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    [–] Phil Mickelson's trickshot over a man malus545 2 points ago in sports

    I don't like having excuses. I want to be sure I am the reason I suck and not my equipment.

    [–] It is. Very. malus545 3 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Or how about "all lives matter" and then kidnapping kids from asylum seeking parents.

    [–] Being 33 years old it feels awesome that I am finally a champion! malus545 7 points ago in RocketLeague

    I think younger people get saltier more easily/often and I think the high ranks are mostly young people with a lot of time to play the game. I have a full time job and family but I've been playing since the game released and this game takes up the vast majority of my gaming time.

    [–] Being 33 years old it feels awesome that I am finally a champion! malus545 73 points ago in RocketLeague

    Am 32. Am Champ 3. If I get to GC I will wave my walker in the air, go eat my 4PM dinner, stay up late watching some Matlock, and finally crawl into bed at 7PM after an eventful evening.

    [–] Any car repair shops in IC that do installments? malus545 3 points ago in IowaCity

    Get a personal loan? I don't know for sure, but I doubt anywhere will do installments.

    Mini is owned and their cars are manufactured by BMW. I would contact these guys about service. They took good care of my BMW.

    [–] Star Appliance (Marion, IA) - Terrible experience - Owner is deceitful and racist. malus545 9 points ago in Iowa

    Ahh yes. So when some redneck says "dirty Mexicans" it's totally not racist because he's using "Mexicans" and not "Latinos". Got it.

    [–] Looking for parking malus545 4 points ago in IowaCity

    General question for anyone: Is there ever any enforcement in the Chauncey parking ramp?

    [–] Shed, by Mire - new project ft. Ryan Glisan (ex-Allegaeon) FFO: Redemptor, Slugdge, Rivers of Nihil malus545 1 points ago in TechnicalDeathMetal

    IDK if I would call it tech, but I've been waiting for Ryan to start another project. This was a three man EP, and I think only Ryan (guitar) and Benton (vocals) are the only permanent members. Ryan was saying he would add more members if the reception on this EP was good.

    [–] Coralville v. Iowa City Fireworks. Which one was better? malus545 5 points ago in IowaCity

    I thought the finale was great. Could've been the vantage point.

    [–] Running for Iowa House of Representatives! malus545 4 points ago in Iowa

    Of course we disagree on a lot. But it would be nice to pass legislation on the things we do agree on. Right now, everything one party favors, the other party is obligated to oppose. Nothing gets done. No progress.

    [–] Running for Iowa House of Representatives! malus545 14 points ago in Iowa

    They were treated as 2nd class citizens or worse, rounded up and put into institutions. Hell, the ADA is less than 30 years old.

    [–] Running for Iowa House of Representatives! malus545 9 points ago in Iowa

    The problem is that voluntary funding of public goods fails basic game theory.

    [–] Running for Iowa House of Representatives! malus545 5 points ago in Iowa

    I find it hopeful that libertarians and progressives can generally agree on the items you listed.

    [–] Never change Belle Plaine. malus545 4 points ago in Iowa

    It's not like they take it for no reason... and you get paid for it and paid moving expenses... It sucks when it happens, but typically it's for a public good that will benefit a large number of people.

    [–] Is anyone here up to speed/involved with the extension of Foster Rd. to Prairie Du Chien? malus545 8 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in IowaCity

    This is the most recent info I could find:

    Also on the city’s Tuesday agenda is the third and final consideration of a Foster Road Tax Increment Financing district, which would allow funds in the area generated by increased property taxes from new developments to help pay for the construction of the extension of Foster Road to Prairie du Chien.

    The extension is a development-driven project, meaning that if the development it’s connected to, near Prairie du Chien Road, falls through, so would the extension project, said Ron Knoche, public works director.

    The development triggering the Foster Road extension is a 53.29 acre subdivision directly to the north of 1705 Prairie du Chien and will include senior housing as well as town house units, according to memo to the council from Walz.

    [–] BUT...HER EMAILS!!! malus545 49 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    When is the media going to start calling it the "Trump Investigation"? He's the one under investigation.