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    [–] What is the most confusing movie you have ever watched? magimack 13 points ago in movies

    The Congress. I‘m still not sure if I really saw that movie and all that I remember really happened or if some ninja put a hell lot of psychedelic drugs in my drink and I was tripping balls soon after Robin Wright sells her persona to a company and gets scanned to be used in future films. This movie was a ride unlike any I‘ve ever been on. Found a trailer for those who always wanted to know what LSD is like but are afraid to try it:

    [–] Great lad indeed magimack 2 points ago in teenagers

    Every goddamn thread!

    [–] [Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic][$9.99 -> $4.99] magimack 7 points ago in AppHookup

    I still want the second one so bad even though I know that’s unlikely to happen ever. Never got around playing them before but I always have my iPad with me. So when KOTOR dropped for iOS I completed it within days and I want to play KOTOR2 on my iPad as well. I bought it on the AppStore but I want it dor iOS.

    [–] Dad ends son’s basketball career in 17 seconds magimack 2 points ago in funny

    Dude, I‘m gay and I‘m foreign, as I‘ve said before. And nothing made my day like this. My life hasn‘t been all peaches and rainbows in the past and shit like this is something wholesome I‘m really not accustomed to and it feels great. Don‘t rain on my parade, I haven’t taken anything from you.

    [–] Dad ends son’s basketball career in 17 seconds magimack 10 points ago in funny

    Sorry, I‘m foreign and english is my second language. Honest question, if I write spectrum in a LGBTQ context is it misleading because the term spectrum is generally associated with only the autism spectrum and if so, could I write LGBTQ spectrum instead or is there a better term for that?

    [–] Dad ends son’s basketball career in 17 seconds magimack 80 points ago in funny

    Exactly. It‘s moments like this where I can feel why and how representation matters. First I was surprised that the highest rated quality comment was inclusive, then I read that comment three times looking for the degradation I am accustomed to. I don‘t think any post on reddit today will make me feel better than this one has. It‘s hard to explain to people not on the spectrum how powerful a throwaway comment like this can be.

    [–] Been watching some newer space movies. How do you feel about these, and what others would you recommend? magimack 6 points ago in movies

    They are changing course to answer a distress signal with a giant ship, an ice hauler, full of workers that‘s out in the asteroid belt collecting ice for the inner planets, Earth and, in the process of being terraformed, Mars. To not die from the centrifugal forces while decelerating and accelerating hard in the scene they’re getting infused with chemicals.

    I think the scene is within the first 20 minutes of the show, I don‘t want to spoil anything. I was actually looking for another scene, the first approach of a space station in the show, but I couldn’t find it. This was the next best thing to show that it‘s a show in space that has quite good CGI. It‘s very character driven, but also has a damn good epic central story that gets bigger and bigger. It‘s not a story of the week-show. And they‘re trying to approach this sci fi setting with mostly realistic physics, similar to Interstellar but with more grit, which is very popular amongst fans and is refreshing to see as well as sometimes surprising, because you‘ve never thought about these things, like the danger of internal bleeding in zero gravity for example.

    Give it a try.

    [–] Been watching some newer space movies. How do you feel about these, and what others would you recommend? magimack 7 points ago in movies

    Read the books! They are really good and work well side by side with the show. And then, when you‘ve finished all seven books so far in about two weeks, join us nice people in our agony over at r/Theexpanse while we wait for book eight. You have no idea what‘s ahead and how awesome/horrible/awesome everything gets!

    [–] My brother broke his wrist and took the opportunity to take after our lord Thanos magimack 7 points ago in thanosdidnothingwrong

    Wait... where‘s the comment about the guy that broke both of his arms and had this very loving mother?

    [–] Hands down, the best feature of my AppleWatch is... magimack 4 points ago in AppleWatch

    getting my lazy ass off the sofa because the red ring isn‘t closed yet. I have almost 300 days in a row now and I lost 80 pounds. Love it!

    [–] Been watching some newer space movies. How do you feel about these, and what others would you recommend? magimack 28 points ago in movies

    Dude, you NEED to watch „The Expanse“. As you may know, it‘s not a movie but a TV show and as you may not know, it‘s fantastic and has so much space stuff in it that I’ve never seen before. Just take a look at one scene from the very first episode, a flip and burn.

    [–] The Mysterious Rise & Fall of Josh Hartnett magimack 4 points ago in movies

    I take Backstreet Boys leftovers over Justin Bieber leftovers any day.

    [–] Geralt Deaged - thought you guys would like that, I know I do... magimack 4 points ago in gaymers

    Scars are tattoos life gave you. They certainly tell more honest stories of overcoming or even surviving something than some pretty tattoo. I rather like them. I‘ve forgotten most of the features the bodies of my ex had, but I remember their scars and the stories behind them. They made them unique.

    [–] The Cards Against Humanity booth at Gen Con is also registering people to vote magimack 3 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Asking the important questions here. I‘d probably wear these things one evening and then for weeks in a fancy weelchair.

    [–] Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race Extended TRAILER (2019) Nazis Dinosaurs Movie HD magimack -3 points ago in movies

    This looks far more entertaining than Jurassic Whatever. At least it‘s trash on purpose, that always leaves room for enough self awareness to be delightfully over the top.

    [–] An NHL player was interviewed about supporting LGBT community in a generally homophobic sport and /r/hockey is having a really positive discussion about it! magimack 3 points ago in gaybros

    Threads like these, where people not within the spectrum have a down to earth and positive discussion about these topics, make me hopeful and anytime it happens I have this urge to thank each and everyone there for... essentially being a decent human being. It touches me that minds are changing and this always proves how much I‘ve been hurt in the past because I‘m different. I would have never been a professional player, I don’t have that in me, but I know the toxicity of sports has kept me away from team sports. Hopefully it‘s going to be different for future generations. On a side note, I have the impression that hockey in general is much more open minded and has a more positive attitude towards LGBT people than for example soccer.

    [–] 🔥 FIRNADO 🔥 magimack 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    It’s always weird seeing something like that. I mean, I see it and I know what it is and how it works, but I can’t imagine how it feels like living where this is possible. I‘m from Germany and we don‘t have that kind of catastrophies. No giant spiders, snakes or scorpions, no poisonous whatever except a few rare plants, no earthquakes, no volcanos, no tornados, occasionally we have storms and floodings but they’re nothing compared to floddings in other parts of the world. Right now we have a drought and there are dangerous forest fires in Greece but that‘s another country, it‘s thousands of kilometers from where I live. It‘s scary seeing a fire tornado and knowing it‘s not some CGI stuff from an over the top Roland Emmerich movie but a real thing somewhere.

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