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    [–] Giuliani is Totally Reliant on Bill Barr’s Crooked DOJ macemillion 1 points ago in politics

    Fucking worthless democrats who voted to confirm this POS, what were they expecting? I could have told them that all of this terrible shit was going to happen. We need to stop giving conservatives the benefit of the doubt. If we give them an inch they will always take a mile.

    [–] Why does live music sound like shit the majority of the time? macemillion 1 points ago in audioengineering

    Are sound people in your area paid decently? Because I think that is the number 1 issue around here. They're all paid dick, which is why I got out of it and got a day job in IT. So you get a lot of people who are put into somewhat high profile positions not because they're the best, but because they can talk themselves up. The venues and the promoters don't really care how it sounds because there's no competition; there aren't a lot of venues around town so it's not like people will stop going to shows just because the sound sucks there.

    So everyone who can afford to run sound must either absolutely love it (I've met one or two of these people), but more likely they're bitter, failed musicians who can't hold down a steady day job and have drug and alcohol problems.

    This is the only thing that makes it make sense that it sounds like shit around here, because anyone who's halfways good is going to get the hell out. I've never worked anywhere else but I have a cousin who was a fancy personal chef out in southern california and he worked on some TV shows and with some really high profile people and (I don't know how true it is but this is what he told me) he told me that it's so saturated and gigs pay so poorly out there that audio people are often doing things for free just to get their foot in the door, or getting paid minimum wage.

    Are you saying that live sound doesn't sound like shit the majority of the time in your area, as this thread is suggesting? I've never worked anywhere else but I have traveled a bit and I've spent time in New Orleans and Nashville watching a lot of live bands and not one of those shows I saw had sound that was anything to write home about. I just assumed it sucked everywhere.

    [–] Why does live music sound like shit the majority of the time? macemillion 1 points ago in audioengineering

    I'll just straight up tell you that it's Fargo, ND. It's cold, there are no good locations for outdoor events even if it weren't cold. There's one big outdoor festival every year that's about an hour east of us and the company I worked for would run that every year but that was one gig and they would only need 3 or 4 techs to do it. The biggest outdoor show I've done was maybe 1000 people. The club I used to run sound in that I mentioned was 450 capacity but they closed a few years back. The one I run sound in every once in a while now is only 200-300 capacity I think.

    People don't want to come to fargo. We are the biggest city between minneapolis and seattle, so there's a lot of driving on both sides of us and not a lot of scenery. Also when I was talking about FOH engineers being assholes I didn't mean they were assholes when they showed up at my venue and saw the room. It's been my experience that most of them are assholes regardless of what venue we're in. Most of the guys I used to work with were assholes, and that had nothing to do with the venues I worked in or the system or any of that, so you have me pretty perplexed. In my years doing production stuff I've spent a lot of time doing stuff other than mixing too, I've just loaded and unloaded stuff all over, rigged up truss and lights and crap like that, you name it. And some of that was in really nice venues with great systems, and those sound techs were always huge assholes. Maybe it is the city or the part of the country, I've never lived and worked anywhere else so I have no clue, I only know what I've experienced but they all think they're so great and just like everyone else in the world I think they could use a little less confidence and a little more humility. And you know what, I'd be fine with it if they sounded great, but as the very existence of this thread confirms: they mix like shit.

    [–] Incorporating Melodic Minor macemillion 2 points ago in guitarlessons

    Maaan, guitar lessons are supposed to help me get better, not make me want to quit! Seriously though, good work!

    [–] Why does live music sound like shit the majority of the time? macemillion 2 points ago in audioengineering

    Little clubs in a big town/little city or however you want to look it it, where the headliner would show up two hours before the show because they were on the road from their last show and the opening bands were locals. Sure, sometimes we'd get a whole tour package with openers touring with the headliner, or sometimes the headliner would show up at like noon and want to soundcheck right away but that was very rare. I don't know why you'd assume I'm lying just because you've had a different experience. Why would you assume the rooms I'm talking about are "extremely shitty"? Do you want me to give you a gear rundown? Tell you exactly what dimensions the rooms were? Yeah I used to work for the largest production company within 200 miles, which isn't saying a lot. Why would that automatically guarantee that I would have mixed outside more than a few times? Like I said initially in my previous post, I wouldn't consider myself a great sound person and I don't have a lot of technical knowledge, so why would I be the point person for the bigger shows? I only did them when the other guys who thought their shit didn't stink were busy. The largest show I've ever done by myself was probably 3000 people but it was indoors on a vertec system and it sounded amazing. The next show I saw there was pure feedback the whole time, some of the worst sound I've ever experienced. I used to own a system that we put in a local club and I ran sound there anywhere between 2 and 5 nights per week for over 2 years, and that isn't counting what I did for corporate gigs/political rallies/school events during the day when I worked for that production company or any of the side gigs I'd do on my own. Between all of that I've ran sound for literally over a thousand bands/artists and if you don't believe me I don't really care, I don't have anything to prove like it seems most "sound people" do.

    [–] Less money less hours more happy? macemillion 2 points ago in careerguidance

    For a couple of years I was working about 60 hours per week and it wasn't sustainable. Something had to break and eventually it did and I just quit my day job without having anything lined up because I just couldn't take it anymore. They could have been paying me 7 figures and I wouldn't have been able to keep it up much longer, I had no life and the first thing I wanted to do as soon as I got home every day was chug a bottle of whiskey. I now make less money per hour and only work 40 hours per week but my god is it better. My quality of live has improved well beyond anything money could buy me.

    I honestly don't understand why people are so driven by money. Time is money, and my personal time is worth a lot more to me than any job is willing to pay. What's the point in even living if you're going to be miserable? We only have one life and we could be snuffed out at any minute, enjoy it while it lasts.

    [–] Why does live music sound like shit the majority of the time? macemillion 3 points ago in audioengineering

    I really don't get it though, because it's NOT like a posh couple in a back alley pizza shop. They're not the consumers, they're the employees and it's their JOB to make it sound good no matter what. It blows my mind. I work in IT now, and could you imagine if I got to say "nah, I just don't feel like doing my job because the specs on this PC is bullshit"?? I'd be fired so fucking fast... honestly I think the biggest cause of this is (and it's a bit of a vicious cycle) is that sound techs are usually paid like shit. You're not going to find quality people if the pay isn't there, you're going to find people who have substance abuse and/or emotional problems and people who couldn't otherwise hold down a steady day job. It takes a weird sort of person to want to travel all the time and work nights and weekends for little pay. I used to run sound full time but I quit and got a job in IT because it paid so much better and didn't require nights and weekends, and every other sound person I know who was worth their weight has done the same.

    [–] Why does live music sound like shit the majority of the time? macemillion 2 points ago in audioengineering

    There are bands in almost any genre who sound like shit and act like assholes, but in my experience they are actually few and far between. Their existence certainly doesn't justify the prevalence of terrible sound out there.

    [–] Why does live music sound like shit the majority of the time? macemillion 1 points ago in audioengineering

    I don't understand how any of that matters though. I have been running sound for the past 15 years or so, but I live in a pretty small "city" so I've only gotten the chance to run sound outdoors a few times. It's always seemed to me like "pro" sound engineers are spoiled. I've ran sound for so many small bands and cover bands in any kind of shitty room with any kind of PA and I can make it sound good almost anywhere, and I'm no pro or expert. I used to work for a production company that covered most of the large events in our area and I've worked as FOH tech in a couple of clubs where we'd get national bands coming through and I've noticed that most of the touring sound techs have such shitty attitudes. They have this attitude like if the room and system aren't perfect that they don't even want to try, and so it's no surprise to me that they sound like shit. I've had so many national bands come through who were going to use their touring FOH tech only to ask me to run sound instead after hearing me sound check the opening bands, and it wasn't because I had insane skills or was some kind of audio genius or because I intimately knew the room or the system, I could have made them sound that good in almost any room on almost any system. I think most live sound engineers I've met want to blame everything for shitty sound except themselves.

    [–] Why does live music sound like shit the majority of the time? macemillion 2 points ago in audioengineering

    As someone who runs live sound I have also wondered why live sound sucks so much. In the little club that I run sound at, as long as the band themselves doesnt sound like shit, the show will sound better than 99% of any shows that I pay to see where there's a "professional" sound person who is touring with the band or whatever, and I just don't get it. I barely try and am no expert by any means, and it sounds great. The last show that I paid to go to that actually sounded good was Paul Simon a couple of years ago.

    [–] 11,000 Kurds died fighting ISIS and now the US is abandoning them — who will help America next time? macemillion 2 points ago in politics

    How exactly can we ever "disentangle" from the Middle East when some other asshole like Russia or China will just step in the fill the void? There will always be a hegemon, just depends who that will be.

    [–] Billie Eilish is 17 but she looks like a 40 year old aunt macemillion 2 points ago in 13or30

    Lol yeah sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm old now and she should get off my damn lawn.

    [–] The Year 2006 Starter Pack macemillion 1 points ago in starterpacks

    Holy moly I don’t recognize a lot of that stuff, looks like my 2006 was very different.

    [–] Billie Eilish is 17 but she looks like a 40 year old aunt macemillion 1 points ago in 13or30

    Are her nosebleeds in her videos real too? How am I supposed to know where she draws the line with that other shit she's wearing?

    [–] Billie Eilish is 17 but she looks like a 40 year old aunt macemillion 1 points ago in 13or30

    Why does she dress like she’s homeless? Also please tell me that orthopedic boot she’s wearing is because she’s injured and not because of some gross fashion statement.

    [–] another brick in the wall macemillion 0 points ago in pics

    So what you're saying is... you need at least some thought control?

    [–] Sorry macemillion 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Why do people take offense to a honk? It’s there to get your attention, that’s what it’s made for. If you’re not paying attention and someone honks that’s perfectly fine and normal.

    [–] For those of you who have seen success with scheduled time off in lifting, what are the signs/symptoms you look for in determining that you need a week off? macemillion 3 points ago in Fitness

    If that's your only hobby then you need to get another one, that's not healthy. I love working out, but that's like saying that eating is your only hobby... you have to take care of your mind too, not just your body.

    [–] Most of Reddit does not know what the terms "Socialist" "Communist" and "Fascist" really mean. macemillion 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Eh I dunno, I’d say those words have gone way beyond their original meanings and have taken on almost entirely new ones, and I’m fine with it. I went to school for history and political science so I know the definitions of those words, but I still use them loosely because everyone else does. It’s just a colloquialism at this point, like calling someone an asshole. Obviously you’re not saying that person is a literal anus.

    [–] Was there a Government where Corporations and Businesses were in Control? macemillion 4 points ago in history

    Yeah, wasn't it a lot of their military leadership who felt they needed the war only after the US cut off their oil supply? Without US oil, they couldn't even hope to continue their regional escapades and their only hope was to knock out our pacific fleet in the hopes we would sue for peace and resume oil exports. At least that's how I've understood it

    [–] Did the Romans ever exile an entire populace again like they did to the Jews in Palestine? macemillion 1 points ago in history

    It's taught in churches because it's just one of the many historically inaccurate things in the bible, but the Jews weren't forced out. Some left voluntarily, some assimilated, and some are still there.