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    [–] looks a amazing pic manticor225 2 points ago in funny

    He’s in the back for a reason.

    [–] looks a amazing pic manticor225 9 points ago in funny

    The girl in the top row, 2nd one back is nailing it. Her posture/position does not make it obvious that she's laying sideways.

    [–] Is this serial number worth anything? manticor225 2 points ago in papermoney

    No, face value. One digit off from a radar note.

    [–] If get bite by spoder make you spuderman, what any mal wood you want to get bite by ? manticor225 3 points ago in titlegore

    I can't see why else he would do it, so I'm assuming yes. But he plays this whole "me no speak English" thing with his posts.

    [–] Daniel Craig preparing for next James Bond movie manticor225 6 points ago in movies

    According to the Mirror, Craig has been seen ditching alcohol

    How is one seen ditching alcohol? Did someone witness him throwing a box labeled "My Booze" into a dumpster or something?

    [–] How much a premium would this fetch? 9/11 bill manticor225 10 points ago in papermoney

    Not only a low serial number but an interesting number as well. The right buyer would pay well over a 10% premium, but the fact that it’s a $100 note might work against you.

    [–] First attempt at a FAQ manticor225 5 points ago in papermoney

    Nice work! And thank you for NOT including “trinary” serial numbers.

    [–] 🔥 Wow, I'm not jealous of that lighthouse. 🔥 manticor225 3 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    I love pics like these, I have a similar shot of the same lighthouse on my wall. Google Jean Guichard lighthouse photos for more.

    [–] Giant sea turtles in Maui. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see them. I would have loved to pet their heads but it’s illegal. 😩 manticor225 4 points ago in aww

    Just a guess, but I think some would have been less outraged if you had chosen to mention being supervised in the title, instead of the “wish I could pet them” part. It was probably the combination of photo and caption that rubbed people the wrong way.