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    [–] MRW Henlo lupask 4 points ago in CatSlaps

    just recently I've been forced to think about what the hell is "chimken"

    [–] B5 Remaster Reencoded - For The Love Of Babylon 5 lupask 1 points ago in babylon5

    seems good :) mind sharing it here? or magnet?

    [–] Sneaky beaky lupask 1 points ago in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    has this doggo ever grown up with cats by any chance

    [–] [Video] Boris went to the Tatra Tea factory. Enjoy! lupask 1 points ago in Slovakia

    he should use some stabiliser on the camera... it's too wobbly :(

    [–] G5S Reteu Updated to 8.1 lupask 2 points ago in MotoG

    well... yes :(

    [–] For an affordable smaller Android phone, the G7 Play might be the perfect package lupask 3 points ago in MotoG

    it's not about the size, but how you use it. with thinner bezels and different aspect ratio it can actually feel smaller. one needs to compare actual dimensions

    [–] Motorola Moto G7 Power review - as good as it gets (and yes it's probably better than the reddits would have you believe) lupask 9 points ago in MotoG

    this ^

    why is everyone so adamant about having all possible specifications at their highest at all costs? what kind of benefit would that bring to everyday's use by a common person?