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    [–] WELL? Pick one, God damnit! malus545 4 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    It's incredible how much content Trump has supplied for that sub.

    [–] Nothing to see here, move along malus545 59 points ago in BannedFromThe_Donald

    LOL Daily Wire. GTFO with that rag.

    [–] In Front of the Movie Theater. Chicago, April 1941 malus545 9 points ago in Colorization

    I'd like to see the original, but I imagine the colors really bring it to life.

    [–] Cacti Infestation malus545 2 points ago in IowaCity

    TIL. There was a Milios and a Jimmy Johns on the same block for a while there. Jimmy Johns survived.

    [–] Fuck yeah! malus545 1 points ago in MURICA

    It started that way but then attracted the people that this sub was meant to satirize.

    [–] Cacti Infestation malus545 4 points ago in IowaCity



    [–] Cacti Infestation malus545 11 points ago in IowaCity

    Pancheros and Which Wich are chains I can get down with. But I'll pass on McD's or Burger King.

    [–] Cacti Infestation malus545 6 points ago in IowaCity

    Yeah I don't really know who would want MORE chain restaurants other than maybe students who want something familiar and/or cheap.

    [–] The Subreddit, Politics and You malus545 7 points ago in Iowa

    My point being that I don't care to participate in a sub about local politics not modded by locals.

    [–] - Bully gets dropped after ignoring his victims desire not to fight. malus545 84 points ago in JusticeServed

    This video is so old and I've seen it a hundred times but it's always so satisfying to see the hero come out of nowhere and give the bully what he has comin.

    [–] The Subreddit, Politics and You malus545 2 points ago in Iowa

    I just find it kind of weird that one guy mods all those state politics subs and it makes me uneasy that he/she is not local. Your list of modded subs is a little weird as well.

    [–] Where can I get goat cheese? malus545 7 points ago in IowaCity

    Lucky's has a fairly eclectic cheese section. You could check there.