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    [–] Official Discussion: Call Me By Your Name [SPOILERS] magimack 2 points ago in movies

    Such a beautiful, tender and honest movie with all this talent coming together and creating something special. What a beautiful experience!

    [–] I can't believe I did that magimack 6 points ago in gaybros

    Don‘t be too hard on yourself. I understand that this weights heavy on you but you don‘t know how it turned out. Maybe the cat was found and is now already back from a vet. Often accidents leave you in shock and almost passive, not thinking like yourself and unable to act beyond immediate solutions and it’s only later when you kind of wake up and know what you really should have done. This is natural, it’s human. But you cared enough to go back and you would‘ve helped, it immediately came to you once you had a moment to think about it. This shows what kind of person you are. You weren’t fully yourself in that moment. But now that you are, don’t judge yourself because you didn‘t think something through during an accident, that wouldn’t be fair. I know this doesn’t change much for you, I‘ve been in similar situations. But it is important that you acknowledge your effort and that you care.

    [–] I can't believe I did that magimack 14 points ago in gaybros

    Well, life isn‘t all dicks and politics and hobbies. I don’t mind.

    [–] Batman wearing Robins costume. magimack 7 points ago in DCcomics

    No, it‘s not. Not. At. All.

    [–] gay_irl magimack 13 points ago in gay_irl

    Found the Power Bottom.

    [–] gay_irl magimack 10 points ago in gay_irl

    Don’t get us started on him.

    [–] I am so happy that I finally got the 2018 medal! magimack 1 points ago in AppleWatch

    Glad for you. I got mine in december somehow and though I would’ve earned it for me it takes away the accomplishment. It‘s great to get one when you‘ve actually worked for it.

    [–] Adam Rippon Is U.S.'s First Openly Gay Man To Qualify For Winter Olympics magimack -13 points ago in gaybros

    That man qualified for the Olympics and has probably spend most of his life working hard to achieve this and... „He‘s hot“? Really? That‘s what you recognize?

    [–] Have I gotten fitter or lazier or is my Watch messing with me? magimack 1 points ago in AppleWatch

    It‘s ridiculous. I was able to close my rings after a workday with a 70 minute walk but since the update and with the same goals as before I need to walk at least 120 minutes to get even close and just yesterday I spent three hours walking and the damn rings just wouldn‘t close. Got my achievement halfway through and also the notification that I would soon get my monthly achievement for January, but the counter said I wasn‘t even there yet for the day and the rings closed painfully slow. It‘s very frustrating. I need to lower my goals so I won‘t lose my achievements. I rebooted both devices multiple times and nothing changed. So you‘re not alone.

    [–] Deaf man finds out he's going to be a dad. magimack 1 points ago in wholesomegifs

    Best thing, he‘s not gonna yell at his kid!

    [–] Critisism of your favorite game magimack 1 points ago in PS4

    Absolutely. My eyes still hurt.

    [–] AutoSleep: How accurate is it for you? magimack 1 points ago in AppleWatch

    I find it pretty good but I can‘t get over the fact that it often tells me that often I‘ve been awake at night for around 15 minutes and outside of the bed. Which I know nothing about.

    [–] Timothee Chalamet’s Brilliant Portrayal of Adolescence in CALL ME BY YOUR NAME magimack 31 points ago in movies

    There is a beauty and innocence to this movie that isn‘t real but is felt as real and that makes it outstanding. It captures a moment in adolescence that isn‘t lived, but experienced. This isn‘t real life but how life feels at its most intense, feelings and character shaping and life defining moments that are in reality just mundane moments. It puts to film a magic that gets lost the older you get. This movie didn‘t remind me of how it was but how pure and deep and literally wonderful it felt. It‘s not just a really beautiful and good movie, this is art. All the performances are great but Timothée Chalamet is fantastic. I hear he‘s as good in „Lady Bird“ as he is in this and I can‘t wait to see more of him.

    [–] Anyone else not attracted to muscle/built guys ? magimack 6 points ago in gaybros

    Try it. For me it‘s like Champagne. Always wanted to drink some, finally drank some and discovered I like beer.

    [–] Anyone else not attracted to muscle/built guys ? magimack 13 points ago in gaybros

    This. It was nice to look at them but there wasn‘t anything soft about their bodies and up to this point I hadn‘t known I enjoy that. It felt like a thin layer of skin stretched over bags of potatoes. I always imagined it would feel great to touch a really ripped body but for me it didn‘t, it felt weird and... not really like a human body. Both of my experiences were really good looking guys but that was it, they LOOKED good and that was all. And I‘ve also noticed that they kind of lacked skill and effort. It‘s like they had always achieved hot sex just by turning their partners on through looks alone and with me that didn’t work so it fell flat. There‘d been great chemistry before but once we were naked it just vanished, at least for me. Also, these guys were hot, but not only because of their looks, they radiated heat. I guess it’s the muscles. I stayed over night with the first one and couldn’t sleep because I was sweating with him next to me, crawling up in his sleep to cuddle. It was sweet and he was really sweet, but no. To each his own but I‘ll take normal, healthy bodies over perfect magazine cover typed anytime.

    [–] Gal Gadot without makeup magimack 5 points ago in pics

    I‘m trying to imagine a straight guy bragging about fucking Jason Momoa and all his jock friends are like „Woah dude!“ and high fiving... and it works.

    [–] What’s your January challenge? magimack 8 points ago in AppleWatch

    367km this month. I‘ve reached 356,5km last month so that‘s a piece of cake. I started last year as a depressive and overweight couch potato who tried to avoid every unnecessary step. I got my S3 in November and have closed every ring since then. I‘ve lost weight like crazy and I feel great, I‘ve not been better in ten years. Still can‘t believe what insane changes this little device triggered in me. It‘s still unbelievable to me and I can‘t wait to see what it‘ll help me achieve in 2018.

    [–] "The humans back!" magimack 1 points ago in aww

    First reddit link I clicked in 2018. That year‘s gonna be good!

    [–] What Should We Make of Call Me by Your Name’s Age-Gap Relationship? magimack 9 points ago in movies

    We’ve been trough this. We shouldn‘t make a big deal out of it because it isn‘t. It‘s a different age of consent in Italy, the characters are 17 and 24. Also, have you seen the movie? It‘s actuall a really beautiful and sweet love story and the two characters treat each other with the uttermost respect.

    [–] Any NSFW gay apps for android? magimack 9 points ago in gaymers

    Isn‘t that this game with all the torsos where you have to find out which one is the cute cashier at the store? The one where it‘s all about masks or something like that?

    [–] Reminder that in 2006 David Lynch campaigned for Laura Dern's Oscar nomination on a street corner with a live cow magimack 100 points ago in movies

    I admire how David Lynch accomplishes being absurd, outrageous, hilarious, creepy and shocking, sometimes a few things at once, while always being classy and respectable. I wouldn‘t want him living in my house but I‘d trust him with my child.