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    [–] Best unplugged? manlian19 1 points ago in ClassicRock

    Nirvana The Man Who Sold The World from the Unplugged in New York album

    [–] Future Captain (Discussion) manlian19 37 points ago in reddevils

    It has to be Matić. He enjoys the trust of the manager and he plays in a pivotal role linking defence with offence. So he has a better command of the play and is able to dictate the play. For that you need brains, too. He has plenty of the football grey matter. He has evolved into the fabric of the despite this being his first season. And he has finally started to score!

    In Matić, we trust. And Matić will lead. A natural captain, if ever there was one!

    [–] Mourinho: “An isolated defeat doesn’t reflect the period. We beat Chelsea and Liverpool and then we lost against Sevilla and it looks now that we are a disaster. In a club like ours, with our dimension, it is quite easy to make us go from hero to villain.” manlian19 40 points ago in reddevils

    It’s not just Sevilla but it’s the manner of defeat and on centrestage in the Champions League. Our frustration is that you, Mourinho, have started to develop the mindset of David Moyes and gave too much concern to containing the opposition. Instead, we had expected a team brimming with attacking talent in the starting lineup, and with even more on the bench, to take the game to the opposition and to attack them until victory is secured. Of course, we are upset and it’s not an isolated defeat. There have been similar defeats this season.

    [–] Fosu Mensah called up to Netherlands national squad for friendlies. manlian19 24 points ago in reddevils

    Fosu-Mensah is progressing nicely in his football career. Mourinho cannot ignore him anymore next season.

    [–] Absolute disgrace. manlian19 -1 points ago in reddevils

    That Liverpool wanker was able to do his crap because the United event was in Malaysia. He wouldn’t have the balls to do it in Manchester. And He wouldn’t have got away unscathed. Bloody Scouse wanker. We will make sure that the score will be United 3-0 at the very least.

    [–] Gary Oldman wearing a signed Rashford shirt. manlian19 8 points ago in reddevils

    Darkest Hour was Palace 2 up and Oldman/Rashford came to the rescue on the left and softened the Palace defence for ultimate comeback.