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    [–] Any 80's-era Austin BBS folks remember Miss Emmy? mareksoon 6 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in Austin

    I was known as ghosty …. but mostly on APL (Austin Party Line, running Diversidial) and rad dial chat systems. Chat with six other people!

    On other actual BBSs, I probably used my real name.

    Off hand, I remember:

    Austin Party Board (Blake Farenthold, yes, that one)

    Austin Yacht Club (Josh Sklar)

    Accolade (forget sysop)

    The Texas Leprechaun (Don Patrick).

    There were many, many others, but those are all my brain is recalling right now without pulling up the Retsof listing.

    Joe Ely even had a BBS.

    The APL group, and others, would meet regularly at the small park on Rollingwood Dr across from the old APD firing range.

    … and yes, there were many, many parties.

    Sadly, I have no memory of this person, but I do remember her board … and Mike Godwin, too.

    I think I was on the younger end of it, party wise, as I was still in middle school and high school during those years. The adults hung out at those parties and I wasn’t cool enough to be invited. :-)

    There are other handles I remember, tho’ … but I don’t know if it would be appropriate to start listing them here.

    [–] Marriage Struggles mareksoon 8 points ago in funny

    Won’t help. They’ll still deny deny deny.

    Years ago, my wife often accused me of being the one who gets pee all over the toilet seat. Sure, sometimes I may miss, but I clean up after myself, I’m not an animal.

    Then she was using that antibiotic for a UTI that turns your pee bright orange …

    … and bright orange pee stains appeared on the toilet bowl rim and under the seat.

    She still denied it. Said it was impossible for her to get pee there.

    [–] Soccer ball control mareksoon 1 points ago in RecRoom

    Yeah, I noticed the red dot on the ball in teleport and initially equated that with English on a cue ball in pool, but I guess I haven't sat down long enough to try to figure it out.

    With walking, I've tried to tap the ball into the goal with my hands a few times, or even my body, only to somehow launch it straight upward (and no one else appeared to be around me). I just need more practice with that ball I guess.

    [–] Soccer ball control mareksoon 1 points ago in RecRoom

    Hmmm .. didn't consider distance as a variable. I just know I've tried to tap the ball into the goal a few times only to somehow launch it straight upward (and no one else appeared to be around me).

    I think I'm going to hit up some practice with that ball.

    [–] Reminder - Oculus Santa Cruz Update mareksoon 1 points ago in oculus

    If true and it works I simply cannot wait.

    [–] Stupid question Sunday mareksoon 2 points ago in Austin

    Cool! Trying to make a mental note for this when I’m free in 20 years. :-)

    [–] Soccer ball control mareksoon 2 points ago in RecRoom

    I wasn’t a huge fan when teleporting was the only option; I enjoy it a lot more walking … and find myself playing it more often now.

    [–] Soccer ball control mareksoon 2 points ago in RecRoom

    In which case, maybe it’s not possible to control it; maybe it’s intentionally random.

    That’s why I made the post; I’m wondering if anyone has mastered it or if it’s motion after hitting it is totally random.

    [–] Soccer ball control mareksoon 3 points ago in RecRoom

    Oh, not where the ball goes all wonky/laggy when there’s a mob of people hitting it at the same time (or even just two people), but when it’s just me hitting the ball when I’m the only one even near it. I can’t seem to find any relation to where I hit the ball or how hard I hit the ball to actually be able to hit it where I want it to go.

    [–] Reminder - Oculus Santa Cruz Update mareksoon 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in oculus

    I hope it’s as advertised. Just a few months after getting my Rift, I badly need a second. This could be perfect for that.

    My kids have taken over my Oculus (when I agree to share) … plus, there are many times we want to play together. For example, I can’t wait to guide them through a Rec Room quest in VR-person instead of yelling at them from behind IRL, “Nooo! Go left! Behind you!”

    EDIT: Wait. Is this going to have room-scale and if so, how will it manage a guardian-like system to prevent us from wandering outside our play area, our room, or heaven-forbid, our front door?

    [–] Any plumber recommendation to install loop for water softener? mareksoon 1 points ago in Austin

    I know it’s a personal preference, but I live Round Rock, and honestly, you get used to it. I’ve never had a softener in three different homes in this area in over 20 years. It’s common for those who sell the equipment (including those who build new homes), to tell you how bad the local water is and how your going to need a water softener.

    We get our water from Lake Georgetown, by the way, which in turn, gets water added from Stillhouse Hollow Lake further north near Belton when needed.

    EDIT: my bad; didn’t read; you already purchased and system and are just looking for someone to install the loop.

    [–] Cool Tetris clock mareksoon 48 points ago in gaming

    Me, too, good buddy.

    Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy.

    [–] Best places for sandwiches? mareksoon 6 points ago in Austin

    Alvin Ord's ... was, when they were around town.

    Delaware used to be once upon a time, too.

    Noble Sandwich is good.

    Hoody's is good, too. I recommend them most.

    [–] Cody Wilson appears in court in Houston mareksoon 1 points ago in Austin

    That's awful. Which ones? I want to make sure I avoid them.

    (just kidding, I'm too broke to participate in pay-for-play)

    [–] Cody Wilson appears in court in Houston mareksoon 10 points ago in Austin

    Ah. Got it. That makes sense; requirement on their part.


    [–] Stupid question Sunday mareksoon 4 points ago in Austin

    When did you get here? ;-)

    [–] Stupid question Sunday mareksoon 9 points ago in Austin

    I've been with the same company for years and any time I've checked with the regular competitors, they've never been beat. I was paying about $700 a year for full coverage single driver single vehicle, but that just jumped to $2,900 a year when I added a new teen driver and second vehicle.

    My homeowners insurance, bundled with the same company, has risen from $600 ten years ago to $1,400 this year for the same home.

    Although I don't expect I'll ever file a claim, one never knows. When I hear about Root, I wonder about the claim process or something else going wrong preventing reimbursement.

    My fear keeps me with traditional insurance companies. :-(

    [–] Stupid question Sunday mareksoon 2 points ago in Austin

    Electronic voting helped with this, I think, because they can load up the vote machine with the proper ballot items.

    [–] Stupid question Sunday mareksoon 12 points ago in Austin

    I'd be gone now if it weren't for kids still in school who I can't just pack up and take with me.

    Somewhere in the mountains maybe ... tiny home. It's frustrating so many areas limit minimal square footage.

    ... but then I worry about fast, reliable Internet.

    Where can I get 50 acres, cheap, but still maintain fast, reliable Internet?

    [–] Cody Wilson appears in court in Houston mareksoon 19 points ago in Austin

    my tin-foil hat sense is tingling

    The part I'm missing:

    I'm fully aware there are sugar baby websites, some with sex trafficking, and if that's not bad enough, some with underage minors, either there willingly or not.

    Is the story they initiated contact on such a site, met up at a restaurant, potentially exchanged 'money for time/companionship/not sex' (how these exchanges attempt to skirt the law), had sex, then she, herself, reported the crime to the authorities? Why would an underage minor on a sugar baby site self-report?