at your school run? lovelyland1300 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My friend sold vegan tamales, people didn’t even care they were vegan they just tasted so good. She sold 1 for $2, 3 for $5, and 12 for $20. She would bring a duffle bag full about once a week and always sell out. I would always buy 3 for $5 but was almost tempted once to buy 12. She was in a business and marketing program and could sell anything to anyone.

    [–] too true lovelyland1300 1 points ago in teenagers

    I’d close it and have to risk loosing my progress in the game 🤧

    [–] Mumbo is under attack lovelyland1300 2 points ago in HermitCraft

    Gotta keep it family friendly

    [–] Huge white head on my dad’s chest! He wouldn’t let me pop it, but let me take a pic for the karma lol lovelyland1300 2 points ago in popping

    I saw a zit on his neck and he said he had one on his chest, I wanted to pop it but he was like no. So I said at least let me take a picture for the reddit karma and he let me! Neither of us were shirtless lol

    [–] Getting out the airsoft bbs stuck in my shoes. It’s always so satisfying. lovelyland1300 2 points ago in popping

    When I was younger I loved to pick the dirt and rocks out of my shoes with my mechanical pencil! Super satisfying. You should post some more next time you go airsofting (?)