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    [–] She's in doubt if she wants to continue [00:00] makolakwakwe 1 points ago in painal

    OP needs to do a bit more homework. Veronica Avluv takes dicks in her butt with nary a problem. I imagine if porn in the US were not too restrictive she would do some very nasty things.

    [–] Staci Doll makolakwakwe 9 points ago in BoltedOnBooty

    Look at the sub you’re on

    [–] She was an expensive escort. Worth it makolakwakwe 19 points ago in HighMileageHoles

    What kind of escort will allow you to pulverize her anus like this? She’s loose money for the couple of days it would take her to recover.

    [–] Florida cop fired after this video of him abusing 69 years old veteran makolakwakwe 2 points ago in JusticeServed

    Why is veteran added to the tile as if that makes this situation different. The interaction is wrong in any context regardless of what the man used to do.

    [–] Snow Bunny makolakwakwe 4 points ago in wgbeforeafter

    Here she is before the babies. She always had it going on.

    [–] Snow Bunny makolakwakwe 3 points ago in wgbeforeafter

    She used to do these amazing twerk videos. I did not know she'd blown up like this. Very nice.

    [–] Asian Invasion makolakwakwe 1 points ago in girlsdoporn

    Ashley Lucero so attractive, but terrible scene. I wonder if sex with her is just as boring.

    [–] Does anybody knows her Instagram ? makolakwakwe 1 points ago in InstaThots

    Might this be a private photo she sent to someone special?

    [–] Looks amazing makolakwakwe 1 points ago in Shemales

    Why are you so concerned about the sexaul proclivities of a stranger on the internet? You are not obligated to look at it.

    [–] (r/TheJadeKush) Jade Kush makolakwakwe 6 points ago in NSFW_Korea

    OP is trying to mine karma. Has posted this gif to almost all the nsfw Asian themed subs.

    [–] Asian Taking a Thick Dick makolakwakwe 2 points ago in buttsthatgrip

    When you hit the 'CREATE' button in gfycat and upload your short video clip, some basic editing tools should appear underneath the video before you finalize it. At the top will be a slider titled 'Select Start Time'. Sliding this bar will determine where in the video you want you want your gif to begin. Below that is another slider titled, 'Select End Time'. Moving this around will let you known when your gif will end. The default for gfycat tends to be 5 seconds, so when you upload your video play with those sliders to determine the length of the gfycat gif/webm. Unfortunately, gfycat only allows gifs/webms that are 1 minute long.

    [–] Sorry for the puke ;) makolakwakwe 8 points ago in gag_puke

    Could be his upteenth scene of th day. Maintaining an erection on a full film set, with all the lights and several people standing around holding equipment is not easy. Shooting a porn scene is not easy in the least.

    [–] I feel as though African Americans are the most racist type of people I know, and I am not even white. makolakwakwe 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in unpopularopinion

    This thread, yikes! It's as if people have just been waiting to get these things off their chests. I will say this, outside of blaxploitation movies from the 70s and caricatures of black speech in the minds of some people, black people don't speak this way.

    awe poor whitey is scared of us, you ack scared whitey

    Edit: corrected spelling of blaxploitation

    [–] Asian Taking a Thick Dick makolakwakwe 3 points ago in buttsthatgrip

    Try to make your gifs a bit longer. We barely see anything.