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    [–] Lipoma on Vulva - Experience meg-c 1 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Glad it hasn’t gotten worse, keep an eye out for those things. I always tell my patients that, but also anything that makes them go “huh, this doesn’t feel/look right...” it never hurts to be overly cautious. Hope the ice and Tylenol helps you!

    Doesn’t make your situation any less scary!! Surgery is scary and vulnerable!! I agree, it makes a world of difference to have a compassionate doctor who recognizes your fears and anxieties.

    I’m trudging through it right now. I really hate it but giving it a bit more time... we’ll see. I only got it because my doctor sort of twisted my arm. I don’t regret it... just don’t know if I want to keep it.

    Keep me posted on how you’re doing, best of luck with your recovery!

    [–] Whoever said IJ was right meg-c 5 points ago in illnessfakers

    There’s pictures on FB 😕 it’s real, unfortunately

    [–] Whoever said IJ was right meg-c 17 points ago in illnessfakers

    A PICC line is a peripheral inserted central catheter, which is a IV of sorts that is inserted in the upper arm and ends right at the top of the heart. It’s more “permanent” IV access, and can stay in place for up to 6 months. It’s an option for people who need longer treatment or how difficulty finding/maintaining regular peripheral IVs. The beauty of PICC lines (well, central lines in general...) is that you can draw bloodwork off of them as well. Major risks involve a DVT (blood clot) and a systemic body infection (sepsis). She has had multiple (?) PICC lines and now the veins are unable to be used for a PICC, meaning they have to go to more extremes.

    She went to IR to have a IJ places, which is really last resort... IJ is an internal jugular central line, meaning it goes in the internal jugular vein. It is also a central line, meaning labs can be drawn off of it, but also carries the same (if not more!!) risk.

    Basically, they’re both used for similar purposes... she’s just exhausted her ability to have PICC and they’ve resorted to an IJ at this point.

    Hope that helped clarify...?

    [–] Lipoma on Vulva - Experience meg-c 1 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Honestly, I would try ice... I mean, I don’t want to disobey what the doctor said, but I feel like ice would make more sense in terms of swelling and pain. Think about after birth and stuff too... with the swelling and stitches, the recommend ice. Follow up on that!

    What I’d tell my post-op patient would be about when to worry: if you have any pain that in not controlled with the suggested/prescribed medication, a fever >100.4, chills, any funky color/smelling discharge from the site, lots of bleeding, or more than an expected swelling. When in doubt, call the doctor — there should always be someone on call to answer you questions/concerns. Though I can’t see it, I would wager that a little oozing is OK.

    Honestly I was beyond nervous. I’m young and haven’t had children...admittedly I haven’t even been sexually active so it was so vulnerable to give myself up in that position under anesthesia. Thankfully, I love my doctor and trusted my team wholeheartedly.

    I’m doing OK now... have a devil IUD right now causing different issues. God, being a lady is so rough! Hope this helped...?

    [–] Lipoma on Vulva - Experience meg-c 9 points ago in Healthyhooha

    Hi! So I had similar but not quite as intensive surgery. I had a sebaceous cyst on my labia, which I had excised in the office. Just had some local (offered to prescribe Ativan). I had a few stitches as well. My doctor recommended ice (like after birth) and a peri-bottle filled with warm water to use when urinating. I didn’t wear thongs for awhile and wore looser pants. Ended up popping a few stitches but it was ok. Honestly the vulva and vagina heal so well, you probably won’t even see a scar... I know I can’t!

    Just an aside off your funny butt privacy story. So, I’m a nurse and I work in the small hospital that my gynecologist works out of. I worked up on a med-surg floor that her post-op patients would come to. Anyways, I had a hysterosopy and polyp removed under anesthesia in the same hospital I work at. As I was a little high on versed, I told my doctor “I can’t work with your patients anymore... you’ve seen too much”... everyone has a good chuckle about that. Then, I transferred departments and now work in PACU, so I not only see her regularly, but the pre-op, OR, and PACU nurse that have all seen my vagina (and inside of my uterus!!). It’s whatever at this point...

    Anyways, sending you good healing vibes!

    [–] How short is too short for IUD strings? meg-c 2 points ago in birthcontrol

    I was so intrigued by my strings that I left the office and checked in the restroom before I even left the building.

    [–] 12 hour shift lunch prep, 1096 cal, 79g protein meg-c 3 points ago in 1200isplenty

    Love this!! I’m a nurse too and have a hard time eating a “meal” and much prefer quick little snacks!

    [–] Vacation destination for parent’s anniversary? meg-c 1 points ago in travel

    It sure is!! Hoping we can come together and pull it off!

    [–] Vacation destination for parent’s anniversary? meg-c 1 points ago in travel

    That’s not too bad! Thanks for the idea!

    [–] Vacation destination for parent’s anniversary? meg-c 1 points ago in travel

    That sounds amazing! Mind me asking how much the trip is costing you guys?

    [–] Hate bedside nursing meg-c 1 points ago in nursing

    Moving to the PACU was the best decision I ever made

    [–] Switch to preop? meg-c 1 points ago in nursing

    OR is separate for us, but pre-op/PACU and pre-admission services are the same group. I wish I got critical care differential! I took a pay cut too, but well worth it IMO

    [–] Switch to preop? meg-c 1 points ago in nursing

    I get it, my facility has all RNs go between pre-op and PACU depending on the day... if you’re one of those people who likes routine, you may love it!

    [–] Switch to preop? meg-c 3 points ago in nursing

    I suck (sucked??) at IVs too but you learn so fast!!

    [–] New onset Menorrhagia: ED worthy or no? meg-c 1 points ago in obgyn

    Hi! I’m a RN and had very similar issues. I was bleeding through a super tampon every 1-2 hours on my heaviest days. It was crazy. Lots of clots... like, I could feel them come out of me. I honestly didn’t realize it wasn’t normal but became anemic (H&H of 9/29) and was off to my OBGYN. She sent me for an ultrasound, which showed a polyp, which was surprising considering I was only 22! Anyways, I was put in TXA and it was a wonder drug for the time it took me to get to surgery.

    Now I have an IUD and it’s a whole other issue.

    Good luck! :)

    [–] Switch to preop? meg-c 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in nursing

    Soo, I know both sides of this. I work in both pre-op/PACU and med/surg. I spent about nine months on the floor as a new grad before going to pre-op/PACU but remain per diem on the floor. It’s a different kind of stress, but definitely less stressful than floor nursing most days. I will say, it is a bit routine... I’m not sure I would like it being my only job — do you have the option to cross train to PACU?

    Basically as a pre-op nurse, I call the patient back, get height/weight, baseline VS, and an EKG. I do a quick assessment and through my list of questions (NPO time, implants, medications...). Sign consents. Put an IV in and start fluids. Check anesthesia/surgeons orders for pre-op abx or other medications/orders. All of this while you’re interrupted by anesthesia, the surgeon, and OR nurse.

    [–] Does anyone have experience with per diem nursing? If so, do you recommend it and why or why not? meg-c 1 points ago in nursing

    I work a per diem job along with a part-time job. Making my own schedule is nice but I literally get no pay incentive lmao