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    [–] Leave your smoke spot cleaner than you found it. If people see areas cleaner after ents leave they will start being a lot more accepting of their local ents. lukesnofluke 2 points ago in trees

    there's a tunnel you can climb on top of in my city, tons of ents go to smoke there but there's ALWAYS rillo wrappers and roaches everywhere. Anytime we go there we throw away all the wrappers and take all the roaches for ourselves.

    [–] me🌊irl lukesnofluke 1 points ago in me_irl


    [–] Yeah... Thanks government. lukesnofluke 6 points ago in Libertarian

    I've done my fair share of odioids and boy are they fucked. The high is one of the most powerful euphoric feelings I've ever had and they were addictive as hell. The crash too much for you? Just take some more pills! It's a vicious loop. If it wasn't for weed I'd probably be slumped over under a bridge with a needle in my arm by now.

    I think legalizing marijauna will be a big step in ending the opioid crisis.

    [–] Worst thing a spotter/trip sitter has done whilst you were high? lukesnofluke 5 points ago in Drugs

    So I dropped 1.5 tabs in the morning before school. It was the end of the year, so we weren't doing anything in any of my classes.

    1st block was fine. Come up started about halfway through. Watched Thor Ragnarok for the whole time. Couldn't follow any of it but it looked fucking insane.

    2nd block was my aid period in the AP office. Just talked to the clerk and the APs while organizing some stuff for them lol. I was a little nervous but the kid that was in there with me knew I was tripping so he helped keep my focused.

    3rd block was fantastic. I dropped with 3 other kids and we all had that class together. During lunch we all went to my car and just blasted music for like 20 minutes. My best friend was in there too and he was high on morphine. He tried to tell me that the teachers were catching on to us, but the 3 kids I dropped with told me he was lying so I calmed down. The teacher put on Waterboy for us to watch but we all sat together and listened to music while I played pokemon on my DS. We had some pretty deep conversations. We talked about how we wished we had all been friends for all of high school instead of the last few months. One of them cried.

    4th block was my study period, so not much happened there. Just listened to music and chilled for about half the period then walked around the school talking to one of the kids I dropped with for the other half.

    That was probably the best day I've ever had at school.

    [–] Worst thing a spotter/trip sitter has done whilst you were high? lukesnofluke 10 points ago in Drugs

    dropped acid at school and my best friend tried to tell me the teachers were catching on

    [–] 5 Tips for Dealers lukesnofluke 0 points ago in Drugs

    first time I bought weed I had to wait in a parking lot for over an hour after he told me he'd be there in 5.

    was some damn good weed tho

    [–] Afroman - Because I Got High[Pop] lukesnofluke 47 points ago in Music

    Used this song as my dramatic reading project for my speech class.

    [–] Day tripping or night tripping? lukesnofluke 1 points ago in LSD

    agreed. I feel like I learn more about myself on night trips

    [–] BAN MEGA THREAD lukesnofluke 1 points ago in thanosdidnothingwrong

    ban me pls I mean me too thanks

    [–] Me while tripping irl lukesnofluke 1 points ago in LSD

    yeah this one just gave me a good fuckin with

    [–] How many trips should I have under my belt before I take big amounts of LSD or Shrooms lukesnofluke 4 points ago in Drugs

    Slowly work your way up, increasing dosage by 50ug and .5 ounces when you feel like you can handle it. Also, make sure you have a friend with you once you start getting into some heavy doses and have a good set and setting.

    Safe travels my guy.

    Edit: Just read the last part. I don't really have advice for "tripping real hard." Don't try to resist the trip but don't try to force it either. Doing these things make it much more likely you'll have a bad trip.

    [–] I hate the way some people say "pills." lukesnofluke 2 points ago in Drugs

    The bigger question is who the fuck is selling a 15 year old lsd

    [–] talked to doctor about LSD use lukesnofluke 1 points ago in Drugs

    Definitely, but while it was happening it sucked. made me realize I need to stop trying to control what happens to me and start controlling how I react to what happens to me. Gave meaning to the phrase "life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it" for me.

    [–] 3400ug Trip Report lukesnofluke -1 points ago in Drugs

    Uber exists for a reason dumbass.

    [–] talked to doctor about LSD use lukesnofluke 2 points ago in Drugs

    Not acid, but Ive gotten to some dark places on shrooms. Got caught in a thought loop where I played out a lot of scenarios in my future. Every single one led me to different jobs/experiences, but the one thing they all had in common was that I was still a depressed fuck that struggled to find true meaning in life. Really scared me for a minute, and was the only time I've felt true fear and anxiety on psychs.