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    [–] hmmm lutzker 1 points ago in hmmm

    Master Shifu!

    [–] Aw, that's sweet lutzker 3 points ago in Tinder

    I think we found Rosa r/brooklynninenine

    [–] Tried to do a homemade bowl cut lutzker 229 points ago in Justfuckmyshitup

    It actually looks like a penis with a wig from multiple angles

    [–] Butterfly Milk lutzker 10 points ago in wtfstockphotos

    Is this an acceptable image for a stock photo website ?

    [–] How do I get karma? lutzker 12 points ago in needadvice

    I was just giving an example of how to get karma

    [–] I think this also belongs here lutzker 3 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    Am I allowed to be an Israeli and a liberal?

    [–] Possible Angel Inspiration for Prairie’s Story? lutzker 2 points ago in TheOA

    Gina wears this thing in season 4 of Brooklyn 99

    [–] Does this game hurt anyone else's eyes? lutzker 1 points ago in PulsarLostColony

    I just logged into the game first time in 6 months... It seems this game lacks some sort of brightness filter because there seems to be actual brightness from the screen in different lighting situations

    [–] It's not my cake day lutzker 1 points ago in notinteresting

    You're exactly 11 days older than me

    [–] What in demonization lutzker 13 points ago in whatintarnation