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    [–] Yvie looking good in Michelle's favourite color mansonfamily 1 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    Me putting sexy skin textures and makeup on my Argonian Skyrim character

    [–] Dragula S3 E4 - Post-Episode Discussion Post [Spoilers] mansonfamily 1 points ago in Dragula

    Does Evah Destruction happen to like tall hairy British guys because I am in LOVE. So sweet and beautiful.

    [–] Avril Lavigne's "Let Go" Album (Complicated, Sk8r Boi) mansonfamily 3 points ago in nostalgia

    This was the first album I put on my first huge chunky iPod fuck knows how many years ago. When it had a wheel on the bottom that made clicking noises.

    [–] Dragula S3 E4 - Post-Episode Discussion Post [Spoilers] mansonfamily 4 points ago in Dragula

    Dollya’s face when Hollow and Maddelyn came back in instead of Yovska is me af lmao I don’t even care downvote me

    [–] Stupid question mansonfamily 12 points ago in Dragula

    This is just cruel at this point honestly. The gays don’t ask for much. Can’t we please have our filth

    [–] the dragula tour has been canceled ?? mansonfamily 100 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in Dragula

    Unpopular opinion and I’ll eat downvotes but Season 2 was still so much better. Idk why everyone thinks this one is “so fucking good” tbh, the cast is 10/10 but gets treated awfully, there is wayyyy too much obvious and shitty producer involvement and confusing decisions / favourable editing. So far all the eliminations except the sky dive were pointless repeats, with one episode literally having the same main challenge and extermination. It’s a shame, I liked Dragula because it was doing these things better or at least more subtlety than drag race but it isn’t anymore.

    [–] More Delta... thanking Mathu in her speech played a part.. mansonfamily 16 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    There’s so many genuine problems in the world right now and this entitled mess wants awards and validation for fucking awful wigs that had to mostly be blurred out anyway

    [–] No Kanan in sight mansonfamily 0 points ago in wholesomebpt

    Nope he’s still a piece of shit

    [–] Really dumb question: Is there any easy way to figure out which games I bought on the eShop? mansonfamily 2 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Go to the icon with the squares to the right of the home screen that shows all your games and at the bottom it says “redownload software”

    [–] 🔥 A trapdoor spider says “good day!” mansonfamily 1154 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    That’s not a spider that’s a demon claw from hell

    [–] looking for suggestions for teen movies of the late 90s/early 2000s mansonfamily 6 points ago in movies

    I’m 27 and I love that feeling I get from late 90s early 2000s media too. Literally just like you described. It’s incredibly comforting, feels like going back to a different time that isn’t entirely different but is just different enough. And better.

    [–] They’ve ya’d their last haha mansonfamily 8 points ago in Breath_of_the_Wild

    How long did it take you?? I’m at 232/900 and I think it could take me another month or 2 unless I only play breath of the wild

    [–] TOOT or BOOT winners dragcon NYC 2019 looks mansonfamily 7 points ago in rupaulsdragrace

    Can we start a gofundme to get Yvie oddly to quit drag