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    [–] First time in about 6 months that I haven’t masturbated in 4 days mamadpri 1 points ago * (lasted edited 17 hours ago) in NoFap

    Have you watched It's A Wonderful Life movie? It will change your life

    [–] First time in about 6 months that I haven’t masturbated in 4 days mamadpri 2 points ago in NoFap

    Congrats! Your dick tells you to watch porn but what your brain and heart really needs you to watch is good movies like The Notebook and Gladiator

    [–] Me when ever I get a urge mamadpri 7 points ago in pmolol

    Wow I somehow remembered some of my thoughts when I was in a streak of 6 months of Nofap. me to my dick: "listen here you stupid fuck! You shouldn't even turn on as long as I'm single! You should only get hard when I want to sleep with a girl. That's your only purpose of the ability to get hard!"

    [–] I understood that reference mamadpri 73 points ago in Silmarillionmemes

    I think it was Elendil

    [–] Samwise got game so fiery hot it should be called mount doom mamadpri 14 points ago in lotrmemes

    Sam is that good and a hobbit of quality that he can give Rosie 20 orgasms every night

    [–] Noldor over the ages mamadpri 2 points ago in Silmarillionmemes

    Only if Teleporno's King was his wife's bitch as well. A lot of troubles could be saved.

    [–] I said you don't know the full story of Lady G and she answered "I know, she's just a spoiled daddy's little girl" mamadpri 0 points ago in lotrmemes

    So are you saying you have read Silmarillion, Children of Hurin, Lost Tales. Unfinished Tales, History of Middle-Earth, LotR, the Hobbit and all other Tolkien's book?

    [–] I said you don't know the full story of Lady G and she answered "I know, she's just a spoiled daddy's little girl" mamadpri 1 points ago in lotrmemes

    Dude first read the entire Tolkien stories, then comment. In Arda (Tolkien's world) there are situations where war is the only option and there are also times where amazing politics are the only options. There are times that people only need to build defences and there are times that attacking their enemies is the better option. There are so many different political situations in Tolkien stories.

    [–] The true hero mamadpri 5 points ago in lotrmemes

    Read Beren and Luthien. Luthien is also the true hero of Middle-Earth.

    [–] Happens to the best of us mamadpri 2 points ago in pmolol

    Don't worry man. Bilbo Baggins had the evil Ring, the most addicting thing ever for 60 years and yet he was strong enough to gave up on it.

    You need people like Gandalf to help you and encourage you and motivate you. You can find them on internet or if you are lucky you can find them in real life.

    I'm sure you are as strong as uncle Bilbo. You can do this 👍

    [–] r/FuckManwe r/FuckThingol r/FuckArPharazon mamadpri 2 points ago in Silmarillionmemes

    Excellent! So here's the story I liked to happen if Aldarion listened to his wife:

    Aldarion manages to fix his relationship but also he becomes less effective to help the Elves, since he spends half of his time in home. (There is more than 2 thousands of years in the Second Age after he dies and eventually there will be people who will do what he did in the original story but let's think there will be none)

    Ar-Pharazon who is power hungry attacks Sauron but his army gets defeated and he gets killed. Tar-Miriel is the ruling Queen and she's married with a noble man. They have a daughter. Let's say their daughter name is Y.

    Y goes through many stories and adventures and one day she meets this elf Prince/King and they fall in love. Let's say The elf guy name is X. Y and X get married and they have 3 sons and one of them is named, let's say Q.

    Y and X spend decades planning and uniting the Free Folk to put an end to Sauron. At last the Last Alliance happens. The Free Folk armies are much stronger than the original story but so is Sauron's.

    Eventually Y and X overthrow Sauron but they are also killed by Sauron, they die in each other's arms. Sauron is about to recover himself with power of the Ring but Q cuts the Ring off his finger. (If that didn't kill him and only severely damaged him, Q just stabs him in the neck with the powerful sword that is made by both Numenoreans and Elves)

    I think this story is good and special because it includes the first and only marriage of a female human with a male elf and the only female who both commanded and fought in a major war.

    Only if Tolkien didn't like to drown continents and islands into ocean lolll