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    [–] On the left was mother in 1980. Now in 2014, her daughter. madgoat 1 points ago in PastAndPresentPics

    Other than being a picture of 2 girls, I mean it could have been any of a number of young girls on the right in that pose with long hair...

    [–] Don't be a door holder madgoat 1 points ago in ottawa

    I don't see a fedora on his head, also doubt they'd do PR using an incel, do you know him, and know for a fact he's an incel?

    [–] Don't be a door holder madgoat 1 points ago in ottawa

    I've seen people in NYC run down the escalator jam the door open with their arm... You know what happens? The doors all open, the guy gets in, the speakers say "Please stand clear of the doors", then the doors close again. Train drives off.

    [–] Don't be a door holder madgoat 2 points ago in ottawa

    No way, Karen made these placards... Because it's your fault the doors are flawed.

    [–] Don't be a door holder madgoat 1 points ago in ottawa

    Change human behaviour for thousands of riders, or fix a seriously flawed door system on a couple dozen train cars? Much easier and cost effective to do the latter.

    [–] Don't be a door holder madgoat 2 points ago in ottawa

    Why do our doors suck so much? In NYC the doors get pushed open repeatedly and without fail, they close again, then the train goes on its merry way.

    [–] Rant: forced tutorials madgoat 3 points ago in AndroidGaming

    Tutorials guarantee that you’ll blow some “gems” early in game and hopefully buy more through IAP.

    [–] Got my first lock picking set today, any advice? madgoat 3 points ago in lockpicking

    Advice is to junk that set, and get some Sparrows (Maybe their Tuxedo kit)

    [–] Imagine finding out about this madgoat 13 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    Well no, but, if I blew up, I wouldn't have Alzheimers anymore... So, it does cure it.

    [–] New to Canada madgoat 1 points ago in ottawajobsearch

    It might be that some companies have Manager designation for what some other companies designate as a director ... Many of these titles are fluid in pay and responsibility.

    I know my previous IT Director made ~$96,000 And the one that took his place made ~$85,000

    [–] New to Canada madgoat 2 points ago in ottawajobsearch

    That's a very nice Manager pay. It's on par with a director pay in most local private IT joints. Most managers will get 80-90K

    [–] With KitBoga at Twitchcon! madgoat 1 points ago in Kitboga

    So what is "twitchcon"? is that like some sort of comicon, but with meet and greets of people you've never heard of?

    [–] The good, The bad and The useless? madgoat 1 points ago in lockpicking

    All useless except that music wire tension rod .. I literally threw the entire kit in the garbage 2 days after getting it, the same day my sparrows came in.

    The metal sucks, they're way too thick mine ranged from .026 to .030

    [–] Abus 80ti/50: Another first open today, I'm on a roll! madgoat 2 points ago in lockpicking

    The 80ti/50 has such a satisfying opening sound to it. I pick t for fun once a night, just for that sound.

    [–] Friendly Fire? madgoat 17 points ago in Instantregret

    That entire site... It seems like a right wing / Incel version of the Onion.


    Including site

    [–] Is it worth to buy a controller before seeing the full list of controller compatible games for Apple Arcade? madgoat 1 points ago in AppleArcade

    On the Apple TV ? Last year, MS has deprecated Minecraft on Apple TV because "no one plays" on the apple TV .. I'd hope with real controller support, they might revisit it. However, I doubt they'd ever put Minecraft in Arcade, I doubt they could because of its IAP, and subscription component.

    PE still gets updated and I play it every so often.

    [–] 24 Hours! madgoat 3 points ago in Kitboga

    I first logged into twitch on the day he started that call ... Fun way to be introduced to his stream.

    But man, twitch is so bad, it seems like it's all people playing games, not enough of this kind of content.

    [–] Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer on social justice. Who do you want your prime minister to be for the next few years? madgoat 2 points ago in onguardforthee

    I want a Liberal government, just not Trudeau. If only May had more clout and more drive behind her.

    Frankly with Trudeau in, I just want a minority Lib gov't with NDP as opposition and enough Green in there to push the cons to be unable to have a voice.