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    [–] Episode 5x03 to 5x06 titles magikarpcatcher 1 points ago in FlashTV

    We already knew the titles for 501 and 502, tho...

    [–] [NA] Long Range Tracking: ‘Venom’ Revisited — Could It Set A New October Record? magikarpcatcher 3 points ago in boxoffice

    Opening Weekend Range: $55 – 85 million

    Highly doubt it reaches 85M.

    Also don't see A Star is Born getting 4.67x multiple.

    [–] [NA] Crazy Rich Asians opens to an estimated $5m Wednesday magikarpcatcher 8 points ago in boxoffice

    A little down from Deadline's 6M projection, but still doing good. I am positive it good WOM will help it from Friday-Sunday.