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    [–] Kulasegaran: Low salaries among reasons Malaysians picky about jobs manlian19 54 points ago in malaysia

    It certainly took a long time for the government to acknowledge a common problem instead of harping on about Malaysians being picky.

    [–] Man Utd fixture list for premier league 2018/19 manlian19 2 points ago in reddevils

    We have a good chance of winning the first seven games and finish the month of September on 100%.

    [–] Transport Minister to his staff: Don’t treat me special, start events on time manlian19 72 points ago in malaysia

    This is the trend: be punctual! From the PM to the new AG to the Minister of Transport, the message is clear. The infamous Malaysian Time is a thing of the past. Everyone has to be punctual for their appointments and when attending events. No more excuses for traffic jams.

    [–] The inevitable is finally here, Sarawak PBB to leave BN manlian19 17 points ago in malaysia

    Good decision by PBB. With deteriorating support from East Malaysia and the collapse of component parties other than UMNO in the peninsula, BN may eventually cease to exist.

    [–] Former Bank Negara Malaysia deputy governor Nor Shamsiah tipped to take over as Bank Negara governor manlian19 2 points ago in malaysia

    Does his signature appear on any of our currency notes? Yes, will be worth something before too long considering his short tenure and limited circulation.

    [–] No more sweetheart deals for VIPs manlian19 9 points ago in malaysia

    Directors are supposed to impart their wisdom and contribute to the board of directors which in turn will steer the direction of the company. They are not there just to sign off company resolutions without understanding them, as is the case in these sweetheart deals. Yes, do away with these wasteful appointments.

    [–] Tommy Thomas is new AG | Malay Mail manlian19 7 points ago in malaysia

    The YDPA has made a wise decision and the country can now move on. Soon we hope to see the practitioners of bad faith in the previous government being brought to face the music for their crimes. We wish Mr. Thomas all the best as the country’s new AG and he has a hard task ahead of him.