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    [–] "WE ARE FUCKED!" ~ Earth masonthursday 1 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    Either the media for not covering it or whoever started the fire

    [–] TIFU by not removing my girlfriends phone from my bed. masonthursday 2 points ago in tifu

    Tbh that is the reaction any parent is going to have immediately, but the fact that they calmed down and moved on is what says the most about them. They care, and even though there is definitely awkwardness surrounding it every couple does it and they know that

    [–] He isn't wrong masonthursday 1 points ago in ImGoingToHellForThis

    Last I checked the ak is the preference of a commie.

    [–] When you're too scared to fight the Soviet Union masonthursday 4 points ago in hoi4

    Thats how i forced romania to protect my borders when i went to war with the soviets lol just give them control of your border states and they garrison them with troops if not they only seem to protect their own borders.

    [–] Wow okay masonthursday 1 points ago in Niggawhat

    Dear god, that link must not be clicked ever

    [–] TIFU (18F) and now I’m hiding in my boyfriend’s closet. (18M) masonthursday 2 points ago in tifu

    Depends, are there other people there aside from them two or is it them only? If them only have the insider just lure him away by asking for help or something.

    If other people are there too get the insider to secretly block the access to a path out of the building (like locking doors that open into a certain hallway) or have the insider make up some phony excuse as to why people can’t come out of their workplaces, like “hey I’m mopping don’t leave your office for the next 10-15 minutes so it can dry”

    [–] Wholesome Cyanide & Happiness masonthursday -23 points ago in UnexpectedlyWholesome

    Yeah, via cross posting. Not by stealing it.

    [–] Wholesome Cyanide & Happiness masonthursday 33 points ago in UnexpectedlyWholesome

    This was posted on wholesome memes literally last night

    [–] I confronted my brother and his friends about blowing up living frogs they had captured with firecrackers. His response: masonthursday 30 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    I remember I was on a run around my neighborhood and a lizard ran away from me but right in the way of me and I stumbled trying to miss it but it was running so fast it was at pace with my jog and it was so hard to anticipate which direction it would zig zag before my feet hit down so eventually I hit it and I still feel like shit for it to this day

    [–] Can someone please teach me the internet loophole? I'm tired of paying my FFL to give me my property masonthursday 9 points ago in progun

    People just assume and never look because it seems so simple. Like if you just heard ar without knowing of the meaning it does seem like assault rifle would fit into it. So people just assume they already know and never look to see the real meaning because why look it up if you already know

    [–] Guy is way too smart to watch netflix masonthursday 2 points ago in iamverysmart

    Dudes ask to be in the screenshot but still got their names cut out lol

    Did you get in the screenshot?


    What did it cost?

    My name.

    [–] My response to the r/unpopularopinion post linked by u/arun_bala. masonthursday 1 points ago in progun

    I mean yeah why would you set a bomb off that would level a neighborhood if you are only targeting one house, using it impracticality isn’t going to be effective just like any other method but if you use it in a situation where it is actually the best solution it’s much more effective if it can damage more rather than less

    [–] My response to the r/unpopularopinion post linked by u/arun_bala. masonthursday 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in progun

    What does that have to do with effectiveness of a bomb though.... if more things are in the blast radius more things get damaged.... simple... in a war scenario nobody cares if you’re going to anger someone that’s already done if you are in a war with them isn’t it? Setting a bomb off in Times Square is going to do a lot more damage than setting a bomb off on billy bobs ranch in the middle of nowhere

    [–] Well deserved masonthursday 3 points ago in JusticeServed

    Why did this sentence need to be written? I didn’t need that visualization so thanks for the throw up in my mouth

    [–] My response to the r/unpopularopinion post linked by u/arun_bala. masonthursday 3 points ago in progun

    I agree with everything you said but the bomb part, they are more effective in urban areas not less. The closer together everything is packed the more it damages

    [–] Even a "well maintained militia" could not defeat the US military. Not even close. masonthursday 5 points ago in unpopularopinion

    It’s sad that you think race would have anything to do with fighting back against a corrupt government.

    Look to the most trying times in recent history. 9/11 for example. Americans set aside all inside conflict when faced with threat. Because we know that beyond all of our political differences we all share the common trait of being American.

    [–] My response to the r/unpopularopinion post linked by u/arun_bala. masonthursday 10 points ago in progun

    There was a quote I remember reading it was something like in a situation where a sufficiently determined individual faces a tank the individual always prevails or something to that effect.

    [–] BIG BRAIN masonthursday 1 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    It has to be pouring lava on to water or else obsidian forms

    [–] Amazing. masonthursday 2 points ago in nextfuckinglevel

    I think as it got popular people started training specifically for those obstacles so more started to make it