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    [–] Well then... m0le 98 points ago in bipolar

    I don't know whether I'd rather see that app give me that message or say "the amount you're spending is normal for you... or an alcoholic elephant"

    [–] I just got back from a work trip in Dubai. m0le 1 points ago in pics

    What's the range on it, and can you fly over buildings? It'd be cool for chases, even without the speed to catch a car directly you could cut them off

    [–] UK government must look into legalising cannabis, says former Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe m0le 1 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Offshore wind is pretty good in the UK, we have a lot of coastline with consistent high winds. Renewables mostly suffer from storage issues, so nuclear would be the best way, but unfortunately we have lost most of our expertise so have to get the plants built by other nations at ridiculous expense.

    [–] Rat jumps off building m0le 730 points ago in WTF

    Cube-square law - the rat is fine.

    [–] New Meds Risperidone m0le 1 points ago in BipolarReddit

    Thats a good reason to change meds yes. I'm kind of alluding to the fact that all psych meds appear to have bucketloads of side effects, and there is no way to guess what you get sadly. It's not usually a reason not to go with a med - it's random each time, like twisted roulette, and can (I believe) even be affected by what other meds you're taking.

    [–] Whats your favourite conversation starter? m0le 2 points ago in AskReddit

    He's not been around this evening, for... some... reason...

    [–] Whats your favourite conversation starter? m0le 1 points ago in AskReddit

    That would explain why you're a bit overdressed

    [–] Whats your favourite conversation starter? m0le 2 points ago in AskReddit

    If its only 1 left, he could never offer other people a cig - the code prevents you from taking the last cig from someone.

    [–] Why couldn't Jess (Travellers) walk? m0le 11 points ago in Parahumans

    I don't think her projections had powers - they could mostly do things (eg spit fire retardant foam) but they did that by using biological methods. Jess went to sleep focusing on the effect she wanted and any other specific bits of biology, and her power sketched in the blanks to make it happen.

    It would make her a good counter to Hatchet Face now I think about it.

    [–] New Meds Risperidone m0le 2 points ago in BipolarReddit

    It didn't do much for me, but didn't have any bad side effects and was easy to taper off, so a no-goal draw I think.

    If you do read up on the side effects, make sure you realise how likely each side effect is to affect you (often listed in the documentation) and tailor your worry level accordingly - eg lithium has shakiness as a side effect that loads of people get, and organ failure as a side effect virtually no-one ever gets that is minimisable by drinking lots.

    Good luck with the meds, if it works first time then fantastic, if not remember it's the start of a journey not an instant fix, and starting is better than staying in a not so great place.

    [–] Traffic in my city (and probably yours) is at a standstill. What would you do if the Council suddenly banned on-road parking to ease congestion? [serious] m0le 1 points ago in AskUK

    I've been doing a reasonable amount of driving over the last few months to buy 2nd hand furniture as I can't afford to furnish a rental with new.

    Hiring a man+van here costs a minimum of £40, which would make it pointless.

    Without cars, more furniture will be sent to landfill and more people will live in shittier circumstances.

    Banning on street parking would make those flats and small houses with parking much more expensive, so the folk who need cheap furniture can't afford to rent a place with parking - catch 22.

    [–] Driving on route 80. Major highway. This is my own repost m0le 7 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Lightning strike? Tree falling? Surprise boulder? Wild animal leaping from the bushes?

    There are lots of cases where no-one is really at fault for damage to car(s). Even insurance, an industry with very little tolerance for shades of grey, recognises that.

    [–] I’m never going to not post this m0le 11 points ago in bipolar

    Looks at clock reading 04:13 Hmm. Looks at gin still, merrily bubbling away Ahh.

    [–] Easy thing that has one step? Mania: let me over think this and add 16 steps. m0le 11 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in bipolar

    I don't usually in mania - I'm a goddamn powerhouse. Sadly, that applies both to job related things (I think; it's been a while) and to self-destructive behaviours.

    In an 8 person house, would you believe you could build consensus for a spa, hot tub and bar to be built in 2 days? It's easy when you pay for everything and can talk at 14.65 miles per minute to convince those people who don't want to see it take up their garden.

    Edit: fuckers are disagreeing with the 3m2 gazebo. We shall fucking see about that.

    Edit2: they can try and fit it in between the trees. Which are 2.2m apart. Then, when they fail, I get to do what I want.

    Edit3: in between cooking some chilli, I have measured the tree gaps. Oh, it's 3am. I suspect there is an element of mania, but there is absolutely no joy. Thanks, meds. (I'm right about the fucking spa though)

    [–] Frankie Boyle on Brexit m0le 1 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Exactly that, yes

    [–] UK's railway stations with most train delays revealed m0le 3 points ago in unitedkingdom

    What I find particularly galling is that this is 68% of trains late using the train companies shitty "its not late until its 10 minutes late" definition, which means you have to build huge amounts of time into your connections.

    [–] My pdoc wants me to go off all of my meds and inpatient m0le 1 points ago in BipolarReddit

    I ramped down 3 one after the other and the last one was 2 weeks of heroin-withdrawal like symptoms with crippling black depression deep enough to need someone around at all times. The idea of doing more, cold turkey, terrifies me though if you're an inpatient they can at least respond very rapidly to issues.

    [–] How are those 'Mon-Fri 8am-6.30pm 2 hours No return for 2 hours' parking rules enforced? m0le 7 points ago in AskUK

    Yes - no return for 2 hours applies whether you parked for 5 mins or an hour - if the warden saw you :)

    [–] me🤔irl m0le 1 points ago in bipolar

    Well, the medication stopped that for me - you can't drink beer on maois. So it's gin instead.