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    [–] Finding someone my height 6'2" magimack 5 points ago in gaybros

    We are. 6'2" here. 6'0" and up is pretty common.

    [–] Naughty Dog Sexual Harassment Allegations Emerge magimack 1 points ago in PS4

    Does it matter, really? Doesn‘t change a thing!

    [–] Woman who helped end federal gay marriage ban dies at age 88 magimack 57 points ago in gaybros

    Great woman. Thank you so much for your fight and victory. We'll remember you and we'll honor what you helped us to achieve. It's people like you I'm wishing for that there's a heaven.

    [–] AI program can predict if someone is gay from their pictures magimack 2 points ago in gaybros

    Pretty neat for dating if they start including it in the next Google Glass. Just kidding, it's horrifying. But maybe neat. Mostly horrifying.

    [–] gay dating scene described in one picture magimack 5 points ago in gaybros

    This is so adorable I'm gonna cry... no, not really, I'm mentally jacking off to the thought of these two in action, but it's really sweet.

    [–] How to pronounce German Car Names magimack 1 points ago in videos

    This is how we talk when we're angry. People leading armies into battle are usually angry. It is nützlich.

    [–] "Everything is Free" a gay movie by Brian Jordan Alvarez. Thought you guys may like this. magimack 43 points ago in gaybros

    It's great to see these people again and I really don't want to be negative, because there's a ton of work and talent involved and I enjoyed most of it, but to me it fell apart at the end. I'd recommend subscribing to his channel anyway because this guy is going places. It's not a great movie, but it's a good watch. Also, Freckle.

    [–] Piggybacking off of askreddit, what are your horror "meet the dad" situations? magimack 25 points ago in gaybros

    In a way, yes. They really liked me and I was there a lot. Sorry for weird grammar though, foreigner here.

    [–] Piggybacking off of askreddit, what are your horror "meet the dad" situations? magimack 114 points ago in gaybros

    I met his mum first who was great, smart and strong woman, very down to earth. My bf told her weeks before that he was gay. We talked for a bit and then we went to his room. What I didn't know is that his dad didn't know anything. He wasn't supposed to be there at all but he came home early and his wife told him that his son had his first boyfriend over and that he should be nice and... anyway, we heard someone rushing up the stairs and suddenly there's this man standing in the room shouting about suing me and that I'm corrupting his son and that I need to get out immediately and never return because otherwise he'd get violent. My bf is in tears, screaming how he's ruining everything and he's a monster and that I definitely will stay. But I get up and I'm on my way out when the mom appears besides her husband and shouts "STOP!" and we all freeze. She turns to her husband and with a voice so soft that it still makes my hairs stand up says: "If magimack leaves now, I'm filing for divorce." There's a room full of silence. He stares at her, stares at me, stares at his son and then leaves without having said another word. The mom smiles at us, sighs and, on her way out, turns to me and says: "Dinner in an hour. You're staying for the night!" There was a lot of shouting downstairs in the next hour and one thing I remember is her shouting "At least try to get to know him, he's a nice guy! Way nicer than this bitch of a fake girlfriend he brought for christmas!" The dinner itself was awkward but his dad tried to have a conversation and he apologized, said that he overreacted and that he doesn't want me to think he's a bad guy. Two hours later we're taking turns playing Uncharted on his PS3 and a few weeks later, us playing together being a regular thing now, he's suddenly in tears, telling me that he's really happy he finally has someone to play games with and that he's proud his son brought me home. But boy did I crap my pants when he threatened me. Nice guy though. Btw they divorced a year later.

    [–] Elizabeth Debicki Replaces Eva Green as Virginia Woolf in Lesbian Romance 'Vita & Virginia' magimack 18 points ago in movies

    She's naked and that's a sight to behold, Green is stunningly beautiful. But she's also menacing as fuck and that's talent. Whenever Eva Green got naked on this show, shit was about to get real. I came for the boobies and stayed for the haunting presence she dominated every scene with. I hope she gets more quality roles that give her the chance to pull out her acting guns.

    [–] Came out to my mom whilst drunk.. magimack 12 points ago in gaybros

    Dude... there's a place for bitching and right now it's somewhere fucking else! Go find it!

    [–] Out of all the video games, who is the ONE guy you would most like to have sex with? magimack 7 points ago in gaymers

    First thought: If I type Pyramid Head real quick and hit send, no one will notice. Second thought: Nathan Drake.

    [–] Atari wants to set a ‘new standard’ in LGBT gaming [x-post from /r/LGBTQnews] magimack 2 points ago in gaymers

    That's nice. I hope something interesting comes out of it. Unfortunately "Pridefest" was a boring and buggy mess at release and pushed way too hard for IAPs. Also constantly throwing parades to spread the gaybourhood felt a bit weird, if this would be real it'd be fun for two weeks and then it'd be hell. I'm sure there are better concepts out there for a LGBT-themed mobile game.

    [–] New Japanese version of JUSTICE LEAGUE poster ! magimack -1 points ago in movies

    I mean, Ezra Miller really is a handsome being, but my first thought looking at him on the poster was "Who's the hot chick?" Maybe it's the photo but it looks a bit like they went too far with Photoshop on him.

    [–] There's only one thing about the PSN Store that really bothers me - You can't rent movies/series in English when you're living in another country magimack 13 points ago in PS4

    This. I rarely watch synchronized movies or TV shows, I can't stand german synchronization. I'd rent stuff on PSN more often if I had the chance to watch it in english.

    [–] If at all, how did people treat you differently after you became fit? magimack 3 points ago in askgaybros

    I get a lot of messages on apps from people who ignored me before and who suddenly compliment me on my "great personality" and would like to get to know me because I'm "such a great guy". That's weird. I really like what I've become but I don't enjoy how it changed dating for me. I met way more interesting and generally well-rounded people when I was overweight. It made me appear on the radar of people I never needed in my life and now I have to sort through them. Some people might find all of this wonderful. I don't. So I spend more time working out instead of meeting guys.

    [–] Tell me about the first date with the guy you're seeing magimack 71 points ago in gaybros

    I wanted to suck a dick and he wanted his dick sucked so we met and somehow we ended up talking about his dead alcoholic father instead for three hours. So we met again because there still was dick to be sucked but this time ended up talking about cooking and writing. The third time we met he got out of the car, stumbled and sprained his ankle, so we sat in the hospital and talked about sucking dick and cats and he asked me to visit him in his weekend home. There I finally sucked his dick and it was awesome.