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    [–] U.S. Army Releases a second rap video makolakwakwe 1 points ago in cringe

    It's like when one of those evangelical churches tries to insist be hip and cool. "Are you down with G.O.D?"

    [–] My great grandfather in Ghana. 1900s makolakwakwe 8 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    What part of Ghana was he from? For fellow redditors, Ghana did not exist as a nation during that period. Most of the area that is now Ghana on a map of Africa, was referred to as the Gold Coast and was under the rule of the British.

    [–] Very beautiful student Arizona State University Rachel first anal sex . makolakwakwe 3 points ago in anal

    Forgive OP. I think this may have been Melody Jordan's first scene outside of ATK. And in those days, exploitedcollegegirls would claim that their models were students at some university.

    [–] Fun time makolakwakwe 3 points ago in trashyboners

    Those tits are awful.

    [–] Oriental beauty makolakwakwe 0 points ago in OnOff

    It’s about as racist as referring to black people as negro.

    [–] Essexbunny's new ass is now bigger than most girls fake tits makolakwakwe 3 points ago in BoltedOnBooty

    The title is weird. Very few tits, even the fake ones, are bigger than an average woman’s buttocks.

    [–] Alabama governor signs chemical castration bill into law makolakwakwe 1 points ago in politics

    This is a bit barbaric. What purpose does it serve other than to fulfill some misplaced thirst for vengeance? I wonder how the Supreme court will end up dealing with it.

    [–] Cardi in 2014 makolakwakwe 1 points ago in trashyboners

    Not really any different from your favorite rapper dealing drugs, jacking people or pimping women.

    [–] I got hired as a graphic designer and have no idea how to do anything with graphic design makolakwakwe 1 points ago in confession

    So, why don't you also spend time to learn graphic design and perhaps develop some skill? You have all this free time and with this current job on your resume, you may be able to leverage it for a better paid position with time.

    [–] Cardi in 2014 makolakwakwe 8 points ago in trashyboners

    I mean her story is compelling even if you don't like it. A stripper, rising from the dregs of an immoral world, carving out for herself a successful music career? That is impressive. Andrea True is probably the only other sex worker I can think of to make that sort of transition.

    [–] Cardi in 2014 makolakwakwe 9 points ago in trashyboners

    Why trashy though? In 2014 Cardi B was still actively stripping. Why would dancing nude in a hotel room be considered trashy?

    [–] Men are suing women who accused them of harassment. makolakwakwe 1 points ago in worldnews

    2 - 10% of false rape accusations are proven false in a court of law (an incredibly hard thing to do considering in most cases it requires an admission of crime) that means only 2 - 10% of rape accusations are false.

    I just want to mention that your wording of this statistic is incorrect. Accusations are not proven to be false in a US court of law. What happens is that the state fails to prove that the accused, committed the alleged crime, beyond a reasonable doubt. So those 2 -10 percent of rape cases you speak of could still have occurred and may very well have been committed by the accused persons, but the state/prosecutors just failed in their efforts. An example would be the OJ Simpson case, the state failed to prove that OJ did it. The murders still happened and in fact was Simpson was found to be responsible for the murders in a civil case. The standard of evidence tends to be very high in a criminal court, and it may not always be possible to gather that level of evidence in a rape case.

    [–] Stripper fucks with a guy from the audience makolakwakwe -12 points ago in trashyboners

    Sex workers the world over care about their health and understand the economics of their profession, regardless of their country’s GDP. Banging random audience members at your show is likely to lead to complications and cause financial losses.

    [–] Girl from my high school claims she has the formula for “manifesting” free concert tickets by simply wishing for them. makolakwakwe 29 points ago in cringe

    Her carefree nature, suggests to me that there may be one or two men in her life who purchase the tickets on her behalf, which she interprets as manifestation. It probably helps that she is also attractive.

    [–] Stripper fucks with a guy from the audience makolakwakwe 19 points ago in trashyboners

    Maybe it is a sex show and not some random dude from the audience?

    [–] Tight body makolakwakwe 1 points ago in juicyasians

    I like the butt shots, not too big. Very nicely done.

    [–] Almost got a kiss makolakwakwe 2 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Damn, I died a little on his behalf. That was tragic. You know those who talk about watching a crash in fascination, need to see this.

    [–] Iggy Azalea 'Freestyling' makolakwakwe 10 points ago in cringe

    At least Big Shaq can claim to be a comedian.