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    [–] A compilation of Game of Thrones actors questioning the writing lucillefiredragon 34 points ago in freefolk


    The barristan actors one hurt me the most, his death was bullshit and he could’ve done so much more. He could have been the angel on Danaerys shoulder while Tyrion could’ve been the devil leading up to her heel turn.

    Dumb & dumber totally just neglected the characters and their story arcs in favor of cool and cgi heavy action scenes that had no sense of direction.


    Maisie hit the nail on the head about her killing Cersei, that would’ve been a perfect ending for both of their characters, but no instead she kills the Night King because his enemy- JON didn’t feel right. Even if they had done something like Jon and the Night King fighting and Arya coming behind him with the backstab mirroring the Arthur Dayne fight would’ve been cool.

    I feel bad for the actors who grew so attached to their characters and were expecting more hit instead just got shit on by Dumb & Dumber. Now they that I k the backlash is on their performance instead of the writers. Fuck D&D

    I’ll stick with TWOW & ADOS if they ever FUCKING release.

    [–] (Comic & Show Spoiler) Which Rick is the one true Rick? lucillefiredragon 32 points ago in thewalkingdead

    This post shits on show Rick as if he never stopped at nothing to protect his family.

    They’re both Rick to me, ones on TV ones in the comics. Why can’t we love both?

    [–] Pour one out for our main man J-Bear lucillefiredragon 15 points ago in insideJorahshead

    Every second that Bran sits and stares, take a shot

    [–] How Arya jumped on our King lucillefiredragon 22 points ago in NKWinsTheThrone

    We’re in the endgame now

    Well, nevermind Arya kinda ruined that.

    [–] The Official AVENGERS: ENDGAME Release Megathread Vol. 8 lucillefiredragon 22 points ago in marvelstudios

    The best comic book movie of all time

    I love all of these characters

    [–] [SPOILERS] A nice little detail about Sansa... lucillefiredragon 18 points ago in gameofthrones

    You were so beautiful that night, in your white dress when you spilled salsa on it

    [–] Sounds about right lucillefiredragon 121 points ago in freefolk

    Ah! The Dragonstone of Bleak Falls Barrow! You already found it! You are cut from a different cloth than the usual brutes the Jarl foists on me.