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    [–] UK Companies, why is it so hard for you to hire international graduates m0le 1 points ago in UKJobs

    Experience working as part of a team that includes non-engineers, and dealing with the crap that makes being a professional engineer frustrating. Virtually nothing will ever be done the "best" way, the way you think it should be done, so it's about picking your battles carefully and winning the ones that matter so the product is as good as it can be subject to the other constraints the business is against. Its about being able to prioritise along many axes simultaneously (development time, cost both development and long term, manufacturability, maintainability, patentability, etc, etc).

    The actual engineering side? You will probably know more at the point you graduate than ever again. After that, your knowledge will deepen in a particular area and get much narrower.

    [–] ELI5: How is it that your nose can produce an almost endless amount of snot when you are sick, even after you blow your nose dry? m0le 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    Honestly my noses ability to produce exactly the amount necessary to form one drop on the tip of my nose, instantly replacing it if disturbed but never actually dripping is more annoying.

    [–] UK Companies, why is it so hard for you to hire international graduates m0le 5 points ago in UKJobs

    You're a fresh grad, so as specialist a field as medical robotics is, there isn't much distinguishing you from your peers at the moment.

    People, especially HR people, are fundamentally lazy, and you present an extra few hurdles to jump through for no massive advantages right now :(

    Have you got on the job experience? If not, while you are still a student looking for an internship or collaboration would be sensible - ask your dissertation supervisors if they have any useful industry contacts, as its a fairly small world.

    [–] You are Bonesaw - Endbringer Killing Hybrid? m0le 2 points ago in Parahumans

    I don't think the Endbringers can move transdimensionally, and given the Endbringer truce I can just ask Strider to help out for 1. For 2, it's trivial - I have access to Doormaker and Clairvoyant. For 3, it doesn't much matter as Scion is so ridiculously better at dimension hopping than any alternative.

    [–] Movie logic is now real life logic. How is the world instantly changed? m0le 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Every time I turn on the TV, fire up a news site on the Internet, or pass a newspaper stand, the top story will be incredibly personally relevant and perfectly timed.

    Oh no I have lost my job and need exactly £34,236 by a week on Tuesday or the kidnappers will murder my cousin. Hey, there is a spend-a-week-in-bed competition for the local radio, and 1st prize is £34,236! What an amazing coincidence!

    [–] You are Bonesaw - Endbringer Killing Hybrid? m0le 29 points ago in Parahumans

    1. Unrestricted by ethics, I would take Scrub and jailbreak his shard, then run him like a puppet with a control frame. I'm not sure what the jailbreak would do - could be bigger area, faster shots, more control, whatever. I would try to accelerate his mind for faster shots too. Hybridising with any serious Brute for durability would help, but I could kidnap Othala and force her to help. Or just ask, this is an Endbringer situation after all.

    2. With Cauldron support, I can get hold of Flechette and as Bonesaw I have William Manton. I don't even need to hybrid them. Want to see the Siberian wave an indestructible transdimensional sword the size of a bus through Leviathan?

    3. Challenging. Given his essentially total superiority to all powers, my chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and fear. Surprise, fear and ruthless efficiency.

    Oh, and a willingness to further enrage the planet-exploding God-creature with exceedingly poor impulse control.

    [–] DWP denies Universal Credit foodbank crisis and claims payment delays 'now corrected' m0le 10 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Oh, so they're collecting statistics on food bank usage now are they? No? Then how the fuck can they make that claim. What a bunch of fetid arseholes.

    I know I've been seeing dozens of stories in the press saying "Food bank closes - no demand" and "Everyone is fine, so food is rotting on the shelves in local food bank". Oh, wait, no, it's all "highest demand ever".

    [–] Lawful Neutral MC m0le 1 points ago in WormFanfic

    Very true - fanon has not done him any favours.

    [–] The loudest part of a Royal Mail delivery is them slamming the door to run away after tickling your front door! m0le 1 points ago in britishproblems

    Every delivery company seems to be able to deliver with no hassle to me, with one glaring exception.

    No prizes for guessing it's Yodel. It is bad enough that I will cancel purchases they deliver. Its bad enough that I tried to get my address blacklisted from their service (not possible, apparently, either by asking politely or by being a monumental asshole to their employees).

    [–] The loudest part of a Royal Mail delivery is them slamming the door to run away after tickling your front door! m0le 2 points ago in britishproblems

    I can only assume my postie failed that test they give small children with the shapes and the holes. I can't think of any other explanation for having to regularly collect letter sized parcels from the depot given I have a normal letterbox.

    I actually gave up on Pact coffee (yes, yes, 1st world problems) despite liking the service because I had to drive to collect it every week despite the package being designed to fit neatly through the tiniest of door slots.

    [–] Jobs Available for 'Ninjas' Up 2,505% Since 2006 m0le 6 points ago in nottheonion

    Pfft, I was writing TensorFlow code as a fetus in the 1980s. Keep up! :D

    [–] Jobs Available for 'Ninjas' Up 2,505% Since 2006 m0le 1 points ago in nottheonion

    JavaScript Escorts needed for new startup in Shoreditch.

    Experience being fucked long and hard by sweaty middle management is an advantage, but on the job training is very much available.

    [–] UK 'has secret cocaine addiction and drug is used everywhere' - major study suggests - Experts say cocaine use in the UK is much greater than previously thought after thousands of drug users admitted taking the Class A drug on a regular basis, Sky News can exclusively reveal. m0le 5 points ago in worldnews

    Yeah, before legal highs no-one was taking drugs.

    Hahaha hahaha.

    • 60s: weed - chill, man. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

    • 70s: enough LSD to float a ship (how else can you explain the fashions?)

    • 80s: cocaine - greed is good

    • 90s: Es are good, Es are good (he's Ebenezer Goode). Aceeeeeed.

    • 00s: Don't trip over the asshole in the K-hole.

    • 10s: M-cat et al, the plant food legal highs