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    [–] No homo? magimack 21 points ago in Tinder

    Well, double the chance. And he‘s got a point. But as a gay dude I MIGHT be biased.

    [–] What image or scene from a children's movie/show did you find disturbing? magimack 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Why did I have to scroll down to find this title? This movie scarred me. It damaged at least a generation of kids whose parents thought their children would be watching an animated film with cute little rabbits only to find their offspring horrified when the cute little bunny movie turns into a violent carnage and the cute little bloodstained bunnies start killing each other.

    [–] A closer look at the screaming bear from Annihilation magimack 9 points ago in movies

    That thing was fucked up. I can‘t remember the last time I have been so scared of something in a movie. Great, frightening monster design, even seen like this. But the „scream“ made it brillant. I‘m a grown ass man and I got actual nightmares from it.

    [–] Lost In Space - Series Premiere Discussion magimack 2 points ago in television

    I don‘t have Stargate anymore, Farscape is just a wonderful memory at this point, Star Trek Discovery was weird and The Orville not weird enough although entertaining, so I take it and I like it. It‘s borderline stupid but really pretty, just like my ex and I stayed with that guy for six years, so give me more!

    [–] Jessica Chastain Confirmed For 'IT: Chapter 2' magimack 71 points ago in movies

    If everything fails, Christopher Plummer will play the part.

    [–] Next Apple Watch Activity Challenge set for Earth Day, 30 minute workout will unlock eco-friendly animated sticker pack magimack 33 points ago in AppleWatch

    There was a time in my life not long ago when the prospect of having to do a 30 minute workout would‘ve caused me a lot of stress. Now I can‘t wait. It never fails to impress me how much change this small device has brought into my life. Not a single day goes by without me being surprised that I am more in shape than I‘ve ever been and I did it all by myself, guided by this tiny computer on my wrist.

    [–] What fictional character caused your sexual awakening? magimack 10 points ago in AskReddit

    I‘m still mad I couldn‘t romance Garrus as male Shepard.

    [–] Just one quick photo magimack 79 points ago in gaybros

    Yeah, it really is more about decency and respect.

    [–] Just one quick photo magimack 192 points ago in gaybros

    That’s very impressive and all but taking pictures of someone without them knowing and posting them online without their consent is just not cool.

    [–] I love it when we play 1950 magimack 4 points ago in gaybros

    It‘s easily the best one for me. I have fancier knockoffs but rarely wear them. It feels good, it looks good and it doesn’t care if you‘re swimming, running or sitting in a boring meeting. 10/10 – Would not wear all the other ones I bought again.

    [–] What are your unpopular movie opinions? magimack 48 points ago in movies

    Jurassic World was even worse than Jurassic Park 3. It‘s one of the worst big budget movies ever. Everything aside from the CGI was trash.

    [–] Anyone else’s app on Apple Watch not working? magimack 2 points ago in pokemongo

    I‘ve restarted both devices, doesn’t work. This sucks. Here‘s hoping they at least fix this. At this point I‘m not even asking for more features, just that it works somehow.

    [–] Who's the stupidest person you've ever met, and what story perfectly sums up their stupidity? magimack 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Former flatmates gf was vegetarian (he wasn’t). Made a huge deal about it. Complained about my food in the fridge, lectured me, told me I‘m a murderer and whatnot. Weeks pass, one day I enter the kitchen and she‘s making chicken. I‘m like: You cooking for (my flatmate)? She: No, that‘s for me! Me: That‘s chicken! She: Yes, I love chicken! I eat it a lot! Me: Aren‘t you a vegetarian? She: If course I am! Me: Chicken is not vegetarian! She: Yes it is! They just eat grass and stuff!

    I tried to explain to her that eating chicken is not vegetarian and she got really pissed. She really wasn‘t bright.

    [–] Iron Marines on sale - $7 - $4 in Canada magimack 2 points ago in iosgaming

    Really optional ones. I don‘t like IAPs in premium games but Ironhide does it well. Their games are worth the premium price.

    [–] What movie made you walk out of the theater, and why? magimack 4 points ago in movies

    „American Psycho“. We were a group of 16yo kids who thought they‘d be watching a cool thriller and we knew nothing about it. It got way too real for all of us and we couldn’t process it, it was too much. I was one of the last ones to leave, the others were waiting outside, but when the prostitute is trapped inside his apartment in the dark and we heard the chainsaw the rest of us knew we had already been in way over our heads and we literally ran out. My friend puked in the hallway and later perfectly summed up out experience when he said, crying: „I feel like something inside me is now broken.“ I revisited the book years later and I got it, but when I sat inside this theater I was way too young.

    [–] New Playdead game concept art (Limbo, Inside developer) magimack 2 points ago in PS4

    I just wanted to take a quick peek because I had a busy day planned. It was the first time I actually cancelled things I was looking forward to because I couldn‘t stop playing a videogame. I played it, took a long walk trying to process the experience, replayed it the same day and couldn’t stop talking about it for days. I still can’t whenever it comes up. I want to go on and on about how flawless, deep and special this little creepy side-scrolling game experience of a borderline existencial crisis is. This is some deep, dreadful shit that is a joy to play and pleasantly unpleasant to experience. A fantastic game!

    [–] [Image] "Days Gone" placeholder release date has been moved to 2019 magimack -1 points ago in PS4

    Well, there goes my Must Have 2018 to become a Must Have 2019. But I‘ll rather have a finished and polished game than another Mass Effect Andromeda.

    [–] Will finish PR today. Would you kindly recommend something...anything? magimack 2 points ago in TheExpanse

    That's a lot. Thank you! I've read The Three Body Problem by Liu and I'm still somewhat confused as to what exactly I've read there. I liked it, but it was a difficult and weird read. Are his other works similar in style?

    [–] Will finish PR today. Would you kindly recommend something...anything? magimack 2 points ago in TheExpanse

    Thank you! The Commonwealth books seem like a good start. I'll check them out!