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    [–] The correct way to pour cereal max_adam 2 points ago in Unexpected

    That most of the continent uses bags or carton instead of plastic jugs. Anyway everyone make waste, returnable glass/plastic bottles would be a better idea.

    [–] Cannibalism max_adam 0 points ago in PeopleFuckingDying

    This fucking /r/HailCorporate thing. This is definitely a lacoste product. #changemymind

    [–] Tell me your favorite song max_adam 2 points ago in funny

    My bad, the hat in the comic was deceiving. Then he is "Señor Grafo"

    [–] I Etch A Sketched the log thing max_adam 4 points ago in unpredicted

    Nice job. I though it wasn't real until I saw you profile

    [–] Waiting for you best friend max_adam 8 points ago in aww

    Happititis GB(Good boy)

    [–] stadium disaster just waiting to happen max_adam 0 points ago in WTF

    Vertical quakes that don't last hours.

    [–] TIFU by going down on my wife max_adam 1 points ago in tifu

    A quickie of 5 seconds while watching out for the SO.

    [–] A new era has begun max_adam 1 points ago in gaming

    Did he send a reply to your mail?

    [–] A new era has begun max_adam 14 points ago in gaming

    There are too many so I took the "movement" ones but I'm sure there are other funny quotes for him. I took the quotes from here:

    [–] A new era has begun max_adam 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in gaming

    The phonetic in english and the homophones/seudo-homophones words make this kind of mistakes common if you type fast and just type the sound you have in mind.

    English is my second language, when I didn't know how to speak it I didn't made this kind of mistake and thought "why would english speakers make this kind of mistake if the words are different" but when I got to speak it and use the proper pronunciation for words I started to do it with You're/your, their/there/they're, 've/of or want/won't. I was completely baffled and felt like an idiot the first time I did it, I know the difference between them but when I'm typing fast sometimes I forget to check what I typed. Now I give the benefit of doubt to anyone that make that mistake.

    [–] A new era has begun max_adam 78 points ago in gaming

    • "Ahh, feels good to stretch my wings."
    • "I didn't choose to come to life, but I definitely prefer it."
    • "I've seen much, not sure I understand it but... it... it happened."
    • "Hahaha, majestic? Is that what I'm supposed to be?"
    • "I might be made of stone, but that doesn't mean my heart is."
    • "I wish mountains had fists - that'd be a good fight."
    • "Hmm, must be some powerful magic around here."
    • "Somehow I always end up in the center of everything."
    • "The guy that made me, he was pretty good right?"
    • "Tragedy is worse when you can do nothing about it."
    • "I wish they'd chisel me a friend. Someone who won't break!"
    • "I know, it's completely unfair. I didn't ask to be this impressive."
    • "I always wonder what lies beyond this land. Something to fight, I hope."
    • "I am not going back on the pedestal, not yet... "
    • "They made me to stop magic, and yet I hate when it's gone."
    • "I sleep, I wake, I break things"
    • "Whoa, I didn't know I had a tail!"
    • "Do I get to crush that? Oh, please say yes!"
    • "I don't know why life chose me, but I'm glad it did."
    • "I'm supposed to be a symbol. Of what, I'm not so sure."
    • "It's hard to be a symbol, when you've got a soul."
    • "Let's move! I've got people to inspire!"
    • "It's not easy when everyone looks up to you."
    • "Can someone please get the pigeons out of my head?"
    • "Ah, mages. I love the way they squish."
    • "I don't break easy."
    • "I fought a house once. I'm pretty sure I won."
    • "People vanish! And new ones take their places! It must be magic."
    • "The best defense is me."
    • "The best defense is a good magic absorbing colossus."
    • "I love walking, it sounds like thunder!"
    • "Ah, the world, it goes by in a flash."
    • "It's time to move! Shake off the moss."
    • "I'm going, you try moving three hundred tons."
    • "They just don't make doorways big enough."
    • "Going to sleep means saying goodbye."
    • "Which way's the fun?"
    • "What should I break next?"
    • "They say I'm all made of petricite, I say I'm all guts!"
    • "I fell in love with a crag-beast once. Oh... wasn't meant to be."
    • "I haven't been to many places, so I might as well like this one."
    • "Let me do the heavy lifting."
    • "Get behind me, huddled masses!"
    • "People live such tiny lives!"
    • "I'm a big man, with big needs."
    • "One people year is fifty Galio-years."
    • "I love Demacia! It's the only place I've been."
    • "At last a change of scenery!"
    • "Apparently I'm some sort of big deal."
    • "Who wants to get protected?"
    • "Excuse me, but... which king are we on now?"

    [–] Neighbors max_adam 2 points ago in WTF

    Five rotten tomatos out of seven

    [–] Multilinguals, what's your "they didn't realise I could understand their language" story? max_adam 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in AskReddit

    The world itself is not a problem, I even got to know an American that embraced it. Depending on what words are used around it, the sentence could be insult or a way of endearment.

    "Gringo de mierda" = Fucking gringo.

    "Mi gringo se me va" = My gringo/dude is parting away.

    [–] Multilinguals, what's your "they didn't realise I could understand their language" story? max_adam 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I can read Portuguese and forget I'm reading a different language. The words keep the same shape but have different sounds.

    [–] Multilinguals, what's your "they didn't realise I could understand their language" story? max_adam 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Just say the vowel with your nose open, let the air flow through your nose while you say it. The flow makes it vibrate and it's funny.